The Importance Of The Solar Logos – by Tana Hoy

There are a lot of divine beings I have gazed upon during my Astral Travels. My Spirit Guide,

The Solor Logos

The Solar Logos

Macar, has been very open when it comes to introducing me to new types of spirits and elementals, and this has enabled me to become very well-acquainted with a lot of them. Undines, Gnomes, Dwarves, Salamanders, and even Slyphs have passed by my eyes.

Recently though, my Spirit Guide and I have chanced upon a spirit so magnificent, it literally exists on a level way beyond what I have ever seen or felt. I must say that even my guide was very honored, for we were fortunate enough to chance upon the sight of the very Soul of the Sun, the Solar Logos.

The Souls Within The Universe

The universe is made up of many different solar systems and galaxies that are interconnected in a web of order, amidst chaos. Beautiful in both structure and sight, these massive systems of life coexist with one another, just like the organisms in nature which have so peacefully and perfectly lived side by side for millions of years.

This was until we humans became a bit too liberal with our freedoms and ended up ruining the balance of life on Earth, of course.

Within these universes lie solar systems, and within these solar systems lie planets, which revolve around a star. Planets have a soul; the Earth’s soul is what we fondly call Gaia – Mother Earth, as humans choose to call her. Other planets have souls as well, despite their lack of physical life on their surfaces.

Powerful, high-level spirits are given the responsibility to be the soul of a planet, and in the spirit world, such a title is extremely honored. This title however, is eclipsed by one type of spiritual being.

A being which, as I have only gazed at for but a few moments, is second only to the very Creator of the universe itself. This spiritual being is called the Solar Logos.

What Is The Solar Logos?

The Solar Logos is the spiritual being that is tasked to keep order in the entire Solar System. Yes, that is correct. The very Solar System has a spiritual being right at its center. In fact, you can almost say that all life revolves around this particular spirit.

Solar Logos are extremely huge. Their size is immeasurable by any standards known to man. Indeed, if it was not for the presence of my Spirit Guide, I would not have been able to comprehend its majesty.

Their energy is also extremely pure and powerful. It is so pure in form and power, it took me a lot of effort and help from my good friend and guide Macar to keep me attuned to its presence.

My contact with this majestic spirit was very brief. Like I said, it took all my psychic energy just to be connected to it, and I was only able to keep it for but a few moments. However, in that short time, I was able to find out several important things about it.

One, it is a spirit so high up in the ranks in the spirit world, civilizations before have mistaken it as the Creator of the Universe himself.

Two, this spirit actually has the power to create life, and this is the reason why people before praised it as the Universe’s Architect.

And lastly, it is the Father spirit of the entire Solar System. If Earth is the Female in the grand design of the solar system, the Solar Logos is the Male spirit. Truly, that was one Astral travel I will never forget!

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