Soulmate Relationship? 3 Signs You May Need To Let Go

This universe that we live in is a universe that exists because of love, as love is one of the most important things that keeps all of existence in order and harmony. Without love, there would be chaos everywhere. It is for this reason that soulmates are bound to exist, and also why each and every one of us have a soulmate.

What Is A Soulmate? soulmate relationship-2

We all have soulmates destined for us. Someone who will complete us and make our lives meaningful and happier.

A soulmate is a person whom you have a deep physical, emotional, and spiritual connection with. Soulmates function for a purpose, and that purpose is to guide you in your life by showering you with love, comfort, and happiness.

Your soulmate is the man or woman of your dreams that you admire and love for who he or she is. When you meet your soulmate, you will feel the bliss and completeness of life as you share a mutual connection with each other that makes your lives flow naturally and effortlessly.

Everyone has a soulmate because they exist for the betterment of your soul. However, if you always end up in misunderstandings and feel restricted in life because of feeling “tied up” with your partner, then it is time to question: is he or she really my true soulmate?

Here are a few signs that will help and enlighten you if your “soulmate” relationship is seemingly not worth continuing anymore:

Sign #1: You Feel Stressed And Pressured

Your soulmate should make you feel comfortable anytime and anywhere, which is why they are referred to as your better half. They are called your “better half” because this relationship is supposed to make each of your lives “better”.

But if it doesn’t, then it’s time to think about moving on in life without your previously called “soulmate”. They aren’t really your soulmate in the first place.

If you always feel pressured when you think about your soulmate, then it can cause the deterioration of your psychological and possibly physical health.

Instances where you feel forced or obliged to go out on a date with your partner, instead of being excited to see them is one sign that you may feel pressured.

There will come a time when the excitement and the thrill fades away, but if a person is really your soulmate, you won’t feel seeing him or her is a task. Because if someone is really your soulmate, everything will happen naturally!

Sign #2: You Always See The Flaws

You naturally love your soulmate without conditions. Even though their physical appearance changes over time, or they commit lapses in judgment every now and then, you will still love them.

Even though you sometimes don’t understand each other, you will find a way to solve the issues as soon as possible, without trying to hurt each other in the process.

This is what a soulmate relationship is all about – total acceptance and understanding.

If you don’t accept your partner for who they are, then it’s a very clear sign that you are not meant for each other. If you can’t get past your misunderstandings, then it’s another sign that you might need to let go of the relationship, because your partner may not be your soulmate.

Sign #3: Your Love Is Conditional

One of the most obvious signs that you are not in a soulmate relationship is if you only love or like your partner for her positive traits. True love is not about loving your partner when he or she looks their best. So can you love them with all their “different” looks?

If your answer to that question is yes, then you’re on the right track. But if your answer is no, then you might want to consider the possibility that the other person is not your soulmate.

If you only love your partner for the things they are good at or look good at, but you despise their weaknesses and unpleasant traits, then that is a definite sign you are not in a soulmate relationship.

If Your Partner Is Not Your Soulmate soulmate relationship

Are you in the right soulmate relationship now?

If you have realized from the 3 signs I just discussed, that your partner is not your soulmate, then know there are greater things in store for you!

The truth hurts, but it will hurt more if you continue your relationship at the expense of your happiness and overall wellbeing. The scar would be deeper if you prolonged the agony of living a lie in your heart.

Seeing the truth is not meant to give you an unimaginable amount of heartache, but it is for realizing the greater good for your soul.

The truth frees you from the darkness, and lets you know that along the dark path, there awaits a ray of light shining at the end of the tunnel’s void – your true soulmate.

Everything Happens For A Reason


You may think that breaking up with your partner is one of the experiences that every one of us wants to avoid. But then again, everything happens for a reason, and that reason is for us to grow, to mature, and to know what love is really about. Knowing that your present relationship is not with your soulmate, means your freedom and liberty from ignorance, but at the same time a success, for you have passed the test of experience and maturity.

Your present relationship is an experience that molds you into becoming a better person, so when the time comes for you and your true soulmate to meet each other – things will go perfectly and smoothly in total harmony.

Finding Your True Soulmate soulmate relationship-3

If you realize that your current partner is not your soulmate, better end it now rather than prolong the agony. Soon you’ll be able to meet the right one.

Finding your soulmate is indeed not an easy task, because it requires time to develop this relationship, along with finding someone who matches your heart and shares your values in life.

Through time and contemplation, you will realize that when a person is not your soulmate, some other person is out there waiting to enter your life to give you experiences, which are for the better good of each of your lives.

Yes, it’s normal to shed tear, to think that it’s the end of the world, or to say to yourself that there will be no one else that can replace your partner. This essence of being human is the ability to feel emotions and to learn through our emotions.

These saddening emotions purge the way for us to see the light beyond the dark void of life, and knowing there is someone waiting for you in the abyss – your Soulmate.

How about you? Do you feel you are in the right “soulmate” relationship now? Let us know by writing your comments below.

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2 Responses

  1. Sam says:

    If certain experiences are to help you become a “better person” then this forms a redundancy of automatic perfection. As even at both ends but mainly the one that is in question – becoming a “better” person (in contrary to perfection incarnate) is just an ideal. An ideal we strive for but in the end is automatic from the beginning. From the birth of the soul, if you are a “divine being of divine right” then you are in fact already made as the universe intended. However this statement also creates a reverse redundancy of the “becoming a better person” thing as there is no longer a need to do so since you are already perfect from the start.
    Perhaps this is from and for you to be YOUR ideal self, however who knows if it’s really us or the universe or a higher being putting these thoughts into us to make us into their ideal? And to this end what necessarily makes them a “higher being”? Even ascended masters. More on that later though.

    This also extends to how we see our partners and those we have a romantic infatuation with and such. In many cases there is often an atached ideal to what and how we want our soulmate(s) to be. If you can only see your partner and/or slulmate in a certain way, 1. that’s not really your soulmate then and 2. that’s more-so your problem than theirs. This has nothing to do with comparability to soulmates, it’s you being judgemental about the other person, so in this regard what really should be considered is if you are ready or comparable to even enter into a SM relationship.

    Sign 3 explains not that you’re not in a soulmate relationship but that you have your own problems with your ideals and judgementality to deal with before even considering a relationship, let alone finding a soulmate. However, you could also be the opposite and show no judgement to anyone, yet it still doesn’t work out because they are to you or just doesn’t work out.

    Back to the first topic. “The universe exists because of love.” Love is a concept created by the beings that inhabit it. Everything at it’s core is a concept. You know when people ask “what is the meaning of life?” A more accurate question would be “what is the purpose of existence?” Since we create the “meaning” for ourselves with our concepts and ideals and experiences and such. The meaning could be anything but the purpose would always remain or rather, meaning is in-definitive whereas purpose is more likely to be definitive.

    This is also something I should’ve mentioned in the ‘Wisdom to Live By’ post. An established perspective does not mean the correct perspective. This is because all reality is subject to perspective. Therefore, “the universe creates/exists out of love” doesn’t necessarily mean that is right, nor wrong because it only inhabits one singular and/or share perspective. This is if you are aware about the individual and global consciousness thing.

    With that last paragraph in mind, what makes anything truth or a falsehood? Anything that anyone say’s, even by an ascended master. An establishment of knowledge or insight doesn’t equal absolution. Before this goes off topic if it hasn’t already, it was all mean’t to give exposition on what Tana said in the first paragraph about “keeping harmony” and all that.

    “This universe that we live in is a universe that exists because of love, as love is one of the most important things that keeps all of existence in order and harmony. Without love, there would be chaos everywhere. ”

    “Harmony”, “order” and” chaos” are concepts and ideologies that are established by again, the beings that inhabit the said universe, not necessarily by the universe itself. We recognise it because we, as being of the universe – and all types, not just human – created it as a functional concept of measurement of equilibrium. Love can or may not be defined as a subconcept of this.

  2. janice arandelovic says:

    I still love Trevor, Id love to get to know him better.I won 10 laser removals of my exes face on my upper left arm so it wont be there and he wont have to look at him. I agree with everything you say even if it means geographic distance for now.

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