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Ascended Masters have been given the task to assist us as we make our way towards achieving spiritual enlightenment.

During some of my psychic readings, I call upon the Ascended Masters for assistance.

My Ascended Master Guide named Macar, who is from Egypt, is one of the spiritual masters assisting me as I fulfill my mission here on earth as a psychic medium.

I treat Macar as my personal adviser and dear friend. He assists me in coping with life, and he also teaches me about spirituality, in order for me to evolve spiritually too.

Ascended Masters are highly realized souls who lived in the past, and have achieved high spiritual realization.

Their primary duty is to assist every human being to advance spiritually, and to ascend to the fifth dimension, as they did. The fifth dimension, by the way, is like heaven. There are also other dimensions where spirit beings of different spiritual levels dwell.

P. Blavatsky, one of the well-known personalities in the secret science or knowledge in the 19th century, had been assisted by the Mahatmas or the Great Souls, in founding the Theosophical Society. The Mahatmas we now know as the Ascended Masters. The Ascended Masters who assisted her were KootHoomi and the Tibetan, DjwalKul.

Through Blavatsky, the secret teachings about spirituality and spiritual evolution have been revealed, and now we study them, and use them, to attain spiritual enlightenment.


The Ascended Masters Are Assisting You In Achieving Your Highest Potentials. buddha.jpgBuddha is also one of the Ascended Masters.

Buddha’s teachings of non-attachment, mindfulness, and meditation are now helping lots of people in achieving peace of mind and better health, as well as in coping with the difficulties of life.

The Ascended Masters are with you all this time. But because most people are too busy dealing with their daily problems in life, they often fail to recognize their presence.

It is not entirely their fault, because it is the false ego, or the false knowledge,which stops them from recognizing the presence of these wonderful and very helpful souls.

Most often, people identify themselves as mere flesh and blood, but this is entirely untrue!

You are the Soul who dwells inside the physical body. The physical body serves only the vessel of the immortal soul. 

As the soul leaves the physical body, then the person experiences physical death.

Nevertheless, as you become more spiritually awake, and become more aware of your true self (the Soul), you will be able to recognize the presence not only of the Ascended Masters, but also of the other spirit beings, who are also intended to help you advance spiritually, mentally, and emotionally.


Personal Messages from the Ascended Masters can be Received through a Psychic Reading.


You can receive personal messages from the Ascended Masters who are designated to guide you and help you achieve your highest potential.

This can be done through a psychic reading session with a psychic medium who has a direct link to the Spirit World where the Ascended Masters reside.

When you are in deep, meditative state, your psychic senses open, making it possible to hear whispers from the Spirit World. This is because the Ascended Masters,Angels, and other Beings of Light are trying to make contact with you.

It’s a wonderful experience when you receive timely messages about spirituality and soul evolution directly from the lips of the Ascended Masters. Most of the time, their messages are full of hope, full of love, and gentle reminders on how you can do well in this life, and in your lives to come.


Here are some Quick Facts about Ascended Masters:


  • Should the need arise, the Ascended Masters reincarnate and live in a specific place and time, to accomplish their spiritual mission.
  • However, most of the time, they stay in their spiritual state when they communicate with the people whom the Universe has appointed to speak on their behalf. These appointed people are often psychic mediums.
  • Ascended Masters have the power to heal, to prophesy, and to telepathically communicate with people.
  • During the time that an Ascended Master lives as a human being, he assumes a very important role in the community where he stays.
  • An Ascended Master could be a scientist, a doctor,a spiritual leader, an artist, a teacher, or even a politician. The Ascended Master Paul the Venetian, during his stay in Europe, had become a Renaissance creative artist.

If you are wondering whether the Ascended Masters are already a part of your life, and what messages they have for you, why not  schedule a psychic reading now, and get their help and guidance?


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