Seasons Of Life

As the energy of the New Year is upon us, it begins a time of growth and renewal! Did you know that the events in our lives can be compared to the changes in the seasons? Our lives actually go through cycles, just like the seasons! The cycle your life goes through does not have anything to do with the actual season, or time of year.

For example, your life can be in a Winter Cycle in the Summer, or vice versa!

Being in a Winter Cycle is the time in our lives when nothing seems to be happening or moving. Being in a Spring Cycle is when things start looking up, and we see movement starting to happen. Being in a Summer Cycle is when the efforts of our actions start to blossom. A Fall Cycle is when things start to become dormant again!

Our lives go through the cycles of the seasons, and if we can have awareness of this, it makes things look a little brighter when we are in the winter of our lives. Where is your life right now? Is it in a state of Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall?

Signs of a life in Winter:

  • Absence of love or fulfillment in your life
  • Things seem to be going nowhere
  • Wasted efforts that show no results
  • No luck
  • Depression
  • Confusion
  • Dead ends

Signs of a life in Spring

  • Movement
  • Potential opportunities opening up
  • A sense of things rate stirring
  • Feeling less down
  • A sense of hopefulness

Let me show you how to bring more sunshine into your life!

Signs of a life in Summer

  • Abundance of love
  • Wealth flows freely
  • Constant joy
  • Internal happiness
  • Everything is working great!

Signs of a life in Fall

  • Things are coming to an end
  • Endings are beginning
  • Breakups, health problems, career problems
  • Dental problems
  • Restless sleep
  • Sadness
  • Everything is falling apart
  • Problems in love and friendship
  • Conflicts

I offer “Seasonal Readings”. A Seasonal Reading shows you exactly what season of life you are in at the moment, and how to move from that season quickly, into the season of Summer. Summer is the season you want to be in in your life!

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I hope this helps you!

In light and peace,
Tana Hoy


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