How To Create Your Own Sacred Space – by Tana Hoy

How do you spend your day? Do you have your own sacred space? If you’re like a million other people, then you probably go to work, socialize, do chores at home; then spend the rest of the day watching television, surfing the Internet, or worrying about bills until bedtime. Then you run off for another busy day the next morning!

sacred space

Creating a sacred space of your own!

You may find yourself so entangled in your daily affairs that the benefits of meditation tend to get pushed aside, and you may forget the importance of having some quiet time alone. With this kind of routine, it’s easy to forget how soothing and therapeutic silence and stillness can be.

The Importance Of Quiet

Having some time to yourself, and away from the world, is very important because it rejuvenates your spirit and restores your soul. The spiritual realm, of course, has no boundaries, and you can focus your mind inwards wherever you may be. However, because you have a physical body with physical senses, objects and sounds can be quite distracting. By setting up a special space for yourself, you can have that much-needed isolation from your busy world, and draw yourself inward for renewal and spiritual wellness.

What Is A Sacred Space?

A sacred space is your sanctuary, a physical place where you can contemplate, meditate, and just be. But rather than having just three dimensions, a personal space has four dimensions – the fourth being time. Without time, setting up your sacred space becomes quite meaningless.

This space does not need to be fancy or extravagant; it just has to be “you”. It can be an entire room, a space in your garden, or a corner in your house, and it should be decorated with items that soothe and inspire you.

It is a place of positive energy, where you can have a sense of calm and connection with your inner self, as well as the universe. It where you begin to rediscover the benefits of meditation.

The Benefits Of Setting Up A Sacred Space

There are several benefits to having your own quiet place. By setting up your own private space, you can:

• Wind down, and consciously relax your mind and body.
• Detach yourself from your busy lifestyle and the world, and just be yourself.
• Focus on your soul instead of your body.
• Program your mind to become calmer for spiritual wellness and nourishment.
• Spend some quiet time for reflection and introspection.
• Cleanse and protect yourself from the negative energies of other people.

Setting Up Your Sacred Space

The process of setting up a space should be a pleasant and enjoyable experience.

• First, ask yourself how you are going to use the space

For example, do you like to relax sitting, lying down, or in an armchair? If you have a choice, select a place where you are most relaxed.

For instance, if you feel the most spiritually-inspired when you witness the sun rising, then find a place facing the east side of your hoome, or if you like looking at the landscapes, perhaps you can choose a space by your attic window.

If you don’t have a lot of options, however, you can make do with a quiet corner in your home. Just make sure that the space you choose has no distractions like the television or phone.

Set up and decorate your space according to your preferences

You may choose to have an table where you can light candles, or you may want to put up some wind chimes, or a small fountai. You can even place little mementos around that have a positive effect on you.

Choose the scents, sounds, and images that inspire you, so you may reap the full benefits of meditation and spiritual wellness.

Spend time there every day

You can read here, relax here, meditate here, or just take a small nap. You will more than likely make changes to your new space as time passes, such as adding an inspiring piece here, or a table there. This is because your sacred space will “grow” with you.

It will not only be a place for you to be, but it will also become an expression of who you are inside.

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  1. William Obenour says:

    Wow thanks for sharing !

  2. Candy says:

    Dear Tana! ❤️?
    I love this!! Thank you! Things are going so wonderful!! I’m going to make a sacred space in my new bedroom!! Awesome idea!
    Things are going so awesome for me, I’m truly happy ❤️

  3. Candy says:

    I can’t wait to make this special little place. I’m going to get a picture of Archangel Michael ( I’m going to make it big! I’ve always, always wanted this! Walmart can make poster sized pictures and they have frames only $20.00) and saint Germain 🙂 I’ll show you when I get it all fixed up. I can’t wait to talk with you soon, when I can 🙂
    I’m so amazed at how peaceful things are falling into place!!?
    Only 300 a month rent and it’s wonderful xo
    Thank you for everything
    Love Candy… G…. ????❤️??????

  4. jeyandhan says:

    Thanks for the encouraging information sir..
    As u have told..”time” is a must have requirement along with the space/ room etc

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