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What are spirit guides? you might ask, but first, it is important to know that you are not alone, and that there is a universe parallel to ours called the Spirit Realm.

spirit guides

Spirit Guides

What Are Spirit Guides?

Your Spirit Guides will watch over you, and protect you on a daily basis, once you know their names, and have properly told how to call on them.

As I mentioned earlier, there is a realm where Spirit Guides live, and even though you cannot see your guides, these spirit beings are with you all the time.

People who have a developed psychic sense can feel their presence, and a true psychic medium has the ability to communicate with them.

I was born with the natural gift to be able to see these guides as clearly as I can see the physical body of any living person. Ever since I was a little boy I can remember being able to see them!

Your Spirit Band?

Every living being has a “spirit band.” Your spirit band is a “band” composed of your group of guides, and your spirit guides have been with you since the first day you were born.

A Psychic Medium’s Explanation Of Spirit Guides

If you ask psychic medium, he will tell you that a spirit guide will watch over you, help to heal you, protect you, and guide you, while you are here on the earth. Their main purpose is to help, guide, comfort, and assist you.

Unlike a guardian angel, your spirit guides were once human. They have lived many lifetimes, and perfected and learned all the earthly lessons. Since they have learned all the earthly lessons, they no longer need to return into a physical body. .

There Are 3 Main Types Of Spirit Guides

There are many different kinds of spirit guides, and each one fulfills a different role. Just like people on earth, , each guide has his or her own field of expertise – based on the personal experiences or professions they had in their past lifetimes.

Here are the 3 main types of Spirit Guides:

1. Your Gate Keeper Guide

Your Gate Keeper guide is always with you. He or she stands guard over you, and protects you from any negative energy or entities coming into your energy sphere, or aura. Your Gatekeeper also regulates and decides which guides can work with you.

2. Your Indian Guide (Native American Guide)

This is one of the most common types of spirit guide people have. Your Indian Guide (also referred to as a Native American Guide) will protect you physically, spiritually, and even emotionally. Your Indian Guide is also the guide that’s most likely to present himself or herself to you during a psychic reading .

3. Your Presenter Guide

Presenter Guides help many different people, so these guides only come around when you are trying to contact a loved one on the other side. If their energy is too weak to make to make a connection for communication with someone who is still living, the help of a presenter guide makes communication possible during a psychic reading. The Presenter Guide acts as a battery by increasing their energy level during the contact.

It is also possible, and very important, to know the names of your guides. You ca easily get this information during a psychic reading with an experienced psychic medium.

Hopefully you now have a clearer understanding of what are spirit guides, and what each of their purposes are.

Now that you know what are spirit guides, you can easily discover the names of your guides during a reading.



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  1. Connie says:

    Wow, you have taught me so much through the years about my Spirit Guides! In many of my readings many have come forward. I think everyone should know who is helping them on a day to day basis. We are never alone! Thanks Tana, as always great info!

  2. BC says:

    Hello, Tana i have had a reading before and they told me one of my spirits guides name is KON-GON-GI OR SPELT CON-CO-GI….. I DONT KNOW how to use this information do i call upon the name when i am in trouble or need help.

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