How to See Auras in Photos aura

The aura is seen as layers of subtle colors, which represent a person’s mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual energies.

In parapsychology (the study of paranormal phenomena), the aura is referred to as a luminous field of energy that surrounds the surface of an object or a person. Most of the time, the aura is seen as layers of subtle colors, which represent a person’s mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual energies.Even if you don’t have psychic abilities, there are techniques that you can use to know how to see auras.

Everything Has an Aura


Everything has an aura, whether it is a living or a non-living thing, and your aura contains information about your spiritual, physical and emotional health.

Those who are able to see auras can see auras in different ways. But for those who can’t see them, it is possible to take a photo of someone to see his or her aura.

Aura Photograph: Is it for real?


When it comes to learning how to see auras, one technique you can try is aura photography. This kind of photography is unique in that it is aimed at capturing the aura of a person. There are two popular types of aura photographs: infrared photography

Infrared photography can capture the energy surrounding the subject.

Infrared Photography

To take this kind of photograph using a standard film camera, you need to use infrared sensitive film. What’s unique about this kind of photography is that it can capture the energy surrounding the subject. For instance, when you take a shot of a dead animal or person in a room, the photo will show black color around the subject. On the other hand, the photo of a living person will show white color surrounding the subject. Kirlian photography

Sample of Kirlian aura photography

Kirlian Photography

Kirlian photography is a technique for recording photographic images of the auras of a person. Seeing auras using this method is simpler because the aura is visible, and can be seen as a rainbow of color surrounding the subject.

Both infrared and Kirlian photography require the use of special cameras or films to make the aura of a person visible in photos. But what if you don’t have access to these cameras or infrared film? The good thing is that there are other simpler ways to see auras in photos using conventional digital or video cameras.

Here’s how you can do this:

#1 – Find someone who has a strong aura.

As mentioned earlier, we all have an aura. However, not everyone has a strong aura. It is believed that spiritual people and children are the ones who have a very strong aura. But of course, you can use anyone as your subject.

#2 – Get rid of the clutter.

As auras tend to be very subtle, it can be really hard to capture them when there’s too much clutter in the background. Make sure that you set up your subject against a background that has a solid, neutral color, such as deep blue, black, or white.

#3 – Get really close to your subject.

It’s not a good idea to zoom your camera into your subject, as this will reduce the clarity of the image. It’s important that you make the picture as clear as possible so that it will be easier to see the person’s aura. The closer you are to the subject, the better your chances are of capturing the person’s aura.

#4 – Make use of light.

The person you’re going to photograph has to be totally illuminated. You can set up photo lights or lamps around the person, as this will improve the visibility of their aura.

By following these steps, you will be able to take clear photos that may show the aura of the person you photographed.

Different Aura Colors and Their Meanings aura colors

Different aura colors have different meanings.

The human aura is visible to the human eye because it is expressed in color. Different areas of your body will show different colors, depending on your health and how you are feeling. Your thoughts and moods will also determine what colors your aura will reveal.

Thus, by learning how to interpret aura colors, you will be able to know the details of your character, mental ability, and even your physical health.

The following are the different aura colors and their meaning:

RED – Related to circulation, the physical body and the heart. Red energy is a healthy ego, but in a negative light, this energy can give way to anger, nervousness, and anxiety.

ORANGE – Related to emotional feelings and the reproductive organs. This color represents good health, excitement and vitality. Orange energy is creative, productive, sociable and courageous, but negatively, it can give way to addictions and stress.

YELLOW – Represents the spleen and life energy. Yellow is the color of awakening, inspiration, optimism, intelligence, and easy-going nature

GREEN – Relates to the heart and lungs. Green is a comfortable and healthy color of nature, which also represents growth, balance, and change. This color also depicts a love of nature, animals, and people.

TURQUOISE – Connected to the immune system. It is a compassionate, sensitive color that is common among healers or therapists.

BLUE – Pertains to the thyroid and throat. This cool, calm color, produces loving, caring, sensitive, and intuitive energies.

INDIGO – Refers to the third eye and the pituitary gland. This color signifies deep feeling, sensitivity and intuition.

VIOLET – Pertains to the pineal gland, crown, and the nervous system. It is considered the most sensitive of colors in the aura. This color is visionary, intuitive, magical, and artistic.

LAVENDER – Denotes vision, daydreaming, and imagination.

SILVER – This color pertains to both spiritual and physical abundance. Meanwhile, bright silver in the aura could mean money or even a spiritual awakening.

GOLD – Refers to divine protection and enlightenment. A person who has this color in their aura is encased in divine guidance. He or she also has intuition, wisdom, spiritual thinking, and inner peace.

BLACK – This color pertains to pulling and transforming energy. It also indicates an unforgiving nature, previous life problems, health problems, and unreleased anger or grief.

WHITE – This color can represent a new energy in the aura – truth and purity. Sparkles of white light could mean that angels are near.

EARTH TONES – Represent colors of the soil, wood, minerals, and plants. These colors can be seen in people who work outdoors.

RAINBOW – When rainbow stripes emanate as beams of light from the head, hand or body, this means a person could be a healer.

PASTELS – Refers to a need for serenity.

BROWN – Represents greed and self-centeredness.

There you have it! Now that you know how to see auras in photos you can try this, and discover what aura colors you have, and also others! If you want to learn more about the human aura and what the different aura colors mean, and the colors of your aura, a psychic reading will give you those answers and more! Visit here to schedule your psychic reading now!


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  1. Sam B says:

    Not sure if the same possibility can be used with drawings or static pictures.
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    As for non live static pictures, like drawings or even more relatively portraits, it might be possible to see the artists impressions and/or artificial impressions of a given character in the drawing based from the artists depiction.

    For example, comparing the Mona Lisa to a hand drawn royal portrait, say of queen Victoria.

    A static picture of the Mona Lisa is less likely to have an aura impression being an artificial character, but may have Da Vinci’s impression printed onto it. Either his impression of the Mona Lisa character or his own auric signature.

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    I would theorize the impressions would bounce from Victoria to the artist who makes a drawing or painting of their impression of her onto the painting itself though this would likely dilute the signature.

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