What Is Remote Viewing?

The mind is very powerful, and not even scientists have yet to fully understood its true potential. But the scientific community continues to try to determine what the mind can do.

One of the areas in which experiments have been, and are still being done, is in remote viewing, or RV.

What Is Remote Viewing?

As it’s name suggests, it is the ability to “see” a place, person, event, or object with the power of the mind. Individuals, called “viewers”, are asked to describe or draw a “target” that they can’t see with their physical eyes.

The target could be a location that the viewers have never visited before, a person they haven’t met, an object they’ve never seen, an item that has been locked in a sealed container or room, or even an event that is currently happening, or one that has taken place at a different time. The target may be in the next room, across town, or on the other side of the globe, and it can be something in the past, present, or future.

But using this type of extrasensory perception involves more than just “seeing” with the mind. Many viewers can actually describe sounds, scents, temperatures, and textures using this psychic sense.

How Remote Viewing Works

Clairvoyance, or the ability to see “the unseen” and telepathy, reading other peoples thoughts, are closely related to remote viewing. But remote viewing is a more structured process, because it involves certain protocols, and science-based formats. And its primary use is more for activities like crime investigations, scientific research, secret intelligence, and the like.

Formal RV practitioners follow certain methods in order to develop this psychic ability. Instead of reaching inward to get mental impressions (such as going into a trance, meditation, or a dream state), the viewers are fully conscious, alert, and awake, thereby allowing the impressions from the subconscious to come out.

Because the methods of developing remote viewing are controlled, most everyone can learn it, given the proper motivation and training., and there are several training centers that currently teach formal RV.

How To Develop Your Remote Viewing Skills

If you’re interested in developing this ability, you should start by tapping into your clairvoyant skills first.

To practice, you can use Zener, or ESP cards, which is a deck of 25 cards with five designs – a circle, star, plus sign, square, and wavy lines. Then invite a friend to help you.

Have your friend take a card, and you have to say what it is without looking at it. Keep track of how many you get correct per round. Do this 5 to 7 times each day every day, and keep a record of your progress.

Success rates usually increase over time as you continue to develop your psychic skills. Remember that you’re just starting to consciously and deliberately use this part of your mind, so don’t expect to get high scores at first.

Eventually, you will notice that you’re able to get higher scores, as well as perceive more of your surroundings than you normally would. You may begin to get psychic impressions of events that are happening somewhere else, or even experience viewing places or people remotely.

Remote viewing is like learning how to swim: you can read about it, but you need to actually get into the water to learn it. At first, you’ll paddle along and float, but with practice, you will get the strokes right. And to be able to perform like a pro, you need to train hard and work at it diligently, and success will surely follow!

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