The Secret Key That Will Change Your Life Forever (My gift to you)

Hello again,

I’m glad so many of you enjoyed reading about Angel Readings and my explanation of how I am able to hear the voices of angels, along with me explaining what makes hearing their voices possible. When you think about it, we really do live in am amazing universe!

I find the invisible energy of the universe incredibly fascinating. As a matter of fact, to me, it’s one of the most fascinating topics to study and learn about.

Here’s Something You Probably Didn’t Know About: 

Most people summon the invisible energy f the universe on a daily basis , without even consciously knowing they even do it!

But here’s the scary part! When they subconsciously summon this energy, they create an energy form that is going to be released. Because anything you create, will eventually need to be released.

You may be wondering how people summon this energy on a daily basis? More details on this in a moment.

My point is, if people are subconsciously summoning and releasing the invisible power of the universe on a daily basis, imagine all the ways a person could use this same invisible energy, if they were consciously doing it, and consciously directing it to do what they wanted it to do!

It’s Like A Dangerous Walk Into The Jungle With A Blindfold On!

It’s kind of like this…unconsciously summoning the invisible energy, and then releasing it back out into the universe, without any conscious knowledge that you are doing this, is as crazy as walking halfway into the African jungle at night with a blindfold on, and then turning around and walking back out again.

If you are lucky enough to make it back out safely, you would have no idea what was lurking out there that you couldn’t see. And if you were able to go back with a flashlight and see all the dangerous beasts, snakes, bugs, and other scary things you had walked past, or come in very close contact with, you’d probably have a stroke!

Well, it’s the same with people unconsciously summoning and releasing the invisible powers of the universe, without even knowing they are doing it!

What Are YOU Summoning On A Daily Basis?

To know what kind of energy YOU are summoning and releasing on a daily basis, the only real question to ask yourself is this: “What thoughts do I think on a daily basis?”

That’s right! You summon and release the invisible powers of the universe with your thoughts!

If you are someone who has lots of bad luck such as, no success at love, constant problems at work, a money shortage you’ve never been able to overcome, or continuous problems of one sort or another, then it’s time to take a look at your thinking!

Thats right! You’re thoughts create everything and every experience in your life.

Secret Knowledge That Can Change Your Life

There are only two kinds of thoughts: Love or fear!

Nothing else exists. All positive and negative thoughts, feelings, and emotions, can be classified under one of these two categories.

There are also only two states of existence in the universe: Acceptance or resistance.

When you focus on love, you are in acceptance. When you focus on fear, you are in resistance.

When you are in acceptance, everything positive and good, without exception, flows freely into your life. When you are in resistance, you block all good from flowing freely into your life!

Here’s The Secret Key That Will Change Your Life Forever!

Practice focusing on the love in the universe on a daily basis, and any blocks in your life will instantly start to shift. If they don’t shift, then a part of you is still focusing on fear!

So for this to totally work, without fail, you must get yourself into a spiritual state of total and complete trust in the universe, resisting all fear – no matter what you are faced with.  And you must continuously affirm only the good and positive in the universe, throughout each and every day.

You must put blinders on, and refuse to see the bad around you. You MUST focus only on the good! Turn off the negative news, quit reading the negative newspapers, and refuse to listen to any gossip about other people!

When fear comes back, you MUST immediately kick it out of your thoughts, and  get right back to immediately focusing only on the love and the good.

If you are able to accomplish this (and you can with a sincere desire to be happy, and a determination to be unwilling to be fearful any longer) you will see shifts in your life, that will leave you and others around you – in awe!

Think this is impossible? I live my life this way every day! And my life continuously reflects goodness and positivity back to me on a daily basis!

I hope you will do this, because this is buddha wisdom kind of stuff I just shared with you!

Change your focus! Shift your life!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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  1. Donna says:

    Thanks Tana I needed this pep talk today! Love and peace to you

  2. Kobi Pinhasov says:

    Awesome article Tana. Thank you!

  3. Candy says:

    Thank you Tana!
    I’ll do this as much as I can!
    Wonderful advice ???

  4. Sam says:

    “unconsciously summoning the invisible energy, and then releasing it back out into the universe, without any conscious knowledge that you are doing this, is as crazy as walking halfway into the African jungle at night with a blindfold on, and then turning around and walking back out again.”

    This is essentially the average life of a non spiritual human. They are completely unaware of what they’re doing and how it effects their reality and the universal energy, which effects everything – Unless you’re a catalyst being, where you are not effected by rules or laws of the universe – not necessarily all of them however, it depends on the individual catalyst and their purpose. However sometimes it’s either, they can affect the universe without being effected or have a similar concept to a fictional ghost whereby they can neither effect nor be effected by the physical world, but in terms of the universe for catalysts in various ways. By fictional I mean the generic ones you see in media, not spiritual entities.

    An example of catalyst beings are spiritual catalysts. Souls who incarnate on Earth to challenge the principles.

    The difference between catalyst beings and spiritual catalysts are that catalyst BEINGS are ethereal beings. Spiritual catalysts are incarnated human souls. However spiritual catalysts can be effected by the universe while catalyst beings may not be, but it’s hard to know as this can be a rather confusing and misleading topic since everything is technically influenced by the universe in some way. Spiritual catalysts are without a doubt much easier to understand. Here’s an explanation I found:

    Spiritual catalysts:
    “Some souls have incarnated here to hold an energetic harmony which provides empathic support for evolving people. Others however, have come with the specific ‘mission’ to break down illusions and inspire change by the very energy they hold. Such people may be called “Spiritual Catalysts”. They’ll frequently find they have a confrontational affect on their environment and especially the people in it: you begin to undermine the very illusions society has been built upon.

    In the beginning, life for the Spiritual Catalyst can be very challenging, until we learn how to integrate the full complement of energies we have; and how to utilise that energy with gentle sophistication, but definitely without dilution…”
    I have a strong resonation with this…

    Catalyst beings on the other hand are, in the simplest way possible, entities that don’t have any weight on the universe or “some” of it’s boundaries like karma or law of attraction, They don’t support or reject the duality system. If you have angels on the positive spectrum and psychic vampires, negative beings etc on the negative, they’re in the middle. It’s a rather hard topic since we mainly only see “positive” or “negative”. I don’t know how it works to be honest. It’s just a weird but interesting concept. They are both mainly similar because they both challenge the ideals and perceptions that many adhere to and try to break these boundaries.

    e.g. love and fear. They are the definitive extremes of human emotion, but only as far as humanity can understand it. As Tana stated, everything revolves around or between these two, but that doesn’t mean that’s the end. Just because that’s all we know so far doesn’t mean we have to limit our perception or understanding of it by these categories. There could be more to it that we do not yet know. It is what most beings adhere to since they are sub terms of positive and negative. This is where catalyst come in. They reject this idea because of the perception is “has” to be limited between them or conform under one of these categories.

    Pr to put simply: It might be the rules and laws of the universe but that doesn’t mean we have to abide by them unless we wish to. i.e. “true free will.” Even though we still have relative free will, it’s still dictated by cause and effect, like the law of attraction or karma. Break the shackles, or absolute immunity or free reign if you will. You get the point.

    However saying this, this idea would remove our ability of free will since it effectively stops us from creating our destiny to some degree. Our actions would have no meaning or effect or even purpose, but on the other hand we would be outside of the boundaries of the dictation of the universe per-se, but either way it’d be our complete free will do so. The ability to neither need to or even be able to accept or resist. What would that even be like?… What that even be free will anymore?

    On one hand you could say acceptance could be understanding and contemplation, on the other you could say it’s “giving in” but then that could be seen as resistance. But what if you’re resisting something to have free will? What if you resist to attempt to forge your own destiny? It’s like slaves escaping their masters. They resist to gain their own free will which they then “accept” but they don’t accept just as things were or are, they accept to things they want through their will of freedom.

    The catalysts don’t not accept things out of resistance through fear. They base it from what they believe and their perceptions of reality. What would they fear? What could they fear? since love and fear are based from a perception of the thing that would be loved or feared. What is it about resistance that makes only negative things can come from it? In certain circumstances, positive has the potential to come from it, depending on the perspective.

    Just because you might not trust something doesn’t necessarily mean you’re in resistance if you have nothing to fear from not doing so, but then it could be said that there’s a reason for not trusting something because of “fear” a potential outcome FROM trusting it, but what if there was a way you could neither trust, nor distrust as the catalysts do? What if this idea was just thrown out the window and we created our own mechanics?

    Not saying that these laws are false, it’s just our understanding and how the universe works.

    Challenging the concepts, ideals, mechanics, perspectives and categories, doesn’t necessarily equal fear. You don’t have to but that’s the point of free will, it’d be by choice.

  5. Sam says:

    This doesn’t mean “don’t do what Tana say’s”. It just means, it is our free will whether we choose to or not but in referring to the rules of reality itself and how it shapes our actions and outcomes etc and how the universe works as an entirety.

  6. Sam says:

    – Questioning reality, not out of resistance or fear, but out of pure perception.

  7. Irma says:

    Thank you Tana! This really does work. We all need a reminder every so often! God bless you and your family.

  8. Kim says:

    This is what I needed to hear today! I really try to be at Love or above because that is the vibration the universe really hears well. I have not figured it out yet.. Its hard to condition your mind to think in a different way. Nothing has changed in my life yet. But it will!!!
    You have to speak and live as it is true with really feeling the way it would feel to live the life you love living…

    You are the best Tana!

    PS.. Sam you just confused the heck out of

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