Soulmate Blocks: How To End A "Bad Relationship" Cycle – by Tana Hoy

If you’ve been in a number of failed romantic relationships in the past that have left you feeling miserable, depressed, angry, or unworthy, then it may be time to reassess your situation. It may be time to find the reasons why you keep on attracting the wrong people, so that you can finally meet your soulmate.


Ending A Bad Relationship Cycle

Like most people, you want to be happy, and you want a mate who brings out the best in you. And surely, you’re not deliberately trying to get a partner who leaves you feeling inadequate and filled with so much negative energy. However, there may be underlying psychic forces that draw the wrong people to you, and you to them.

To figure out why you don’t land in great relationships, you need to look back into your previous relationships. Doing this might not always be pleasant, but it’s an important step in the healing process so you can stop the cycle and move on.
Here are some things you can do to end a “bad relationship” cycle and start meeting the type of person you want to be with!

Find a pattern

First, write down the names of each of your partners or potential partners from the past. Then write down the traits of each one. Include the positive characteristics that you found most attractive, and the qualities that you didn’t like.
Also include in your list the matters that usually triggered arguments, anger, or pain while you were together. And finally, write down what caused the end of the relationship.

Next, find the common traits that you can identify among each of them. Look for a pattern, and see which areas of your past relationships are similar or parallel.

Check your energy vibrations

On a separate sheet of paper, list down your own qualities, both positive and negative. Don’t go for modesty, go for honesty.
Once you’ve listed down your qualities, try to see where your personality matches those of your exes’. Let’s say you have a dominant character; were your partners generally submissive , sometimes in excess? Or if you’re one who enslaves yourself to housework; were they couch potatoes?

Your energy vibrations act like a magnet drawing people who will make you feel empty or complete. For example, if you lack self-confidence, you may be drawing to you someone who can be confident for both of you.

On the other hand, you may also find characteristics that show some common qualities between yourself and your past partners, such as short temper, or the desire for expensive items. Thses likenesses can feed each other’s energies, causing constant arguments, or binge shopping beyond your means.

Recognize your life’s lessons

When you pinpoint your own subconscious weaknesses, then you can begin to make amends. For example, if you keep on meeting the domineering type, then you may really need to work on your self-esteem and learn to stand up for yourself. Or if you seem to always end up with a spendthrift partner, then you may need to check your own attitude toward financial matters.

Work on overcoming your weaknesses

You don’t even have to get into a romantic relationship to do this. You can join a local club if you need to develop social skills, take speech lessons if you need confidence in communicating, learn how to balance your finances if you’re always broke, or take yoga classes if you need to calm yourself more.

Become a whole person

Before you think of getting into another relationship, you need to become the whole “you” first. This means that you need to be able to learn how to live a full life without needing a partner to lean on, rescue you, or complete you. This sense of completeness within you will boost your confidence and positive energy, which will attract more people.

Being a complete person doesn’t mean being perfect. Being complete means recognizing your flaws and overcoming them. It also means that you won’t let anyone suck in your energy in order for you fill their shortcomings. A relationship, after all, is about growing together and bringing out the best of each other.

Intend to find the right partner

Since you already know what you don’t want in a partner, then you can stop dwelling on those negative traits, and focus on what you do want. Wishing and desiring are not enough, you need to actually intend to have a mate with those qualities that you desire. And because you’re a whole person, you’re in a position to set the qualities that will actually make you happy in a relationship.

For example, you may be very shy, and you once thought you needed someone “big” to hide behind. But now that you’re working on your confidence and social skills, you can actually intend to have someone whom you can walk side-by-side and hand-in-hand with, not someone who will walk ahead to cover you.

I also recommend making another list, but this time, create one that has the characteristics that your next partner must have. Be clear and firm. For example, write down something like “Must have a stable job, must be gentle, must like the outdoors”, and so on. Then think about this list each time you meditate, and believe that the right person is already out there for you, just waiting to meet you too.

Cords Of Attachment

There are also ties that have been created from your previous relationships. These ties, also called cords of attachment, continue to link you to your past partners in a negative way. This is why you may continue to feel anger, resentment, regret, or pain, each time you see them or remember them.

In order to be free from these negative energies, you need to have this cord of attachment cut. A Soul Cord Session will permanently sever this link. You can scheudle a Soul Cord Session by clicking here and filling out this form.

Also, if you want to have a clearer understanding of your romantic relationships, then a love psychic reading can provide insights about your soulmate, and what you can do to have a healthier romance. Also during this reading, I can look into your Akashic records to see your past, your present, and what the future holds for you and your love life.

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  1. Sandra says:

    I’ve been struggling with love and I always find love and attract the wrong ones.

    • Tana Hoy says:

      A Love Reading can help you with that. Your problems are related either to past life karma, or some other kind of block. When you are ready for my help, please contact my office to schedule a reading. Thanks for the comment. 🙂

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