Here’s More Psychic Predictions For 2015 (September Release) by Tana Hoy

My psychic predictions for September 2015 are heavily influenced by the psychic energy surrounding the planet. This psychic energy is going to have a strong affect on the events and occurrences you can expect to see throughout the remainder of 2015. psychic prediction

The psychic energy dominant in September 2015 has a strong influence on how situations will turn out.

Here are more of my 2015 psychic predictions and some of the things you can expect.




There is going to be some surprising news, or an event surrounding Johnny Depp. I keep seeing visions of some kind of announcement or revelation that is going to surprise many people – including his fans.

The behavior of a celebrity is going to make the news. This is going to shock many of their fans, not only because people are going to feel this behavior seems out of place for them, but also the cause of why they acted this way in the first place.

Bill Cosby will pass within the next two years, due largely to the stress he is dealing with as his deep, dark secrets continue to be revealed. We are even going to start hearing stories from women in other countries that he exploited when he was traveling.


Politics Hillary Clinton

There are going to be some nasty secrets exposed during this election. In the end, Hilary Clinton will be the candidate who comes up smelling the most like roses. This will lead to her becoming the next President of the United States.


This is going to be an unusual year in politics, because we are going to see Democrats and Republicans sharing similar views on such topics as Gay Marriage, Immigration, and even certain Tax Laws.


A conservative senator is going to be accused of getting a young page pregnant. This will be the end of his career!


Weather ice storm

Besides disrupting transportation, heavy ice and snow can damage utilities. This photo shows power and telephone lines sagging after a heavy winter storm. Attributoion: By NOAA [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons.

There are going to be severe winter storms this year, and parts of Colorado, Ohio, Wisconsin, Minneapolis, and Illinois, are going to be hit the hardest! Also expect some major hailstorms to hit some of these places too!

Parts of Asia, and especially Korea, are going to experience unusual weather in the latter parts of 2015.

Arizona is going to experience a severe drought that is going to leave many parts of the state in a panic.




There is going be more unrest in the Middle East. We can expect some problems to arise in places like Turkey, and Kuwait.

Someone from the King’s family in Saudi Arabia is going to make the news for some behaviors or hidden secrets that will embarrass the family. It will involve sexual exploits. official emblem People's Republic of China

Official emblem the People’s Republic of China

China is going to make a major announcement involving a technological achievement that will capture the attention of the world, especially the US and Japan. This is going to make the world look at China as a future contender, on the level of Japan, when it comes to technology innovation.


Stock Market


The stock market is going to do well throughout the remainder of 2015.

Gold and silver prices are going to stay stable.

I don’t recommend making any new investments between October 18th, and November 23rd, 2015. Any investments a person already has will be fine, but I don’t suggest making any new ones during this time period.


Those are some more of my psychic predictions for 2015. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading them.

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