Today’s Psychic Energy Report for 6-30-16

psychic energy report

The psychic energy today is going to be ripe with jealousy

Here Is Today’s Psychic Energy Report:

The psychic energy today is going to be ripe with jealousy. It will not be a pleasant day today if you are the kind of person who tends to be suspicious of people close to you, and envious about their happiness, because at its core, that’s what jealousy is all about.

However, if you feel secure enough to the point that you don’t keep thinking about what your loved one is doing, then you will breeze through this day.

Keep in mind though, that jealousy does not only happen between people in a relationship. Sometimes, even friends and business associates can be jealous about each other’s properties and achievements. Stay clear of envious feelings.

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One Response

  1. Sam B says:

    I’ve never wondered till now where these energies actually come from or their purpose.

    -Are they vibrational, cosmic or energetic radiation?
    -Are they built up and released from a significant global event?
    -Is it an astral tug of war between positive and negative entities trying to maintain balance?

    Tana, I don’t know if you’ve already explained the origins of these energies before since I’ve only been part of this community for several months but I can only guess at this point.

    Since these energies work in daily shifts, it sounds like a power play of positive and negative energies, however this power play may be relative to a large extent of global reaction to, or is due to outcomes of specific events. My first go to would be that the vibration may be dependant on global mood but as far as I’ve seen as of this moment of posting this, there is nothing openly suggesting so. Then again, the UK doesn’t see nearly as much psychic activity as other global hotspots.

    However, looking at the date, its probably more significant to relative star signs. Still effecting globally but maybe relative to cause or effect of the current rotation. On the current rotation, its somewhere in the early stages of Cancer, I think. Probably need to check that. I’m not a star sign reader so on that subject, my area of knowledge comes to an end.

    This one I might mess up. As I said the date might be relevant to the reason of the energy caused. With numerology I bare the same amount of knowledge as star sign reading. Very little, so I expect some degree of inaccuracy here.

    The current date in relative convenience:
    UK – 30/6/2016
    US – 6/30/2016

    The 30th day of the sixth month. Right in the mid center of the 6 times table. I’m going to stop there because there are so many ways I can go wrong from this point. I don’t know if date relevance has a specific numerical order of calculation.

    For example: If its UK relative, I could do 30 ÷ 6 = 5. We’d know that 5 is now a significant number, but what if it was reversed? 6 ÷ 30? That’s 0.2, which is relative to the number 2.

    I’m going to skip a large chunk of this since not everyone will be interested in working out maths problems. In essence of convenience, I’ve worked out the possible relevant numbers are: 2,3,5,6,10,15,30. There are probably more but I feel these may be the most relevant.

    *Upon looking at the clock at this exact moment, the time in the UK is 10:10am. That’s probably not coincidence.

    Most of these are even numbers but I don’t know if it has much relevance. Either way, any numerologists out there can try and figure it out for themselves. You’d probably have more luck figuring this out.

    Aside from logistics, its not just what’s going on, its also why. To that, I have no clue. Perhaps its sources attempt to maintain balance, maybe to avoid the “elastic band effect.”

    So it could either be a reaction to recent positive or negative major events or an equilibrium mechanism.

    Or is it energy acting on its own independence? No reasons, no cause?

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