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Hello again!

Shew! What a fun past few weeks this has been. As you know, in my email last week, I talked about my Astral Visit with the Archangel Michael, where he talked to me about chakras and auras, and the importance of keeping them in balance.

I also wrote about my visit with Robey! Aw, yes! Robey…the blue gnome who decided to make his presence known by sitting on my chest, tugging on my hair, and waking me in the middle of the night, scaring me half silly! You also know from that email about the warning he had for humanity! You’ll know what I’m talking about if you read the email about him.

And by the way, he also ate all of my favorite honey!!

If you didn’t get a chance yet to read those two emails, you can read the one about the Archangel Michael by clicking here.

You can also read all about Robey and his warning for humanity by clicking here!

Today I am going to share more about Robey!

Well, today I am going to talk more about Robey! And if you didn’t read the email I sent out last week  about how we met, please do yourself a favor and read it first. He is quite the character.

Let me tell you what he did…

So after our visit last week, and after he imparted his fairy wisdom to me to share with all of you, he ate all my favorite honey, let out a little burp, and told me “Well, gotta go now. See ya later, and thanks for the honey, honey!” He had such a cute smirk on his face when he said that, because he thought he was clever calling me “honey” and making a rhyme at the same time!

(Beings from the Fairy realms  all have different personalities, just like us humans. And he was a bit of a…well, let me say, he was a bit mischievous and a bit of a jokester like me. I think he thought it was funny that he ate all my favorite honey, and ate it all just to be funny!. I couldn’t be mad at him because he was so cute!)

Guess Who Came Back To Visit Again?

If you guessed Robey, you are 100% right….

I went out and bought more honey, set it on the counter, and when I went to drink some herbal tea at about 2:30 AM before my Astral Travel this past Saturday morning, guess who was sitting there eating my honey? You guessed it…Robey.

Now I have no idea how he got the lid off, but he did, and he was sitting there dipping his little fingers in my honey, and 1/4 of it was already gone!!

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The Conversation We Had

When I saw him, he looked at me and said “I’m just eating some honey, honey!” And he smirked again. I couldn’t be mad at him, because he’s just adorable, but I did ask him to please not just help himself to my honey in the future, before asking if he could have some honey.

He told me “When I went into your room to wake you, there was someone sleeping with you (Johnny my fiancé) and didn’t want to wake him up. So I decided to go to the kitchen and eat some honey and wait for you there.” What could I really say or do? I knew he didn’t have bad intentions, and I knew by now that he loves honey! After all, there’s plenty more where that came from!

So, he licked his little fingers, and then said to me, “Tana, I wanted to talk to you some more. Remember last week, when I told you about the world ending in 65 years if humans didn’t start making changes? Well, it seems the energy of the planet is shifting ever so slightly. Do you think the people you emailed already began making small changes in their ways of living?”

I told him I was sure of it! And he told me “The only way things could be turning just a tiny-weeny for the better was if people had already started making some changes for the positive. And they must be making positive changes, because Mother Earth told me she has noticed it!”

I was delighted to hear that news! He also said “Tana, make sure to thank your human friends for me and Mother Earth, and to encourage them to keep making positive changes! The earth is not out of the danger zone, but it is a turn for the better!”

So thank you to all my email friends for making small changes!

$100 Came Appeared Out Of Thin Air

You know, the other day I saw three cigarette cartons and a plastic cup that were left on a park bench. So I just picked them up, and threw them in the trash bin near by! I did this because of the words of Robey, and it also made me feel good, because I knew I was contributing to helping the earth!

Right after I threw them away, a $100 bill came floating out of the air, and landed right in front of me! I almost fell over! Then the Archangel Michael appeared right in front of me and said “Take it! It’s a gift to you from mother Earth!” I will NEVER forget that moment for as long as I live.

Yes! Even things like that still amaze me, even though I see Angels everyday! It’s still nice to get unexpected surprises from them. Michael also told me “The people of the earth who honor the wishes of Mother Earth, will also be blessed in their lives too.”

So this means that by consciously making an effort to clean up the earth, you can expect to receive blessings in your life as a result of your efforts.

I wanted to give you an update on what I am calling My Adventures With Robey, because I am sure that was not the first or last time I will be seeing him. I think I’ve made a new friend in the Fairy realm.

By the way, he loves orange blossom honey! So I’m going to try and go find him some more!

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Shifts Are Opening Portals 

What seems to be happening now, due to the shifts in the earth’s energy, is that portals are seeming to open, between our world and the Fairy Realm. Lately, I have noticed more fairies, elves, and gnomes in my home, and in my garden outside!

I am so glad to see this, because their presence means more blessings for the earth!

If you are ever sitting alone, and see something move on the floor, out of the corner of your eye, you can be assured the fairies are visiting you. This is a sign of very good luck if you see this happen in your home! Leave out a little tiny bowl of honey on your counter for them, and you will attract more of them. Orange blossom is their preferred honey!

Thanks for sharing in my fairy adventures with me!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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  1. Ray James says:


  2. Paris says:

    Robey is so adorable 🙂 and thank you for the update Tana.

  3. Kelly says:

    It’s seems like a coincidence as you talked about the honey. Last week I was craving honey to put in my herbal tea. I was drawn to buy the raw, wild Brazilian honey. I’ve noticed that it seems to be disappearing much faster than normal. Gnomes do like to roam!!!

  4. CANDY says:

    This is soooo cool!! Guess what? I’ve been talking to Robey since you 1st told us about him! I went to the beach last Friday (the Friday a few days ago) and my boyfriend bought a brand-new blanket and pillows and we laid on the sand with them when we left I made sure there wasn’t one piece of trash left behind from the brand-new packaging because I wanted to honor and listen to what Robey said! If I talk to him Tana, I hear his voice! Just like that! Is this my imagination? Lol
    Omg!! I’m SO buying orange blossom honey!!!!! Lol
    I feel like my gifts don’t scare me anymore, but I would have NEVER said that years ago! It terrified me! I didn’t understand how I could see inside of someone’s house, across the world, lol!!
    Tell me, please? Is it really him that I’m hearing? His voice sounds, with so much respect and love, a bit like a motorcycle engine! I just heard him say “it’s true!”
    Seriously? Is this my imagination?? Lol
    I just said Robey I’m going to buy the most awesome orange blossom honey and I’m going to put it on a little shelf in my bedroom and I’m going to make the area look really pretty, if I do will you come visit me?? and he said “I sure will! “In that motorcycle vroom sounding voice!
    -seriously? Is that him? Lol
    -omg- ???? orange blossom høńey, comin’ right up! ??

  5. Yen says:

    Fantastic news. Please tell Robey we’re all doing everything we can to help Mother Earth to be a better place to live in. And for us to be more aware and responsible for the impact of our actions on the planet. Xxx

  6. Joanne says:

    Thanks for the honey honey update, we do need to apreciate mother nature more :-):)

  7. John says:

    Thanks for the feedback. I’m very glad to hear that your audience alone made a difference. Maybe the next time Robey will tell us the 65 year time line is gone. 🙂

  8. Linda says:

    I’m really starting to enjoy hearing more about Robey and his visits. I know we got a lot more work to do, but I am so happy to hear the news! What really shocked me is that Robey told you Mother Earth has noticed small changes. I believe there is hope. Some people are truly unaware of environmental problems and a lot of people do not understand that Mother Earth is an actual being! I was guilty of that at one time as well. This is a big project, but many of us love the planet and will continue to make positive changes. I think some folks are really unaware and just need to be better informed. I hope to hear more about Robey and the fairy realm 🙂

  9. Ray Allan James says:

    Tana is one who opens up to test the spirit world. Yes, we all have our moments with the invisible world out of the corner of our eyes. We thank you for all your talents and abilities Tana. The other day I was telling Tana about seeing feathers and my vehicles. Also, out of the corner of my eye I saw an Angels legs in my bathroom.

    Thank-you Archangels: Raphael, Gabriel, Ariel and Michael for making my life more complete. Thank-you for my Spirit Guide Black Wolf whose magical abilities surprises me and most of all Jesus Christ who continues to show us more good thoughts….and answers our prayers in a positive manner…

  10. Ray Allan James says:

    Yes there is a Mother Earth and I was teaching about it on my chalk board at Church a couple of weeks ago…The conversation was about when God stopped the movement of the Sun for 24 hours and Israel defeated its enemies. Joshua 10:13

    The lesson Is where not alone…it reminds me of Black Sabbath – “Fairies Wear Boots” Lyrics
    However, we weren’t tripping out of LSD OR SMOKE

    Goin’ home, late last night
    Suddenly I got fright
    Yea I looked through a window and
    surprised what I saw
    A fairy with boots and dancin’ with dwarf,
    All right now!….

  11. Latoya says:

    Hi tana I’m going to buy the honey I’m curious to hear from Robey. I think something be visiting me at night I’m always seeing a white light in the corner of my eyes.

  12. lenin says:

    Dear brother,
    How are you?.i am Lenin. B.Com , 41 age.
    please open my third eye.i have poor memory.not able to concertrate on particular works.please help me

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