My Saturday Morning Meditation – Today I Visited Ancient Egypt

This morning, I started meditating at 6AM as usual. When I closed my eyes, all that I remember is feeling like I was falling down a tunnel of purple light!

As I was falling, I heard someone say “Don’t worry Tana, I am here with you!” I felt someone holding my arm, and I looked over and it was Mabel. She told me not to worry, and that we were going somewhere very special today!

All of the sudden we stopped falling, and I was instantly standing in front of a large pyramid! In front of me was the man who had the head of a bird, and the body of a man. Beside him was Saint Germain.

The Pyramid I Visited Today

They welcomed me and Mabel to Egypt, and Saint Germain thanked Mabel for guiding me there safely! Saint Germain motioned me to follow him, as we walked into a very large pyramid.There were steps we walked down,  and tunnels we went through – it was like a huge maze! We must have walked over 15 minutes.

When we finally entered through this large stone door, like something out of Indiana Jones, and into this room where there were over 200 candles burning, and the smell of incense was very strong!

There was a large long table, with all of theses man-like beings sitting behind it. Some of these beings were half man and half bird, half man and half lion (or some animal that looked like a lion or cat of some kind, and one of them looked half man and half hippo. They definitley looked like nothing I had seen before!

They did not feel scary to me, and for some reason they looked and felt normal to me also. I was introduced to them by Saint Germain, and they had unusual Egyptian names that I cannot even pronounce. I was told they were Gods, and that they wanted to talk to me about some very important spiritual information that had been decided by this “council” that I was to learn.

So we talked a long time, well over four and a half hours. They taught me some very interesting things about the power of thought, and how it can be used to create anything a person desires within a very short period of time. They showed me how to bend energy, which they told me was a powerful way to multiply it’s effects. They showed me how to use my hands to form and shape energy, in order to first create it in energetic form, and then it’s physical form would automatically manifest. They told me this was powerful to know because anything created in an energy form must be mirrored in the physical realm.

They told me this knowledge and never been revealed to the human realm until right now, and that I was the first human to be taught this knowledge. They also  told me that using this knowledge for evil purposes, would cause a person to live many lifetimes, including this one, in “The Three Hells!” Then they did some kind of blessing ritual, which they said gives me special permission to teach this knowledge to a select few, whatever that means.


My Astral Travels To Egypt

I asked them why they chose me to teach this knowledge to, because I explained to them that this is quite a heavy responsibility they are assigning to me. They assured me not to worry, and told me to relax, and “trust in the universal powers that be” because these universal powers were moving in the direction of a divine plan for earth.

They also told me that thinking of this as a heavy responsibility was the wrong way to look at it. They suggested that I view it as a life mission, and that I could use this knowledge to help anyone who learns it overcome many obstacles, and start living a divinely blessed, prosperous, and abundant life, that all earth beings were meant to live.

So they told me to think of all the good I was going to be able to do, and not think of it as a burden. Saint Germain told me that “There is a difference between a burden and a blessing. A burden is something that causes grief and strife in the life of the person whom carries it, but when you share and teach helpful knowledge that can help others, it “blesses” the lives of those you teach it to.” So he told me this was a blessing, not a burden.

I felt much better after he told me that, because it made a lot of sense to me!

They told me I would be contacted by them again, and given more information about who to teach, and how to choose the people whose lives i was going to be able to bless. Until then,I was instructed to start using what I have just learned, in order to experience it’s power for myself first!

This was the most amazing meditation experience I have had so far! I just came back out of my trance and I rushed to my computer to write it all down to share with you!

I am going to spend the whole day bending, forming and shaping energy

I’ll keep you posted!

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  1. shawn travis mcnabb says:

    this is so interesting! i feel i have only left my body three times that i can recall, once suspended just above my body and the second and third time both just walked around my apt. and discovered someone there with me which frightened me. and the second time just enjoying all of my plants at home, and for some reason again was just frightened and wished myself to return to my body. any tips to negate the fear i associate with developing these skills or in what i see or hear?

  2. b says:

    What a great experience – this is now, my favorite article!

    I feel so blessed to know you Tana! You provide your teachings and experiences so freely! Your willingness to share such information with the public never ceases to amaze me. No wonder you are given such attention and wonderful opportunities from the Universe – Its so easy to sense your pure heart in everything you do:) I have a very deep appreciation for honest and sincere people. You’re so inspiring – Thank You!

  3. Attah Samuel says:

    Its very interesting and I would love to learn for the betterment of our world. May God continue to bless you as we try to do His will on earth.

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