Shooting In Texas – Psychic Prediction Came True

A school shooting in Texas today is another one of my predictions I made at the beginning of 2013, that sadly came true today.

At the beginning of 2013 when I released my psychic predictions, I had predicted a shooting in Texas. Here is the prediction I had made:

Shooting in Texas

School shooting in Texas

” Another tragic shooting is going to take place. It will take place somewhere like Montana or Texas, a state that we think of as not being a major metropolis, but the shooting will take place near a large city. It will take place before February 1st, and it will happen in a school or college. The state it takes place in will be a state that we might associate with cowboys or farming. (The other shooting that I said would take place in New York has already happened).”

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Whenever I make a psychic prediction like this that comes true, it makes me feel sad, but being a vessel or messenger, I can only predict what I see, but unfortunately, I cannot control the outcome, or prevent it from happening.

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