3 Most Well Guarded Secrets About Spirit Guides


The spiritual power and knowledge of Angels, Ascended Masters, and Spirit Guides give clarity to my psychic visions, increasing the accuracy of my psychic readings.

Aside from my Guardian Angels and the Ascended Masters, my Spirit Guides help me to give the most accurate psychic reading for each of my clients.  

Not all people can feel their presence,  much less see them, but that doesn’t mean that they do not exist.

However, once you get to know them or make contact with them, these wonderful beings from the Spirit World can help you in so many ways.

There are numerous misconceptions about Spirit Guides  that circulate online. This is because not everyone can communicate with Spirit Guides and Angels.

To clear matters up, let me share with you some of the 3 most-guarded secrets about  Spirit Guides.

1. Spirit Guides are NOT always human-like entities. Animal Spirits and Elementals can also be your Spirit Guides.

In other traditions like Wicca or nature magic,  elementals and animal guides,  represent a magical, metaphysical force.

Among the American Indians, power animals appear to a person in a trance (a sleep-like state). These animal totems can also appear in dreams and visions, and while a person is meditating. https://www.tanahoy.com/animal-totems

These powerful animal totems serve as guides, protectors, and teachers.

During the performance of their spiritual duties, the shaman will call upon the powerful spirit animals for help.

Moreover, even elementals can serve as your Spirit Guides.

There are instances that a medicine man or woman would sleep on the roots of the trees and listen to its “voice,” so that he or she would know what benefits the people would get from that specific tree.

2. Human-like Spirit Guides are no different from you and me, except that they have fully realized their potential as souls.

The human-like Spirit Guides are actually just like us, but their wisdom and knowledge are much more than what we have.

After physical death, not all souls cross over to the realm of the spirits, some of them continue to stay on earth. As time goes by, these souls keep acquiring information as they wander from place to place. Eventually, they “level-up” because of all of their acquired knowledge and become eligible to function as Spirit Guides.

3. Spirit Guides have specific names.

Spirit Guides have their own names.

At your first meeting, the first thing that your Spirit Guides will do is to give you their names.

Some of the names that your Spirit Guides may give you could be ordinary names like Cathy, Michael, John, or Mary. But there are also who would give a unique name, such as my spirit friend Master Sei Fu Jong, who was Chinese (in his human form).

A Psychic Reading Can Help You Identify Your Spirit Guides

Since not all people have well-developed psychic senses, they find it difficult to even hear their  Spirit Guides calling to them.

But with the help of a professional psychic medium, you can meet and even talk to your Spirit Guides.

The process involved is called “channeling,” or receiving messages from the Spirit World through a psychic medium.

Through a psychic reading, you can receive important messages and insights from your Spirit Guides that you can use as your guide in your life.

To start receiving meaningful and useful messages from your Spirit Guides, why not schedule a psychic reading now?

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