Soulmates: Do You Have Only One? – by Tana Hoy

Imagine this: You’re standing in line at the grocery. You look up and through the glass window, you see someone. Your eyes meet, and bam! You’re both in love.


Soulmates – A Love That Lasts Forever

Such love-at-first sight scenarios may sound like a plot in a movie, but they do happen in real life! Many couples can attest to this, and it can happen to you, too – that is, provided that the other person is your soulmate.

What Is A Soulmate?

A soulmate is a person with whom you’ve had a romantic relationship with in one of your past lives. Because of the love you shared with this person in a past life, the two of you formed a spiritual bond that continues to tie you together, one life after another.

What this means is that you have numerous soulmates, or soulmate potentials out there, because each time you had a romantic relationship with a person in a past life, you formed a bond with that individual.

So for example, if you’ve had 3 romances per lifetime, and you’ve had 50 past lives ( a small number because you’ve probably had more) , then you can have as many as 150 soul mate potentials in this life!

Out of that number, some may have reincarnated, while others haven’t. And of those who are in this life, some may have been born with a gender or age that doesn’t match yours, or already be married or involved. The rest, however, are all potential mates for you in this lifetime.

So, on the whole, several of your past soul partners are “out there” now. All you have to do is find them.
How To Find Your Soulmate?

You may not realize it, but you’re radiating energy vibrations into the universe. Your energy vibration is unique only to you, in the same way that your fingerprints are uniquely yours. You retain this “soul signature” through your various lives.

Your soulmate’s soul will recognize the energy that you emit, and your soul will recognize their energy, too. Even across long distances, your souls will sense the magnetism caused by each other’s familiar vibrations. Subconsciously, you will be drawn to each other without you both realizing that it’s happening.

How You Can Tell If Someone Is “The One”

You cannot recognize your soulmate through physical features but, as many couples say, you will just know.
Although this sense of recognition cannot be adequately explained by mere words, you will be able to recognize soulmate signs when you meet a past-life partner. What to look for is:

• A strange sensation that you two have met before and already know each other when you have just met!

• A connection that cannot be explained.

• A mutual, deep-seated knowledge that you belong together.

• Sensing that your meeting was not accidental. Rather, it’s as though you were brought together by fate or some unforeseen force.

• Feeling a sense of comfort and peace in your togetherness.

• Completing each other’s sentences.

• The yearning to learn and enjoy life together.

• Sharing many common interests and/or traits, yet at the same time, balancing each other out through your differences.

Finding your soulmate can be a fulfilling experience because you mutually bring out the best of each other. You will feel a sense of contentment, comfort, security, and joy, knowing that you’re there for one another.

But like all healthy relationships, you and your past-life partner need to nurture your companionship to make it work. You will certainly encounter tough times as a couple, but with understanding and patience, you will find that your love is just perfect!
Your Soulmate Is Out There!

Finding a soulmate is not about seeking, but it is more about connecting to their energy vibrations. To increase your chances of connecting with your past-life partner, a love psychic reading can reveal many things about your love life, and can give you insights about your soulmates, and the best way to find that special one! Click here now to schedule a love psychic reading to get started riding out who is your true soulmate!

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  1. MIMI says:

    I believe that you do have a romantic soulmate as well as other types of soulmates. You meet your romantic soulmate in every lifetime. However, in some lifetimes, its just not meant to be. You keep meeting this person lifetime after lifetime until its the exact time for you both to be together. I have one, that is how I know. Unfortunately, this lifetime is not meant to be either.

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