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A few weeks ago I talked about Psychic Healing and healing your Heart Chakra. You can click here to read the email where I talked about this.

In that email, I also said I would talk about more of the ways that Psychic Healing can be used to heal the areas of your life that can hold you back. Such as problems in love, relationships. soulmates, career, health, and even finding your life purpose. Today I am going to talk about your Soul, and how it carries with you from your past lives…let me explain…

Karma and The Law of Cause and Affect

Karma is based on the Law of Cause and Affect. This simply means any action (verbal, physical,or emotional) has a reaction. So if you give love, you get love, if you give anger, you get anger, etc.

Ever noticed how you’ve been in a bad mood, and your mood affected everyone else in the room, causing them to become in a bad mood too? This is because you are continuously sending energy outwards from your body, and this energy is invisible, but it can be felt by others.

The energy of your moods, emotions, and actions, gets stored in your aura, and it radiates outwards constantly – and people CAN feel it! This is why you feel drained after being around a negative person! Their aura sends out draining, negative, energy!

On a simple scale, this is the Law of Cause and Affect in action. For every action, there is a reaction.

Now imagine that you were a King in a past life, and you put several people to death! How do you think that would affect the people around you? And THAT energy also gets stored in your aura!

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How Past Life Karma Gets Carried Over Into This Life

Since the energy of your actions get stored in your aura, and your aura is part of your Soul. When you die, your physical body perishes, but your Soul, or Energy Body, does not! It floats out into the ethers, mingles with other souls floating around out there, meets with your Guides, Angels, and Master Teachers, and then floats around until the right opportunity to be reborn!

To be reborn, your soul enters the body of a baby at the moment it takes it’s first breath, and viola! You are reborn! And you still have all of your Past Life Karma (PLK) stored in your Soul, or Energy Body, that was floating around out there. Your Past Life Karma doesn’t just disappear on its own!

So the moment you are born, you are carrying Past Life Karma with you, and you will also create more karma for yourself in this life too!

What affect does the karma you carry with you, in your Soul, from a past life, have on you in this one? Well, let me tell you – it has a HUGE affect on you! As a matter of fact, it affects everything in your life – and you didn’t even know it until now!

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Understanding Past Life Karma

Let’s face it. We all want to think we are perfect angels! We all want to think we wouldn’t hurt a soul. But in your past lives you have been a murderer, a thief, a caring person, a loving person, a hateful vengeful person, and any other type of person you an think of! Yes YOU have been all of these things at one time or another.

This is nothing to be upset or feel bad about, because all of us have been most of these things. It’s not about the karma you’ve created in your past lives, but WHAT you do about changing it in this one!

Changing your karma in this life does two things:

1. It dissolves the invisible karmic walls that stand in the way to your success in this life, in areas such as love, finding your soulmate, having a successful relationship, career, making money, achieving your goals and dreams, and the list goes on and on.

2. Once it has been changed, you no longer carry it into your future lifetimes!

10 Signs Karmic Walls are Standing in Your Way to Success

1. You have the same love problems keep repeating themselves over and over.

2. You can’t seem to get ahead in life – no matter what you do.

3. Your failed successes in love from the past has made you paranoid about trusting the new people you meet.

4. Money seems to fly out of your hands – even when you try to save it!

5. Coworkers, managers, or bosses, seem to pick on you, or not give you the respect you deserve.

6. You can’t seem to figure out what to do in life.

7. If it weren’t for bad luck, you’d have no luck at all.

8. You have trouble making good friends, or don’t have as many friends as you’d like to.

9. Weight has become a thing you can’t seem to lose. No matter what diet you try!

10. Your relationship has been unhappy for a long time, you feel stuck, and can’t seem to make the changes that will make you happiest!

Any and all of these things, PLUS many more, are signs that Karmic Walls created from your Past Life Karma) are causing your problems.

So can you change it?  Yes! You can change it by having the right Psychic Healing work performed on you. But it has to be the RIGHT healing work.

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The Master Karmic Cleanse And Release 

The Master Karmic Cleanse and Release was taught to me by my mentor when I was a young boy. The MKCR is the most powerful healing techniques known to man for cleansing your soul, and releasing your Past Life Karma.

It works like a Karmic Degreaser, because once this technique is applied to your Soul Body, it literally dissolves your Past Life Karma from it, while at the same time deep cleansing your soul!

When people experience The Master Karmic Cleanse and Release, not only do they report seeing noticeable changes where their problem was concerned, but also how much happier, lighter, and more peaceful they feel from the inside out! It’s like power-washing your Soul with White Light from the 44th Dimension, and then gently invigorating it with a relaxing jacuzzi-like, peaceful energy!

You will not only see improvements in your life, but you will also feel great too!

So How Can You Experience The Karmic Cleanse and Release

I am going to start doing The Karmic Cleanse and Release (MKCR) on people who realize it’s time to take control of their destinies, and kick their bad Past Life Karma to the curb where it belongs!

The great thing about this remote healing work is that it can be performed over the phone. So you can get this performed on you no matter where in the world you might be!

Are You One Of the “Special 40?”

I am going to offer this to only 40 people this time, because my Guides told me that there is a group of people on my email list, who need it! They refer to this special group as the Special 40!

How do you know if you are one of the Special 40? You will know because you will feel it inside of you! You will feel you should have this done. It will just call to you! So all you have to do is to trust it, go with it, and then respond to this email with your direct contact number, or click here and fill out the form on my reading page, or call my office at 614-444-6334 to have someone contact you to schedule it! It’s that simple!

If you are one of the Special 40, you will know it! You’ll feel it, because my Guides will cause you to feel it! That’s how you’ll know!

I hope you have learned a lot form this email about how kara works, and I hope to hear from you soon if you feel you are one of the Special 40.

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

To schedule your Master Karmic Release and Cleanse, you can respond back to this email with your direct number, click here and fill out this form, or call my office at 614-444-6334

P.S. I hope you are having a blessed day!

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