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For centuries, mirrors have been used as powerful spiritual tools. They’ve been used for divining future events, and as doorways for astral beings to enter into the human world.

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A Cosmic Portal

But did you know that you can also create special portals (doorways) for your spirit guides, angels, and fairies to enter into this realm, using mirrors or other reflective items?

You can use just about any reflective object as a portal for your spirit friends. This includes a pocket mirror, a locket, your mobile phone screen, and even your wrist watch if it has a reflective surface.

Creating a portal is for the sole purpose of creating a doorway for your spirit friends to come in and out of the human world. There’s a huge advantage in making this special doorway yourself, because when you make the portal with your hands, you’re putting your own energy and intention into it.

How To Create A Portable Spirit Portal

If you wish to make a portal, then the first step is for you to ask your guides for direction. They can help you select the proper materials to use, which will be aligned with your own psychic vibrations. For instance, they may urge you to use steel rather than silver.

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Here’s what you’ll need to create your special portal:

A frame.

This can be a small picture frame, a face powder case, or a mirror frame. If you’re going to recycle, remember to use only items that were yours, not items from an antique or second-hand shop, because these have embedded energies from their previous owners. They may also attract spirits other than your own guides.

A reflective surface.

You can use a mirror, a piece of tin foil.

A string or chain.

You’ll need this if you’re making a portal that you will be wearing around your neck.

Small crystals or beads.

You may want to use thesenot only as decorations for your spirit portal but also as protection against negative energies.
• Adhesive.

Creating Your Spirit Portal

• Lay out the materials on a table, or on the floor in front of you, and meditate. Ask your spirit firends to work with you as you create your portable portal.

• Stay in a positive, quiet state, and allow positive energies to flow through you.

• Now, cut the foil to fit your frame, and adhere it in place.

• Decorate your frame according to your instincts. Sense the energy that radiates from your portal as decorate it according to what you sense is right.

• When you’re done, set your portal in front of you.

Setting Up Your Protection

• Encase your portal with a protective energy field by visualizing a layer of strong positive energy around it. In your mind, state clearly that the doorway is only for your guides, angels, and fairies, and that no other entity can pass through it.

How To Open And Close Your Portal:

Before using your portal, you need to prepare two chants: one for opening the portal, and one for closing it.

• The first chant invites your spirit friends to come to you and limits who can pass through your portable portal. It also serves as a “formal” way of calling your guides or angels each time you wish for them to be with you. A good chant to use would be, “My guides, the portal is now open and I ask you to come to me now.”

• The other chant ends your session and closes the doorway. You can say, “Thank you, my guides, for coming today. The portal is now closed.”

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How To Use Your Spirit Portal

Once you have your portable portal ready, you are now ready to use it Here’s what I suggest:

• Hold your spirit portal in your hand.

• Inside your mind, recite your chant, and visualize your spirit friends passing through the doorway.

• You can now speak with your guides, angels, and fairies for as long as you wish.

• Once you’re done speaking with your friends, thank them. Then recite your other chant to close the session and seal the doorway.

In the beginning, you may want to close your eyes and get into a meditative state, but with time and patience, the process will become automatic and instantaneous. Once you’ve gotten used to using your portal, you can call on your guides to come to you anytime and anywhere you may be, whether you’re in the subway, a busy restaurant, or backstage before a presentation.

Remember, however, that spirit guides are not genies that will appear at your bidding to make your wishes come true. Your guides are there to help you find your way toward your life’s purpose.

And while they may not always appear visually when you call, you can be certain that they will make their presence known to you through voices, signs, dreams, and other means.

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