My Latest Psychic Predictions For 2016 (September Release) psychic predictions

My latest Psychic Predictions (September 2016) will draw mixed reactions from people.

Here are my latest Psychic Predictions for September 2016. My psychic predictions for this month are a mixed bag. What this means is some people are going to be happy with some of them, and others won’t know what to think!

So here are my latest predictions:


Hollywood Ellen DeGeneres

Popular TV producer and Emmy-winning talk show host Ellen DeGeneres will surprise many people with some thrilling news.

A bizarre secret is going to be exposed about a Hollywood hotshot and their troubled past involving sexual relations with under-aged teenagers. This is going to shock many people due to the clean image this person has presented to the world.


Ellen DeGeneres is going to make an announcement that is going to surprise many people! People will be thrilled when they hear it!


More rumors of gay activities are going to surface concerning Tom Cruise, John Travolta, and Kevin Spacey. They will deny these rumors, but a little bit of a Google search into their pasts will reveal these rumors appear to be more true than rumors.




Donald Trump will anger many people in the media. He will also make claims of  a rigged election.


Three Senators: two Republicans, and one Democrat, will resign before the elections end.


World Events


There is going to be another terrorist bombing in Europe, and several people will be killed. Google_self_driving_car

Example of a self-driving car owned by Google. China will move quickly to test self-driving cars and have them become widely used on their streets.


China is going to be a forerunner in the world for testing self-driving cars. China will name certain cities where only self-driving cars will be on the streets, making China one of the first countries to test out the safety of these cars. The rest of the world will then follow.


Another school shooting is going to take place in the USA. This serious tragedy will result in the loss of too many lives!





There is going to be another major dip in the Stock Market over the next few months. Although there is nothing to worry about because it will quickly climb back up in a short period of time.


North Carolina is now going to experience severe financial difficulties in areas where it matters, as a result of their HB2 bill. Pharmaceutical companies, along with other major corporations are going to decide to leave, or stop bringing more dollars into the state.




California is going to experience a rather warm winter, with temperatures being about 5 to 10 degrees warmer during the months of Novembers through January. Texas flooding

Texas will experience heavy rainfall and flooding in many parts.


Texas is going to experience heavy rainfall during periods when it is normally dry weather. Major flooding will result from this is in several parts of the state.


Weather throughout Europe is going to be unusual. Parts of Europe are going to experience a mild fall and winter, while other parts will experience an extreme fall and winter.


Miscellaneous mormon

Having multiple wives as sexual partners will be the root cause of a disease affecting mostly Mormons.

A hurricane is going to hit parts of Florida. Damage will be greater in some areas than others. Many beautiful homes will be destroyed.


It will be discovered that Trump and Putin had a secret agreement between them where Trump made an agreement with Putin saying if he becomes president of the USA, he would work together with Putin to stop North Korea, and also take business away from China, and then help funnel that business into Russia.


A new disease will be discovered that mostly affects Mormons, due to the man having multiple wives as sexual partners. It will be found this polyamorous  behavior is what keeps the disease contained within this closed circle of love making.



I hope you enjoyed reading my latest Psychic Predictions for 2016.


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16 Responses

  1. Sam B says:

    Its apparently confirmed that North Korea has declared war against the US beginning within a month. However, as I am UK based I learned this from a close friend who lives there. Otherwise, I have no clue on the situation but I’m sure if it was true, they’d just calm down.

  2. Candy says:

    I love reading your predictions!! ?
    I’ve been so,so interested in this prepresidential campaign, more than any campaign before, I don’t know why it’s just really caught my interest!!
    I’ve been wondering who will become president but knew that you had predicted Hillary would be!
    Do you think she’ll make a good president?
    Thank you for sharing this cool stuff! ???❤️

  3. Nathan Fleischman says:

    Russia committing treachery against China and North Korea? Impossible!

  4. Mercy says:

    I love reading your predictions! You are right on spot on so many of them. Thanks for sharing your gift with us.

  5. Nathan Fleischman says:

    Also, if Trump were to do that, he would be considered a traitor.

  6. Irma says:

    First, I want to say that these teenagers know what’s right and what’s wrong. Consential sex even if they are under age. Have you seen how these teenagers act and manipulate? The way they dress etc. Teenagers should be accountable for their bad behavior. I wonder what would happen to them in Saudia Arabia, stoned to death? The Polygamist families, that’s not for me. But again, consenting adults here. Maybe the diseases are a way of the Universe punishing them? I love Ellen and all the good that she gives to people. John Travolta, Tom Cruise, Kevin Spacey be who you really want to be. I like them too, gay or straight! Life is too short to keep trying to please other people . I’m ok with warmer weather in California , but can we get some monsoon rain please. Thanks for the email Tana!

  7. Linda says:

    NO, teenagers are NOT adults and are NOT capable of making “adult” decisions. Consensual sex even if they are underage? Seriously?

  8. Avery says:

    I predict that Ellen will adopt a child. Your predictions are fascinating. I look forward to them every month. There have been times where it did not seem possible that your financial predictions would be correct and yes they were! With the celebrity predictions, it is important for readers to discern if there is a larger message at play that resonates The celebrity is just the messenger for the lesson we need to learn. for example, the lesson this month may be authenticity. Thanks Tana

  9. Nathan Fleischman says:

    Trump has gone really bizarre. He is willing to exploit anything for political gain that never happens.

  10. Nathan Fleischman says:

    Donald Trump is nuts.

  11. Nathan Fleischman says:

    You were right about Hillary Clinton facing more mudslinging from your previous prediction post. It has come true.

  12. Nathan Fleischman says:

    Got any more predictions coming up?

  13. Linda says:

    I knew it was a matter of time before this came to fruition….this jerk is a dangerous person with a Napoleon complex….plus, HE IS NUTS….

  14. Linda says:

    Take it easy on Kevin bacon…..I would place a bet on Tom cruise

  15. Nathan Fleischman says:

    “It will be discovered that Trump and Putin had a secret agreement between them where Trump made an agreement with Putin saying if he becomes president of the USA, he would work together with Putin to stop North Korea, and also take business away from China, and then help funnel that business into Russia.” Trump has got Russia problems as you predicted. Here is proof:

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