How Your Spirit Guides Can Help You With Prosperity – by Tana Hoy

Everyone experiences some financial difficulties. Even rich people worry about money at times, especially when business matters are concerned. If you are going through a downturn in your finances and don’t know what to do, you can turn to your spirit guides for some help.

spirit guides

Spirit Guides

What are spirit guides?

Spirit guides are beings that dwell in the realms beyond the limits of our physical world. Some of them lived as humans for a time, but having gone through many reincarnations, they became highly evolved, not needing to return to the Eath Plane.

Many of them retain their familiar human shapes from when they were living on the eart. While other spirits guides did not live earthly lives, so they take no shape, and may at times, be perceived as light or are pure energy.

Does Everyone Have A Spirit Guide?

Every person has one or more spirit guides. You have a primary spirit guide, who has been with you before you were born, and will stay with you until you it is time for you to move on.

You also have other spirit guides that appear at different stages of your life, guiding you in developing your skills and learning, while other come to your aid only for a short time, when there is a need to direct you through special situations.

Whether they stay for a long period of time or a short one, their role is to guide you through your endeavors, nudge you toward a certain direction, and help you achieve your goals. They will also offer you comfort, as well as insight, when you are facing a tough situation or decision.

Because spirit guides are spiritual beings, many think that it takes a special skill or talent to talk to them, contact them, or hear them. But this is not so. You are more than just your physical body because you also have a spirit – energy that is in tune with the energy of the universe. Energy with the same vibrations as that of the non-physical world. Because of this, you are able to connect with the energies that are not seen or perceived by ordinary human senses. In fact, there are many people who are already in contact with their spirit guides, but they don’t realize it.

How to Contact Spirit Guides

When you are contacting spirit guides, there are things you need to keep in mind:

• Spirit guides dwell in the cosmic plane where there is no time or space. So don’t think that they are in a faraway place, or that you have to try really hard to get in touch with them. They are already near you.
• Relax your physical body and let your inner consciousness take over. Learn to overcome the barriers of your physical form, and allow yourself to be more aware of your energy self.
• Realize that they can communicate with you differently than how you normally communicate with another person. If you allow yourself to be open and receptive, you will become aware that they are guiding you, even when you cannot see or hear anything in the conventional way.

How Your Spirit Guides Can Help You With Your Finances

• Find a quiet, private place, and allow yourself to relax. Meditate, and let go of your fears and worries.
• Talk to your spirit guides and ask them to help you see what direction to take, in order to overcome your current difficulties.
• Open up your mind so you can perceive the options presented to you.

Your spirit guides communicate with you in dreams, through insights, and through your gut feeling. They send signs, and they speak to you through other people. They nudge you toward a certain direction or decision, even arranging certain events to open up the way for you.

You will need to learn to let go of your own personal fears, so as not impede the messages that they are giving you. But one thing to remember when understanding spirit guides: they will not order you to do anything – you still have free will!

When you have become attuned to your spirit guides, you will become sensitive enough to sense their guidance wherever you are. Do not rush or force the process, however. With patience and constant communication, you will be able to do this with ease.

If you’d like to know more about your spirit guides, a psychic reading can tell you their names, and also show you how to communicate with them on a regular basis. To learn more about a psychic reading with Tana Hoy, please click here!

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    I am so sad I missed you in Columbus Ohio but have no car and had no money for a cab.
    I have 1 question and what would you charge for a question and am on ssi now a fixed income. I have right leg moderate edema and no dr can solve this and tell me what to do after I eliminated all salt, walked as far as possible etc. Only you can help me be able to heal and walk free again and here not heaven lol
    One day dime by dime I can and will pay the 250 for a reading but right now am stuck. I do refer people to you though and maybe one of my guides will loan me 250 from the spirit realm just maybe for them it is a thought away
    Columbus Ohio

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