Robey The Gnome Visited Me Again! Here’s Why…

Hello there,

I hope your New Year is starting off with a bang!

The other day I was had an unexpected visit from Robey.

You may remember Robey from my past emails. He’s the little bluish Gnome, who stands about 9 inches tall, and first introduced himself to me by standing on my chest, pulling on my hair to wake me up!

He’s also the one who likes to eat all my expensive Grapefruit Nectar honey!

Well, he came back to visit again. I opened my eyes at around 2AM because I felt like something was crawling in my hair…but it was Robey pulling on it to wake me up!

If he wasn’t so cute, I’d have been annoyed being woke up that early. But with his cute blue face, it’s hard to be mad at him.

Robey Likes Winstin The Cat

When I opened my eyes, there were two little blue hands waving “hello” to me! Robey told me how he liked my new kitten, and that he has been playing with our new kitten (named Winstin) early in the mornings!

I wondered why Winston would jump out of bed at around 3AM and run around like he was chasing a mouse.

Now I know, it was Robey playing with my kitten. So after Robey told me how cute Winston is, and how he likes riding on his back like a horse, he told me he was telepathically talking to Winston, and Winston told him he is very happy here in his new home. I was so glad to hear that!

Then Robey asked me if I had any honey. So I took him to the kitchen to have some. I happened to have some of his favorite left – Grapefruit Nectar Honey!

He licked his fingers each time he reached in the jar to take some more, and ate all the remaining Grapefruit Nectar Honey I had left.

Robey’s Powerful Magic Words For Love

Robey said he came to visit me because it had been awhile since we last talked, so he wanted to say hello. He also said he wanted to talk to me about something he had recently discovered.

He said when I am giving a Soulmate Reading to someone, I can have them repeat certain “magic words” after their reading to amplify their “love vibration”. He explained that saying these “magic words” will actually act like a wall that prevents the person from meeting the wrong people!

Robey explained how many people often meet someone they like, only later to discover the person they met was “a real loser”! I told Robey those were strong words calling someone “a real loser”!

He said the truth is, “sometimes people do meet losers, but they often don’t realize the other person is a loser until they already have their heart and emotions deeply invested in the relationship!”

I didn’t argue with Robey, because he has a mind of his own! But it did make sense what he said to me. I just wouldn’t have used the words “a real loser”!

Robey Explained His Magical Formula

So he told me when I give a Soulmate Reading to someone, if I use a Magical Word Formula based on the person’s auric vibrations, and then have the person repeat those words at the end of their reading, those words will act like a protective shield, and “block” losers from coming into the life of that person. Robey told me to think of these “magic words” as words of protection from meeting losers!”

I couldn’t stop myself from laughing when hearing this little 9 inch bluish being using the word “losers”! He wasn’t saying it in a mean or judgmental way. He was saying it in a way as if he had heard the word somewhere and was trying to use words I would understand! God bless his little heart!

By the way, a Soulmate Reading is a reading that focuses on your past lives, as well as your present life, in order to discover who your soulmate is, where and when you will meet your soulmate, and what you need to do or avoid to meet that person.

A Soulmate Reading can also be for couples already in a loving relationship, who would like to know their Past Life History together (PLH), in order to know if they have been together before in other lifetimes, how they met, what their past lives were like together, if they had children in any of those past lives, and a lot more fascinating information like this!

Robey Taught Me His Magical Word Formula

Robey then taught me his Magic Word Formula, and it was interesting to learn because it was similar to a ancient Egyptian formula my mentor taught me when I was a boy, for repelling bad luck from a person.

He also taught me that the key to the power of these words is the activation of a person’s Gold Star Gem. A person’s Gold Star Gem is contained in Level 3 of a person’s Akashic Records. He then  taught me how to activate the Gold Star Gem of any person, via their Akashic Records.

Robey assured me by using his Magical Word Formula to formulate magical words for a person to repeat after their Soulmate Reading, it would not only prevent them from meeting losers again, but it would also increase the flow of people coming into their lives, allowing them to meet their soulmate even sooner.

And Robey also told me some other surprising news. That the activation of a person’s Gold Star Gem will create a bond and strong heart connection even for someone already in a loving relationship. I found this very interesting!

Robey warned me to only formulate these words after a Soulmate Reading, otherwise, if taught to a person during any other type of reading, they would have the opposite affect.

No More Losers and Heart Breakers

This visit from Robey was refreshing to me, because he gave me a new Psychic Tool (his Magical Word Formula) to help people who are single, to stop wasting their time on losers who end up hurting and disappointing them, and  allowing them to know, with confidence, the people they meet from that point forward are all good candidates for love.

His Magical Word Formula will also give people a sense of peace about dating. Because the number one thing I hear from my clients is how someone they thought was Mr. Right, turned out to be Mr. Wrong!

So by repeating Robey’s Magical Words, it will bypass all of that heart break and disappointment that comes with dating, from that point on!

And I also like how the activation of a person’s Gold Star Gem has the power to help couples already in love, to have an even stronger love bond between them. This is beautiful to me!

“There is nothing more beautiful in life, than being in love with someone who is just as in love with you too!”

Are You Ready To Experience The Magic

If you are single, and ready to get off the merry-go-round of heart break and disappointment that comes from dating the wrong people, then Robey’s Magical Word Formula will make hurt and disappointment something of the past.

And if you are already blessed to be with your one true love, then having your Gold Star Gem activated will strengthen the love between the two of you – even more.

This session will always be available, so there is no limited space for this session…

…the only limitation is, the longer you wait learning these magical words, the longer you are prolonging the heart break and disappointment that comes with meeting the wrong person!

To schedule A Magic Word Formula Session, you can click here and fill out the form on my Psychic Reading page, and someone will contact you.

Or you can also call my office to schedule it at 614-444-6334.

I hope you enjoyed reading my email today.

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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P.S. I almost forgot…Robey asked me to tell all of you he said “hello”. He also told me if you place Grapefruit Honey out for him, he will come visit you too. But it must be Grapefruit Nectar Honey. Otherwise, he won’t come to visit (He’s a very finicky little guy!)

Once you get Grapefruit Nectar Honey, place two tablespoons of it in a flat container, like a jar lid, or small plate, and then say these words: “Hi Robey, I have a little treat from you! Feel free to come eat it anytime you are free”. Then over the next few days, you may notice some of the honey is gone.

If you see a little blue light move by really fast in the dark, that is Robey! But even if you are not able to see him, but he will still come by to visit and eat your honey! You may notice things that are near the honey have been moved a little the next morning.

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  1. Sam says:

    That’s pretty cool. I will certainly test this when I get the chance.

  2. Sam says:

    ” I have a little treat from you!”

    You might also wish to rectify “from” to “for” perhaps? I left this separate so you can remove this when you’ve corrected it. 😛

  3. Candy says:

    I loved this! ❤️
    It was great! Especially the part where he was riding winstons back- can’t get that visual out of my head lol!! I’ll buy some special honey ? for Robey! I hope he comes!! ????

  4. Candy says:

    I love you Robey!!

  5. Avery says:

    Candy, being a cat lover I enjoyed that part too. Winstin has a playful friend and likes his new home- wonderful! ?? Tana, I am on a mission to find this type of honey, guess whole foods might sell it.

  6. Jenn says:

    That’s good to hear about Robey! I was wondering how he and Winston got on. So glad they have fun together, and Winston’s happy. 🙂

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