Scrying: How To Turn Your TV Into A Crystal Ball? – by Tana Hoy

Scrying is the ancient art of seeing the “unseen.” For many centuries, psychics have been using this method of divination to look into the past, the present, and the future, to access knowledge.


Your TV Is A Crystal Ball

Many psychic tools can be used to scry, with the most popular being crystal balls, mirrors, water with ink, and even pond water. But did you know that you can foretell the future by using just about any reflective item to see into the future, including your TV screen!

Contrary to what many people believe, you’re not limited to using conventional “magical” tools to focus your psychic powers. Because of its reflective dark surface, your TV screen is perfectly suitable for looking into the unknown. But there are certain steps that you need to take in order to successfully use your TV as a divination tool.

How To See Into The Future Using Your TV Screen

The most important step when you are trying to look into the past, present, or future, is your state of mind. Learning to use your TV screen as a psychic tool can be fun and exciting, when you know the proper way to do it! So follow these steps, and you’ll realize that your TV is more than just something to entertain yourself when your bored!

To begin:

• Select a time when you won’t be disturbed accessing your psychic insights. Nighttime is the best time, primarily because there are less distractions such as outside noise, incoming phone calls, other people moving about in the house, and the like. Daytime is fine too, as long as you won’t get distracted, and the room is dark enough so that no light reflects on your TV screen.

• Prepare the room to have the right ambience, so you can focus more easily. There are different ways to achieve the right atmosphere, such as:

– Turning off the lights except for a dim source of illumination, like a candle, a low lamp, or moonlight. Again, don’t let the light reflect onto the TV screen, because it needs to be like a clear portal where the visions will appear.
– Putting relaxing scents in the room
– Playing soft, soothing music

• Sit in front of your TV, and begin to relax and meditate. You’ll need to shed off your personal worries, concerns, and stresses, so you can get into a heightened state of awareness.

• Once you’re relaxed, look at your TV screen. Keep your breathing steady, your mind calm, and your body free of stress. Don’t try to stare without blinking, or to be rigid like a board. Remain steady but serene.

• Don’t strain or force yourself to see anything, but rather, allow yourself to look beyond the actual surface of your TV. See the screen not as a flat surface, but as a three-dimensional space, inside of which your visions will appear.

• Allow your natural clairvoyance (psychic vision) to surface, and you will begin to see into the unseen.

• Different people see psychic visions in different ways. You may see a white mist form before morphing into recognizable objects, or you may see images straight away. You may also see actual people, places, or events, or you may see symbols or symbolic items.

• Once you begin to see visions, refrain from making judgments or interpretations. Simply take a mental note of everything that appears to you, then jot them down later.

• When you’re done, thank your spirit guides, and allow yourself to return to the physical world.

• Now write down all your visions, and spend some time reflecting on the interpretations of what you saw.

Remember that scrying is not like turning on your TV set. Images don’t just appear when you press the remote control. It requires time and patience, and a lot of determination. You may not succeed as you like in the first few tries, but as you overcome your fears, doubts, or nervousness, you will have results!

You can even use the screen on your smartphone to scry, if you want something more portable than your TV!

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