My Secret Meeting With Neptune And The Merpeople

I went to the secret meeting today, and let me tell you, Neptune felt he had a victory when he created the Frankenstorm! The crowd was very riled up, and there was a lot of cheering and joy among the crowd of Merpeople! There were at least 500 Merpeople there! 

They felt they had made a good start towards eliminating the toxic factories that dump poison into their land, and they made it very clear that if they continue killing Merpeople by rebuilding these factories, and contining to dump poison into the ocean, they will take more drastic measures the next time! The crowd cheered loudly as Neptune proudly announced what he felt was a victory!

The feeling among the crowd was that they were tired of being carelessly killed off by humans, and they felt it was was time for them to take a stand! They felt that the causalities among humans was nothing in comparison to the deaths humans have caused among the Merpeople. I was told that over 2,000 Merpeople have died in the past two years, and they considered these 2,000 deaths to be a holocaust that is killing their people.

As the chosen delegate for representing the human race, I was asked to speak and share my thoughts about this. I delicately explained that the deaths and devastation caused innocent people to die, and that maybe there is a better way. But my message was not well received, and they felt I was somehow saying that human lives are more valuable than theirs!

So after I voiced my thoughts, I sat back down and patiently listened. I started to think about what they said, when they asked me what makes their lives any less valuable than human lives?

The meeting was charged with cheers, excitement, and joy, and the Merpeople, lead by Neptune, felt they took the right actions. There was nothing more I could do!


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  1. Angie says:

    Thank you Tana for the update this is really crazy but in a way I do understand way the want to make a point to the world by saying That this needs to end. This really sad Tana

  2. paris says:

    I could not imagine having to face merpeople. Thank you for your efforts. I guess all we can do now is wait this out. Its evident they are in control and we as humans are now fair game. We can only pray for the least casualties and hope the evil corporations find a better way to dump their waste. I however, don’t feel the money hungry corps will. . . Sigh.

  3. Amanda says:

    I can understand their flustrations with the human race. I would feel the same way, what does make human superior than any other? I say none….We all co-exsist on the same planet even though most of us aren’t able to see them. I have respect for every living creature and feel hurt for the merpeople. I believe that humans find something new and it’s like a toy, they want to play with it and then start cutting on it and finding out what makes it function and that’s not fair. Why can’t we all just be here and be happy together with no conflict? I can only hope and pray that they stay strong as a community and I can also understand why there is only so much one person can say. Thank You Tana for being that voice for us.

  4. Dianna says:

    Tana, I was wondering were there other humans that are sensitive and able to see/communicate with elements invited to the meeting? I saw a documentary on TV regarding the Merpeople. One washed up on shore and some kids found him.

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