The Difference Between A Soulmate And A Twin Flame

There has been a lot of confusion between what is a soulmate and what is a twin flame. In your quest for love, it is important to know the difference between a soulmate and a twin flame.


Soulmate Love

What Is A Soulmate?

A soulmate is simply, the mate of your soul. Soulmates travel with you and your soul group in each incarnation.

Soul groups are groups of souls that are strongly linked together in order to help each other in their different lives. They form instant connections, and there is no limit as to how many soulmates you can have.

Members of the same soul group usually get along great, but soulmates have problems between them like everyone else, because these “problems” help you grow together spiritually.

This can explain why a couple would get married and feel so right for each other at one point in their lives, and then get divorced years later claiming that they are no longer in love with each other. They seem to have outgrown each other spiritually, and need to search out other soulmates to further their growth.

Signs To Tell If Someone Is Your Soulmate

Here are some signs that can tell you if the person is your soulmate:

1. They are a romantic partner that you deeply care for.
2. You naturally get along with them and make an instant connection.
3. You teach each other a lot about life.
4. You have many things in common, and you are able to carry long conversations with them.
5. They are usually in your life for a long period of time.
6. They nurture or challenge you to become a better person.

What Is A Twin Flame?

A Twin Flame goes back to the beginning of time when our souls were first made. It is said that we were once one soul with two flames inside of us. One half was masculine, and one half was feminine.

Then our soul was divided into two souls, and set forth to learn different lessons as different souls. As two halves, we are able to learn and grow faster than we would just being one whole.

When both twin flame souls have reached their highest spiritual growth, they will be able to reunite and become one being again. At this point, they will have accomplished all that they had to learn throughout their different lives on the earth plane.

Reuniting With Your Twin Flame

When you are finally reunited with your twin flame, it feels like a homecoming, a filling of a void that you carried with you since you were separated. Twin flame love is the ultimate, deepest love, any soul will ever experience.

When you are with your twin flame, you will experience an accelerated spiritual awakening. Often times you will accomplish great feats together that you wouldn’t have been able to do if you were still without your other half.

Sometimes, there are couples who work together so well, and they stay united for all of their lives. They build powerful business empires, or easily raise a big family together. Sometimes they are called power couples, but they are really twin flames.

How To Tell Is Someone Is Your Twin Flame

Here are some signs that can tell you if a person is your twin flame:

1. You have had dreams or visions of this person for a long time.
1. You know they are your twin flame immediately when you meet them. There is no question about it.
2. You have the peaceful feeling of being complete; of being one. You feel a total trust and acceptance of them, and yourself.
3. Your mind and body is strengthened. Your true self shines, and you let go of your insecurities.
4. You have very similar features and tastes in many things. You will also have extreme differences that force you to balance each other out.
5. You have a psychic connection, such as a feeling when the other person is hurt, even though you are not near each other physically.
6. Your skill sets complement each other, and you are able to accomplish more as a team.

The Difference Between A Soulmate And A Twin Flame

Knowing the differences between a soulmate and a twin flame matters because it can affect how you make decisions in your love life.

Here are the main differences between a “soulmate” and a “twin flame”:

1. You can have more than one soulmate, but you will always have only one twin flame.
2. You can be strongly attracted to your soulmate, but with your twin flame, you have no doubt that they are “the one”.
3. You will encounter a soulmate in many incarnations, but you may only encounter a twin flame in one life, and only when you are ready to meet them.
4. Soulmates will always be able to teach you something, and should be welcomed into your life at any time, especially while you are spiritually growing. With twin flames, unless the timing is absolutely perfect, they will not enter your life. Because if either of you are not yet ready for your reunion, it wiould only be a tumultuous relationship.
5. As a wise soul once said, “Soulmates guide you towards completion, but a twin flame IS your completion.”
6. A soulmate can not be your twin flame. There may be exceptions out there, but for the most part, there is a reason that you were separated from your twin flame in the first place. That was because you were suppose to grow and learn more on your own paths, before reuniting again as one.

Sometimes we think we are ready to meet our twin flame, only to find we are forcing the situation out of loneliness for our other half. It is best to just let life guide you to whatever exciting people you will meet next.

And when your soul is ready, you will not only meet someone who seems to be a soulmate, but you will also know from the first meeting, that they are indeed, your twin flame.

8 Responses

  1. Maricela says:

    Go Tana,

    What if you feel like the person you are with may be your twin flame, but only one person in the relationship has attained spiritual growth? How would this relationship work? Can the two make it work ?
    Thank you!

  2. Brittany says:

    Finally a new post, yaaay! Haha, its like you read my mind! I love when you talk about twin flames, such a rewarding and fun topic – thank you Tana, Love you lots! 🙂 i

  3. Joseph says:

    Wow. Talking of dreams, I knew that I shouldn’t email this one cause I never get a reply, But I’ve been getting these wierd dreams lately over and over again and they’re so vivid and real with no plotholes. So I was hoping that this would catch the attention of some nice passerby who knows nore than I do. In one there’s a barrier you can pass if you’re conscious of it and have the permission of those on the other side to. Anyway, on the other side there are these elf fairy like people except they’re notmal size and they know magic, their world has seven full moons and time passes differently, on passing the barrier back to our world you wake up.

  4. DonD says:

    Thank you Tana.
    I have had many dreams of soulmates, and just realized that this dream I had last year was a foretelling of meeting my twin flame. Your timing is always on point. You provide knowledge, that we unknowing need to be used at the right time.
    thank you my friend.

  5. Psychic Chris says:

    thank you tana.

    this article has saved me a great deal of grief…..soulmates come and go, twin flames are for-ever.

  6. La Shanda R. Watkins says:

    What if my twin flame passed away many, many years ago, before we had a chance to discover that we were twin flames? What now? Will I never know that kind of love, will I never know what it’s like to feel complete? I’ve always felt a void where my love life is concerned. Will I feel this emptiness until my dying day?

  7. jessica says:

    i’m seriously feel that i’ve met my twin soul. omg. it’s just so crazy. we’re in the same class. but i don’t think that we have “that” connection, bcs at our first meeting, we get some misunderstanding (even that we have a crush in eah other, but nothing’s serious)… but after this event, everything just changesss. it’s just so crazy, so intense, and so deeply passionate. and i’m seriously SCARED because it feels just tooooo much. so, i ran to netralize this feeling.

    he rans too from me. and i see her social media story that he says that he missed me too much, in the same hour i feel it. the feeling is so intense and it hurts physically so much.

    he just… makes me realized about my weakness (feeling naked, it’s actually feel bad) and help me heal it. 🙂 and i make him expose his weekness too and help him heal it too.

    we feel crazily jealous with each other. we break each other heart too many times. we separate. we do love then. we compliment each other then. we cry each other then. and do sparks fly again. in the end, we just… bring each other worst to fix our worst.

    and i see his character as like the character i want to be, and sometimes the character in my past, and sometimes the character in my present time.

    and he’s just everything i want in a soulmate. (how he can be so perfect?)

    and he’s just like my mirror. and we just… grow to be a better person, with each other. and i think that we both can’t lying or hiding anything from each other, bcs we both know each other very well (idk why it can be like this). it feels like we can do telephaty.

    it just… so crazy. we ran to each other and then ranaway from each other. it’s confusing. i’ve never felt this strong feeling with anyone. i hope we can make this work. because he makes me so happy, like i’ve never felt with anyone before. and he makes me be the best of me.

    hope you guys meet your twin flame. it’s so magical experience. and so beautiful. and will really change your life.


    • Tana Hoy says:

      Congratulations Jessica! It is a wonderful feeling! I hope everyone finds their twin flame too 🙂

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