Today’s Psychic Energy Report for 10-10-2015 by Tana Hoy psychic energy report

The psychic energy today is going to be soothing

Here Is Today’s Psychic Energy Report:

The psychic energy today is going to be soothing. Those who have been feeling stressed or too tense in the past weeks or days will now experience a comforting kind of psychic energy that will almost feel like it’s an encouraging embrace.

The energy today is particularly good for those who often do tough tasks daily, or whose line of work requires plenty of concentration. Those who work in the agricultural and fishing industries, as well as those who are involved in wide scope planning such as supervisors in huge companies or city-level planners will find this day more soothing than usual.

It is advisable to avoid eating spicy food today, so as not to contradict the soothing energy that is in the general environment.

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  1. Linda says:

    Perfect for your birthday and great weather for our part of the midwest 🙂

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