How To See Auras In 15 Minutes Or Less


The aura doesn’t lie or keep secrets.

Even someone who is very good at hiding emotions cannot hide the information their aura reveals.

Every color and shade of another person’s aura tell a story about that individual’s physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual makeup.

By knowing how to read another person’s aura you’ll be able to discover many things about them…things they might not even know about themselves.


What Is The Aura? human_aura_1

The different colors of the human aura can tell you about a person’s feeling, thoughts or even their state of health.


Also known as the Human Energy Field, the aura is an energy field often described as an egg-shaped ball of energy, made up multiple colors, and surrounds the entire body of all living things.

Your aura also serves as a protective shield against negative energies from other people and the environment surrounding you.

The human aura is made of seven layers which consist of the physical, etheric, vital, emotional, lower mental body, higher mental body, and spiritual. But, as experienced psychics know, the following 3 layers are the areas which usually require attention:

  1. The Physical Layer – The first auric layer, the physical layer, is located about a quarter of an inch to one foot from the skin of your actual physical body. The physical layer can show potential illnesses or health concerns within your body.
  2. The Emotional Layer – The second layer extends about a foot to 24 inches from the physical body. This layer is associated with your emotions, so everything you are feeling will show up in this layer. Your emotional layer is constantly changing because your emotions constantly change, too.
  3. The Spiritual Layer – The third layer, or the Spiritual Layer, is located 24to one mile of more from your physical body. The spiritual layer provides access to a higher level of thoughts, feelings, and manifestations. This layer can tell you about where a person is spiritually.


The layers of the aura will contain different colors, which will give you detailed information about what a person is feeling, thinking, or about the current state of their health.

Here are some of the colors of the auric layers and their meanings:

  1. White– signifies truth and purity
  2. Black– represents chaos and resentment
  3. Gray– shows a possible health issue
  4. Gold– signifies activated and awakened Spiritual energy
  5. Violet– shows a highly intuitive and artistic person who may possess psychic abilities
  6. Bright Royal Blue– can mean a highly spiritual nature and clairvoyance
  7. Green– reflects balance and growth
  8. Light Yellow– indicates hopefulness and optimism
  9. Orange– is a sign of great confidence and creativity
  10. Pink– means a sensitive, romantic person
  11. Red– shows sexuality, passion, and power


Can Everyone See Auras?


With practice, everyone has the ability to see auras. Over time, you will see a faint light or sparks of color surrounding other people. While many psychics can see all the layers distinctly and completely.

Some people don’t see auras, but “feel” them. Persons who feel auras often describe auras feeling like heat waves emanating from people.

Now that you know what an aura is, here’s how seeing the aura of another person benefit you.


The Benefits Of Seeing Auras human_aura_2

It’s difficult to trust a person especially those you just met. By being able to see a person’s aura, you can tell whether a person is honest or not.

Nowadays, it’s hard to trust people.

Is the new person you met someone you can trust?

Is your spouse loyal to you?

Can the new babysitter be trusted?

Will your business partner be good for you?

Can your coworker be trusted?

Thinking about these things on a daily basis greatly adds to your stress, and leeches away your happiness.

If only you had a way to know a person’s true nature! And this is where the real benefit to seeing auras come in.

Since the aura is a person’s spiritual signature, people cannot fake their aura because it shows their true intentions and real nature.

When you are able to see auras, you can:

  1. Read people better.
  2. See other people’s thoughts or feelings even if they don’t express them verbally.
  3. Determine if people are being honest or telling lies.
  4. See a person’s spiritual signature so you can distinguish “good” people from people with bad intentions.


You can know all this information and more just by viewing their auras.


Exercise On How To See An Aura In 15 Minutes Or Less


For this aura exercise, you will need a room with a blank, white wall and a willing friend.

  1. Have your friend sit comfortably with a blank, white wall behind him or her.
  2. Take 10 steps back from the person.
  3. Get a chair and sit comfortably with your back straight.
  4. Close your eyes and take three deep breaths.
  5. Open your eyes and look at your friend.
  6. Focus on your friend’s forehead.
  7. Imagine looking through your friend and at the wall that’s behind him or her.
  8. Let your eyes go out of focus.
  9. Your friend’s image may appear blurry at first.
  10. Their aura layer will eventually appear around your their head.
  11. Write down your observations in a journal.


This exercise can be done in 15 minutes or less. Of course, you can practice for longer periods of time but shorter and regular practice is more appropriate for beginners.


Things To Remember When Learning How To See Auras human_aura_3

Reading and seeing auras is a continuous learning process and you will need constant practice for this.

Learning to see auras takes practice.

Most people who want to learn how to see auras give up after a short period of time, thinking they don’t have the ability because it’s taking longer than expected. There is no shortcut to learning how to read auras.

So here are a few tips to keep in mind during your learning process.

Start small. Don’t expect to see the aura on your first attempt. Take things slow and enjoy your learning experience. You can start with the simplest layers first, the physical layer, before progressing onto the other layers.

Refocus your vision. Since you were born, you’ve been seeing the world through eyes which perceive only the physical aspects. It often takes a bit of refocusing to see the mystical things that are more aligned with your spiritual nature. You’ll find that refocusing your vision through meditation and visualization will make it easier for you to see auras.

Extend your visual perception. Since you were young, you were trained to see everything in a certain way. To extend your visual perception, you may need to use your peripheral vision.

When you read, drive, or perform other activities, which need sharp vision, the light is focused into the center of the retina – this is called central vision. Through the years, the central part of your eyes can suffer from the excessive use or artificial illumination, from objects such as computers and television.

When it comes to seeing auras, you can work around these “eye problems” by strengthening your peripheral vision.

The sides of your eyes are not subject to the same kind of abuse as the central area, so using your peripheral vision will be very helpful when learning to see auras.

Practice makes perfect. The need for practice cannot be stressed enough. Learning to see and read auras is a continuous process which may take months or even years for some people to be able to see.

Ask a professional psychic for further training. Auras are not static objects and are always changing. So seeing auras is only the first step. You also need to broaden your understanding of spiritual concepts in order to properly read an aura.


How To Learn To See Auras Quickly


A psychic who is adept in seeing and understanding auras can help you understand your own aura.

With an Aura Reading, you can get in touch with your hidden energies, enabling you to reach greater awareness and consciousness within your own soul. An Aura Reading can also align you with people and situations that can work to your best interest.

An Aura Reading can also reveal negative energies or blocks in your aura, which affect your overall well-being. Also, by using Aura Color healing, I can direct specific color rays into your aura and body – effectively clearing bad energy and releasing blocks.

To get more information about Aura Reading sessions, you can contact me by calling my office at 614-444-6334 or by clicking here and filling out the form on my Psychic Reading Page.


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