Are Séances Dangerous? – by Tana Hoy

You may have heard about how you can contact the spirits of your departed loved ones by means of a séance. But a question I have often been asked is, is it dangerous?


Conducting A Seance

As a psychic medium, I say that séances are not dangerous as long as they done the right way.

What Is A Séance?

A séance is a gathering of a small group of people who want to communicate with the spirits of the deceased. This group is usually led by a psychic medium.

What Is A Medium?

A Medium is a psychic who has the special gift of contacting and directly communicating with non-physical beings. He or she is able to tell what, who, or which spirit is present during a séance. The Medium has the ability to talk to unseen entities, and can prevent uninvited spirits from joining the circle.

What Happens During A Séance?

If you haven’t had the chance to attend a séance, then you will discover that preparation begins long before you and the other participants arrive. The Medium first prepares the room by cleansing it of negative energies.

This preparation also involves deep meditation, chants, incense burning, and putting out bowls of water, in order to lessen the chance of uninvited spirits joining in. This ritual may take from a few minutes to several hours, depending on what kind of energy is in the room.

When the room is prepared, you all gather together in a circle. Candles may be lit in the center, then the group will usually sings hymns or other vibration-raising songs to raise the vibrations on the room so that loved ones on the other side can join the gathering.

Unlike what you see in the movies, a séance is not an eerie experience. You can talk to the loved ones and ask them questions, or they may have personal messages for you. Answers and messages are given through the medium, and through various methods, such as Ouija boards, automatic writing, tapping, and the like.

And sometimes, it’s not only the spirits of your departed loved ones who have something to say, but your spirit guides and angels may have messages for you, too.

The Medium may remain totally conscious while receiving psychic impressions, although in some cases, he or she may get into a trance. There are also rare cases of materialization.

What Is Materialization?

When materialization happens, the medium goes into a trance and emits a substance called ectoplasm. Ectoplasm first appears like a mist, and then transforms into a shape, and solidifies into the body of your deceased relative or friend.

The materialized person can talk to you and sometimes even touch you! This is a rare and beautiful experience to have during a séance, and only a few gifted Mediums have the gift of materialization! The ectoplasm returns to the Medium’s body once the spirit departs.

Are Seances Circles Dangerous?

Contrary to what some believe, they are not dangerous, provided certain precautions are made, because you are contacting beings from a different realm and there may be occasions when mischievous spirits may try to play tricks on you. A séance always needs to be done by a Medium.

The Healing That Occurs After A Séance

A séance can be liberating – it can give you closure, relief, or a sense of forgiveness, and the chance to speak with your loved ones again can be comforting and give you peace of mind. The experience can also be very enlightening, especially when you receive messages and guidance from your angels and spirit guides.

If you ever have the opportunity to attend a séance, I highly recommend it for everyone! You will be amazed how beautiful and uplifting an experience it is. And you will walk away knowing that we don’t die, and that the soul continues to live on forever!

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  1. grace says:

    I went to séances for 3 years and studied under Chrisley Witt. He had the gift of materialization, trumpet and blindfold billet reading and was born with the gifts of
    physical mediumship. He was my teacher and my friend and we paid only 10.00 to go and free if no money a kind and generous soul. No one has been his equal and I miss him in the world of spirit and he gave so much kindness to his students.

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