How Many Religions Manipulate Spirituality and What You Can Do About It

religious mind conditioning

Many religions distort spirituality and  manipulate their followers through mind conditioning. 

There have been many acts of violence done in the name of religion, or more specifically, in the name of God.

I believe it’s important to understand how some religions manipulate spirituality, and to share with you what you can do about such religious manipulation.

This article is not an attack on any specific belief. What this article is all about is a plea for less religious intolerance, and greater freedom to be spiritual.


What Religious Manipulation Means


Do you belong to an organized religion? Or have you ever considered yourself as a true follower of an established church at any time in the past or present?

Many kinds of organized religion have a way of distorting the values held dear by individual members, and using such a distortion for mind control and emotional warping.

Religious intolerance is an offspring of religious manipulation.

When someone is practicing religious intolerance, the beliefs of others are of no importance.

Beliefs other than what the specific group or church believes are seen as false or blasphemous, offensive to the deity or higher being that is worshipped.

Religious intolerance can be cruel, sometimes negatively affecting society to a huge degree, and religiously intolerant people intensely dislike other people who disagree with them.

These same people also become intolerant of the religion or faith of others who are different from theirs, because of having been manipulated.


How Religious Manipulation Happens fear is a tool for religious manipulation

Instilling fear is one of the ways used by many religions to manipulate people to follow and obey.

Religious manipulation happens when the beliefs of a few leaders in a given religion or church are imposed on their followers.

This is done to the point that anything contrary to such beliefs can set off high levels of negative emotion.

This manipulation can happen in a variety of ways.

The more common means of manipulation used  are:

– Through severely structured teaching or learning

– Through strict monitoring, so that opposition is not possible (religious or church members who oppose the beliefs taught by the leaders are punished, or even exiled)

– Through planting fear into the hearts and minds of their believers


Why Religious Manipulation Happens


Each religion or church system has an agenda it follows. Their agenda may include spreading their beliefs to as wide an audience as possible in order to increase their membership through the years,

There are many reasons why they preach hate and manipulation, and these reasons usually have to do with any or all of the following:

  • A love of money
  • The desire to gain and maintain control
  • The intent to be as influential as possible over the greatest number of people
  • A strong need stand out uniquely, as “the one, true religion or church”
  • The aim to silence or do away with any opposition

Let’s look at each of these reasons more closely.


A Love of Money


A love of money is one of the reasons why religious manipulation happens. The greater the number of followers, the more that money rolls in.

A love of money is one of the reasons why religious manipulation happens. The greater the number of their followers, the more that money rolls in.

Many churches today have become a business in themselves.

Although churches and religions are typically not required to pay taxes, many of them still operate with a business model in mind.

For example, some churches invest in land and buildings.

Some invest in stocks or the money market, and some make it a point to require its members to keep donating to them.

Thus, while preaching about the need to live holy lives, the focus of some church organizations are more on earthly or material matters than spiritual ones.


The Desire to Gain and Maintain Control dictating to followers

Manipulative religious leaders use their power to control their followers by telling them what to do, say, and think.

Through the ages, religion has been a highly effective tool in keeping certain political and social leaders at the top. For example, kings of the old times used to cooperate with churches and religions, whichever one had the people’s loyalty at the time, so that they themselves would stay in power.

What’s sad is that, then and even now, many religious leaders claim only they have access to the Divine. So therefore,their members must give all control, loyalty, and obedience, to them.

In essence, this simply means that to refuse to follow these religious leaders means a refusal to follow the Divine. They make their freethinking members feel like they are disrespecting of God.

With this kind of set-up, where an invisible wall exists between ordinary people and the Divine, and where the people’s only means of access is through their leaders, spirituality can never have a chance to grow and flourish.


The Intent to Be As Influential As Possible To the Most Number of People religion and politics

Many times, religious leaders and political leaders work together to manipulate and control people.

Some religions manipulate their followers because aside from internal control, they also want to have an external effect on others, by influencing people in all aspects of their life.

For example, some religious leaders will impose their own moral standpoint on their members, condemning anyone who refuses to believe them.

When a church or religion is big enough in terms of membership, it will do what it can to influence what the rest of society thinks and does.

An example would be when church leaders lobby and support politicians who support policies these leaders believe in, even if such a policy is contrary to the welfare of society as a whole.

When a religion or church is practicing manipulation, it will do its best to dictate upon society what its leaders want to happen. In such a situation, there is no room for spiritual ideals such as compassion, love, charity, and hope.


A Strong Need to Stand Out Uniquely, As “The One, True Religion or Church” Outside Of Which There Is Only Damnation


Throughout history, many religions have each proclaimed they are “the one, true religion or church” and if you were not their member, then you would be damned.

How can such a thing be possible?

If all of those religions were claiming that salvation and the hope for a better life could only be had through them, then it’s obvious that not a single one of them is correct!

After all, too many claims to the truth invalidate each claim.

Yet, even today, many religious leaders continue manipulating the minds of their followers.

As a result, their followers are scared. Their followers can no longer think or feel freely, and their leaders dictate everything – what the religion’s followers should think, say, do, wear, eat, etc. Any act of disobedience to the teachings can be enough grounds for punishment or exile.

The threat of being kicked out from their religion is a fear for many followers, because they have been brainwashed by their leaders that there is only damnation outside their particular church or religion.

In the eyes of those religious leaders, it’s their way or the highway.

Nothing is spiritual in this way of thinking at all.


The Aim to Silence or Do Away With Any Opposition


Manipulative religions deeply hate any form of dissent, whether such disagreement happens in the form of alternative beliefs or lifestyles.

How many people have been persecuted because of the beliefs they hold, or the lifestyles they live? Too many to mention.

This is tragic, because uncountable families have broken up, careers have been derailed, futures shattered, and lives lost, all because some religious leaders have manipulated spirituality to the point that its followers see those outside of their religion as enemies, and treat them accordingly.

And all because these leaders have taught their followers that only they have ownership of the true spiritual truths, and only their church or religion, and the beliefs that they hold, matter.

This is what I consider to be pure and simple manipulation of spirituality.


What can You Do? compassion and tolerance

Repel the effects of religious manipulation by showing compassion and practicing tolerance towards everyone, even those who may not share your beliefs.

– Stand up against religious intolerance, religious manipulation, and all distortions of spirituality.

– Do not turn a blind eye to abusive leaders, or exploitative beliefs.

– Show concern for those who are placed under pressure by their religious leaders.

– Show love, charity, compassion, and hope to those who have been oppressed.

– Counter abusiveness and exploitation with true spirituality.

It may seem hard to begin, but all things have to start somewhere.

By practicing compassion rather than intolerance, you can make a difference not only in the lives of the individuals you touch, but also in the positive energy you send out into the universe.


What do you think? Share your thoughts and feelings with me in the Comments below!

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  1. Sam B says:

    Lightworkers unite! I guess… Or something like that.

    “Religion is false.”
    That can be stated as opinion or fact. The form of opinion is in the statement. The fact is down to the means.

    I was a Christian turned atheist, turned agnostic turned spiritual. Protestant Christianity wasn’t a full fronted negativity factory. I was only taught you go to hell for evil deeds, not disbelieving in god or the religion. I didn’t even pray at church. As a child, I didn’t see the point. Religion just didn’t fit with me.

    It seems Catholic and partially Islam are the main perpetrators of this. I’m not going into the current wars going on. However, those in these kinds of religions, especially those in the leadership are themselves manipulated by their own leaders. And them? It goes on.

    Spirituality is not without taint either. Aka Ordo Templi Orientis and Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. However those are something else entirely. That’s something I’m going to avoid as well due to them being somewhat controversial. OTO and the Freemasons, HOTGD speculated with black magic.

    Its when it becomes an organized movement, it starts to go downhill. Its better as an independent belief. Even light magic wiccans are targeted by people claiming they’re part of a cult or the “occult.” Just, why?… In old medieval times, witches were persecuted by religion too, even if they were harmless. If you were a witch, you were evil. End of, to them. The practice of witchcraft was primarily for the exploration of magic. Its like condemning a scientist for inventing something.

    Then again if someone came along and claimed they were a sorcerer or wizard, they’d be hailed as wise men. Condemn a witch for mixing frogs legs and nurnroot and hail some guy who’s conjuring fire and lightening. Fear me because I’m mixing boiling water! But don’t fear me for being potentially dangerous to the environment.
    That’s a stereotypical exaggeration but still. By in large, magic was mainly feared because it was misunderstood.

    Its the same with religion.
    “We know the one true god. Follow us and you’ll achieve greatness.”
    “We follow the one god too. You’re a heretic. Your god is false.”

    This is just hypercritical immature verbal warfare.

    Now let’s go back to the first phrase, “religion is false.”

    As Tana has said, they’re all basically falsehoods. However this falsehood is based from beliefs which in turn is based from fact.

    Here’s something to think about. These religions are using propaganda to fortify their followers’ beliefs, saying all other religions are false or heretical or negative. That just happened here as well. Right there. Tana’s done it, I’ve just done it. We’ve said that these religions are of a negative agenda, BUT we haven’t said anything about condemnation or have done so to further our own means.

    Before anyone gets the wrong idea of what I just said. Tana’s basis is informative, not promotion, except for positivity. The only thing this infers is religion is effectively factioned into “right” and “wrong.” It is divided but has the same means. All sides are fighting each other using the same tactics. All sides have their own ideas of “truth.”
    In this case, it was done so to prove a point and recognize the situation.

    Let’s take spirituality vs religion. Spirituality is the side of good, and religion is for all intensive purposes, evil.

    I’m not saying religion is evil. This refers to the agendas, not the beliefs. Real religion can’t be splintered this way since Buddhism for example isn’t really a negative religion, its more spiritual but is drafted as a religion. Spirituality is sort of its own religion but this will be far too complicated to get into.

    In the negative corner, the religious factions are fighting amongst themselves while in the spiritual corner, it’s about unity, not division. Its essentially a religious cold war over there.

    This will be no simple task to undertake but I’m all for taking up arms. This sounds more like planning a war but its more of an anti assimilation strategy. I may even be getting over excited but I’m all about taking down the negative agenda. Be it human, ethereal or alien.

    I’m just going to put this out there. Some of you will think I’m mad but its relevant. Some of you may even know the story.

    About 200,000 years ago, there was a war based on spiritual supremacy. I won’t go into it since some of you might think its outlandish. The oppressive side believed they were superior to everyone else. They believed they were the first to exist, therefore giving them the right to essentially own everything else. They taught to their kind that they were superior to everything and everyone else. This self doctrination was essentially a form of religion, but not to a god, to themselves. The only thing I’ll way is that they’re not human. Make what you will on that.

    This war is very similar to what kind of religious negativity we see today. In the middle east we see indoctrination, assimilation and supremecy through religious extremism. They are almost comparable.

    I’m going way in depth into this. However this also refers to something I said two blog posts ago. The origin of religion is supremecy. Religion is based from certain ideals. From my point of view in what I’m seeing, its all repeating itself. The Sumerians (ancient Iraq), the assimilation, the self enforced nature of these ideals.

    From two posts ago:
    “Religion creates beliefs, beliefs create ideals. Ideals are part of our core being in the material world. The ego feeds on it. And these ideals spread to our lives, how we live, how we think, how we act. The ideals of today derive from our ancestral roots in religion that over time may have seeped into our normal lives.”

    If we are to take down these negative religions long term, we need to hit them hard. Helping those trapped is only part of it. We need to make it crumble from both ends. The religious leaders aren’t inheritantly evil, they’re just selfish or have themselves been manipulated by something or their own egos.

    There may also be a far bigger picture. There are speculations that some religions are not “man made.” If this is true… We have a lot of work to do.

    This may have strayed from righting the wrongs of religion to a full fledged dismantling campaign. Maybe if we can get help from the astral and ET communities, it could be an effective idea. It aligns with their agenda of raising global awareness.

    I’m thinking of something like a mass awareness strategy that can be employed by lightworkers, angels, guides and the extensive community. Course this is just an idea. Knowing them, they already have a plan of action. The Wingmakers created the internet as a platform for this exact idea. Look on the Ancient Arrow Project website if you need confirmation.

    “One of their more outlandish claims is that they essentially seeded the concept of the Internet for the purpose of developing this global culture. They believe the Internet will somehow become the platform upon which their time capsules will be fully launched into the mainstream of the world’s citizens. They predict (and I use this word with chilling precision) that by the time their final time capsule is discovered in 2023, the Internet will be the focal point of the new global culture and it will become the gateway to a connected “intra-galactic, digital nervous system”.”

  2. Sam B says:

    Sorry about the earlier craziness. I did this at 9 in the morning. And to clear up the “taking up arms” thing which I immediately recognized as kisinterprrtation. I meant willing to take up the notion of eradicating negative behaviour.

  3. pamela says:

    I was manipulated by a cult called the Soka Gakki.Disaku Ikeda is a big con artist who is probably dead now but his corporation owns billions of dollars as well as art and realestate.Thenorganization devastated my life.Intry to warn everyone I can to not get involved.

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