Signs A Departed Loved One Wants To Talk To You!

There is so much more than what our eyes can see in this world that we live in, including energy sources that stimulate the wonder within us. But many people do not know how to tap into it.

This is due to the reason that the universe we live in is a universe we share with the spiritual realm where many invisible beings coexists with in the physical universe.

The reality is that the living aren’t the only beings that have dominion in this world, as there are also other beings who coexist with us.  These are our Loved ones who live on the Other Side.

What Happens When We Die? departed loved ones

When a person dies, the soul together with its consciousness, leaves the physical body.

Each and every human being has its own soul, a spirit that lives inside their physical body. When your physical body dies, your soul separates, along with your consciousness, from your physical body. When this process happens, a newly departed person may find at first, that he or she feels alone and lost.

So a departed soul, which is now a free soul no longer confined inside a physical body, will naturally want to reach out to their loved ones they left behind, by letting them feel their presence. Their presence is often felt through sudden temperature changes.

Signs A Departed Loved One Is Near departed loved ones 3

There are different ways that our loved ones can make their presence felt.

There might be times where the air suddenly feels cold, or when a breeze of cold air suddenly blows past by you, even though the weather is warm outside. Or there could be instances where you feel sudden warmth during cold weather, like a warm breath blowing on your skin.

These are some of the most common ways in which a departed loved one will reach out to you and make their presence known.

Loved ones on the Other Side were human beings who had emotions when they were still living. Now that their soul has departed from their physical body, they may feel disconnected from their previous physical life.

But now that their soul lives in a higher realm, the spirit world, he or she can make their presence known in many ways since they are no longer bound by the physical laws of the universe.

Since your departed loved ones were once a part of this earthly realm, where they were together with their spouse, family, friends, and other loved ones, it makes perfect sense they would make their presence known with people they once shared memories.

So the sudden temperature changes you feel is one way our departed loved ones show their presence to us.

Common Places You May Feel Their Presence


It is not uncommon to feel their presence in places where they had the strongest connections when they lived on earth. If the person was buried, the cemetery is also a good place to feel their presence. Anywhere they had a physical connection with in their previous life, is a good place to feel their presence.

Anywhere quiet and peaceful is also a good place because is it easier to feel their presence in places where you most feel relaxed.

Why Our Loved Ones Want To Communicate With Us


There are many reasons why our departed loved ones want to communicate with us. The first reason is because they want to guide us in our lives, to help us out in our problems and decisions in life.

And just like we still have the memories we shared with our loved ones, they also remember the fun times that they had with the people they left behind.

If a departed loved one died due to a sudden accident, or was murdered, they will want to communicate with us in hopes of finding justice for their death. Even the departed wants to find peace, in order for them to move on in their spiritual existence.

You Are Not Alone departed loved ones 2

Departed loved ones reach out to us because they want to help us in our lives or they need our help so they can find peace.

Feeling the presence of our departed loved ones is a wonderful experience. People often cherish this experience because it affirms we can transcend the barriers of space and time, and lets us know that even though their souls are in a different dimension, they are still with us.

Seeing the signs, which prove that our departed loved ones haven’t “departed” after all, lets us know they’re still right beside us, and still watching over us, even though we can’t see them.

Have you ever experienced other signs that your departed loved one is near, please let us know by leaving your comments below.

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9 Responses

  1. Sam says:

    I may have told this story before.
    There was one crazy incident where my old neighbour at my old house was psychic but could only access her ability while heavily intoxicated. However she wasn’t drinking to do so, she was just a heavy alcoholic but she stated she didn’t want her “gifts” or anything to do with that stuff.

    Her and my mother got on well (kinda) though they weren’t exactly model people. I only know this story based on what my mother said. Mind, this was over six years ago.

    One night my neighbour came home heavily drunk, which was the usual and because of this she ended up losing her keys or couldn’t see in the dark because of her intoxication. Either way it was the same routine where she came to our house to ask her to help her out.

    However this one particular night my mother’s grandfather appeared to the neighbour. The poor neighbour though aware of her abilities was confused since she was never used to it, as said she never wanted anything to do with it from the beginning. In retrospect, although it was rather disrespectful, it was funny that she was at first trying to ignore or shoo the poor spirit. Eventually the message got through, even stating something about my mother’s grandfather that my mother never knew at the time, only for it to be confirmed later by my grandmother ( her mother). The message was apparently one of love and also the words “take it or leave it.” We knew what it referred to but I was slightly annoyed by the ambiguity. I don’t like vague answers, especially if it could have been direct, but this wasn’t my own experience so I have no right to complain.

    I do want to know why ethereal beings like to be cryptic. Excluding reasons of free will, comprehension and time potentials. Its really rather pointless and inefficient to the receiver.

  2. Carla Meeks says:

    Wow Tana I have experience so many different types of things since my son was murdered. I experience feathers all in my bedroom at the beginning of his passing. He blew smoke in my face, I seen his legs and feet going pass my bedroom, I seen his silhouette coming out my daughter room. I night I was cooking and I felt someone behind me and I turn around he ran but I didn’t see his face just his body. Then before I move it used to be a Red Robin outside of my bedroom window watching me in the morning. Sometimes while I’m sleeping he calls my name to wake me up. He be playing with my daughter by blinking the lights on and off. But now I see him or hear him but I can feel he still around

  3. Candy says:

    I would say it depends on who’s receiving the information to be passed on. Perhaps her intoxicated state of being hindered her connection.
    She may have thought alcohol brought her gift out more, but shooing it away hinders it as you don’t want to deal with it or accept it. So, she was blocking it by not wanting it- and letting it flow.
    Just my thoughts on it 🙂
    People that have passed on sometimes want to desperately get a message through, and it’s not evasive, it’s very accurate and specific so the receiver ( The medium and the one getting the message) knows there loved one truly is there watching over them.
    Have a beautiful bright blessed day!

  4. Taliah says:

    I’ve had several instances where I’ve seen things move or fall and assumed it was my grandmother who passed. Every so often I’d be in my car and my rear view mirror would move to face the passenger seat. At first I wasn’t sure, if I was seeing things, because I wouldn’t physically see it move, I’d just notice that it had moved (before I got in, or while I was driving).

    One of the first times it happened I remember asking for confirmation that if it was my Granny that she’d do it again. Needless to say my wish was granted. I was in tears afterwards, yet filled with so much peace that I she reminded me that she’s still looking after us, especially considering I had been missing the ability to communicate with her due to her final stages of dementia.

  5. Becky says:

    I recently married I met my husband’s grandmother shortly before we married when I met her she showed us,what she was going to be buried in and,told us she had stomach cancer.6 months later she died the night after burial I was driving my car I felt like someone was staring at me,in my rear view mirror i,looked and my grandmother n law was sitting in the nack,seat of my car in the dress she was buried in and,she was staring at me never said anything .im trying to find the reason,for that

  6. Steve says:

    As a child I had a barber that I admired.for some strange reason thoughts of him stayed with me for hours and it made me feel comfortable and safe

  7. CHRISTINE says:

    Sorry, I might seem confused, I just fell about your article, since I just had a very unique experience now at the end of my Yoga class; when we meditated.
    My loved Mom died 2004 because of Cancer we had been very close and in the past years I also received a lot of guidance and answers from her, usually around 3.30 a.m.
    Today in Meditation it was like she slipped completely into my body, heart & soul &mind talking through me…. can this be real?
    Wirh lots of Love Christine

  8. L says:

    Today I was having a small cat nap before going to pick up my son and then go to work. I wasn’t in a deep sleep but asleep none the less when I woke because I felt this light cold air press upon my cheek
    I opened my eyes and looked around. I had such a sense of calm peace and I knew exactly who it was a visit from. I thanked them for the visit felt my face and got up to finish the rest of the day. I think they were saying thank you to me because I picked them up a shared favorite chocolate bar and placed it in front of their photo.

  9. Keva Tony says:

    I had a experience with my deceased Mother she died from pancreatic cancer on December 10th 2009. I was really depressed and feeling guilty about some things I’ve done, it was a really steamy hot summer day 2010 I just washed and dried my clothes at the laundromat I was in a hurry so soon as the clothes dried I just put them in plastic bags and went home the laundromat is a few blocks from my house so about time I got home the clothes were still really hot because of the plastic bags. I was sweating really bad folding my clothes no fans or air conditioner just HOT 🔥 all of a sudden I felt a cool breeze blow my hair at first I couldn’t understand what just happened I started screaming for my husband ” I think my Mom was just in the room” I felt comfort and ease nothing scary I know it was my Mother telling me she’s ok and so will I be ❤ She began to move things but it became to much for me so I asked her to stop and she did I regret later on I told her to, but I know there’s a Heaven and after this life we have an afterlife.

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