Your Spirit Guides: What You Need to Know About Them – by Tana Hoy

Spirit guides are spiritual beings that serve as your protector or helper. They are energetic beings of light that come from the cosmic realms.

spirit guides

Spirit Guides

Spirit guides are assigned to all of us even before we are born. Your Higher Self selects specific spirit guides to help you fulfill the spiritual contract you agreed to live out in your human life.

Three Different Types Of Spirit Guides

There are many types of spirit guides. Some are Saints, Angels, Ascended Masters, and even Nature Spirits. Below are three popular spirit guides that may be helping you now.

Indian Guides

Native Americans combine spirituality and nature to produce a rich culture that respects the sacredness of all things. They also have a wealthy source of spirit guides that suit any life event or situation.

When you feel sick, call on the Asgaya Gigagei – a Native American guide that can evoke spells to cure illnesses.

Native Americans also believe that spirit guides can come in animal form. These animal guides can freely enter and leave your life based on the goals you need to accomplish. Native American animal guides provide wisdom and power to help you on your journey in life.

Master Guides

A Master Guide is an ascended master that once led a physical life, and has now moved to a different spiritual vibration. Their goal is to help you make better decisions for your own evolution while you are on earth. A few examples of ascended masters include Jesus and Buddha.

Joy Guides

Joy Guides usually come when you least expect them to. Usually, they pop in when you feel stressed or emotionally spent.
Joy Guides are defined as highly intelligent beings whose purpose is to bring laughter and delight to humans. They are usually little kids in the spirit world, and they can be playful, childlike, and a tad mischievous.

Essentially, their purpose is to lighten your load and help you enjoy life.

How To Call On Your Spirit Guides

You have direct access to your spirit guides and can call on them anytime you need their help. But it is important to improve your connection with your own spirit guides.

One way to have a direct connection with your guides is to listen to your own intuition. Listen to the tiny voice inside yourself that tells you to “Stop drinking,” or “Drive slow”.

However, it is important to know the difference between your own voice and your intuition. The voice of your guides will give you messages that are best for your growth and learning.

Feel free to also ask your guides questions. They are as open and willing to respond to your questions, and you only need to be receptive to the messages they send.

Don’t become attached to any expectation of getting a result. Allow the energy to flow, and for events to unfold on their own.
Meditation also helps place you in a state of receptivity and openness. It also keeps you in the present moment. Being centered through meditation keeps your awareness open to signs or messages from your guides.

How Can Spirit Guides Help You

Guides are more than ready to assist you in any life situation. Spirit guides also have different levels of consciousness, as some are highly ascended, while a few may be average spirits that have only mastered a certain subject.

Spirit guides help you by sending signs such as synchronicities. These are amazing coincidences are to keep you alert to information you need to know or pay attention to.

Your gut feelings are also used by your spirit guides to help you become aware of situations. Sudden flashes of intuitive thoughts, images, or voices, that seem to come from nowhere, can come from spirit guides.

Check if the information you receive is useful and helpful to your situation, and if it is, your spirit guide may be sending you the help you need.

You do not need to do anything unusual to connect with your guides. You may have to stop doing things you’re used to doing, such as being afraid of your own intuitive abilities, or being close-minded, but messages from your spirit guides are always there for you.

You only have to allow them to come to you through.

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    Thank you

  2. Hailey says:

    Hi, I have an quick question! When I was taking to my sprit guide is his name is jake Anderson, and I talked to second time he kept make 8 figures on the paper over and over again and won’t clam down. I was wondering what eight figures mean by a any chances please reply back asps.

  3. Erin McClean says:

    Yes. But as you mentioned in an article I read way back when, once one can quiet one’s mind and truly listen, even carry on a dialogue, they just never shut up!!
    At least now, as one of them told me, I’ll never be alone again.

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