How To Work With Your Spirit Guides

It’s very comforting to know that we’re never alone, knowing that there are those who are always ready to help us, no matter what.

spirit guide

A Spirit Guide Whispering

In fact, every moment of your life, you can take comfort in knowing that you have your spirit guides to  see you through!

What Is A Spirit Guide?

A spirit guide, as the name suggests, is a spiritual being whose job is to give spiritual guidance to us humans in our daily lives. Guides are sort of like guardian angels, except they were humans once. They’ve reincarnated many, many times as ordinary humans like you and me, until they mastered their earthly lessons, no longer needing to be born in a physical body.

However, as part of their continued spiritual growth, they have taken on the task of guiding mortals on their divine paths.
Like everyone in the world, you have one primary spirit guide who has been with you from the time before you were born. This guide will stay with you until you “move on”. Other guides also come at certain stages in your life, staying with you temporarily until their job is done.

You may have four to seven guides at once, totalling about 20 to 30 in your lifetime, and some people may have more.
Guides are not deities to pray to. They are not here to judge you, or point an accusing finger if you make a wrong choice. They are, instead, helpers whose job is to help you achieve your soul’s purpose.

The Benefit Of Working With Your Guides?

Because your guides’ primary purpose is to keep you on the right track and help you achieve your spiritual goals, and they will do whatever they can to steer you in the right direction.

Your guides can help you find answers to questions, give comfort when you feel you’ve reached a dead end, or simply keep you company as you go about your day to day life. If you let them, they can also give you warnings of future events, or nudge you away from influences that are not aligned to your life’s highest purpose.

How To Work With Your Guides

Guides are not only spiritual helpers, they can also be great friends! They can be trusted with your secret desires, because they never want to cause you harm.

But like any relationship, it is important to build a relationship with them. So here’s how you can start building a relationship with your guides:

1. Get To Know Who They Are

Of course, you know that the very first step in building a relationship is finding out the other individual’s name. So if you want to know what your guides call themselves, just ask!

The answer to your question may come in many different ways, such as a voice in your head, a name spelled out in your mind, or a word that suddenly “jumps out” of a poster. You can also get help discovering your guides’ names by talking to a psychic medium who can make the introduction for you!

2. Discover How They Communicate With You

Because guides are spirits, their vibrational frequency is higher than that of a human’s. This is why many people can’t see, hear, or sense them, and this is why your guides use many methods of communicating with you.

Here are some of the ways that they may attempt to give you a message:

Because your physical senses take a back seat when you sleep, your guides have a more open psychic channel to communicate with you when you dream.

• Through your intuitive gifts

Your guides know which psychic gift you’re most attuned to, so they may use that psychic gift to give a message to you. For instance, if your psychic hearing is sensitive, you may hear a voice inside your head. On the other hand, if you have a keen psychic vision, you may see images flash in your mind’s eye.

• Through meditation

One of the benefits of meditation is being able to be more psychically receptive to your guides’ messages. They usually give you guidance when you’re in a meditative state.

• Through other people

Your guides can certainly give you guidance via a psychic medium, but they may also get a message to you through other people. For example, you may hear a comment from a stranger that answers your inner question head-on.

• Through other means, such as automatic writing; a message that seems to “pop out” of a TV show, a book, a magazine title; dowsing; and other methods.

Work on paying more attention and being more aware of your physical and spiritual surroundings, because messages from your guides are usually subtle, so you need to be receptive to dreams, intuitive thoughts, gut feelings, and other signs.

3. Ask For Their Help

This third step can actually go hand-in-hand with the second one above, because your guides won’t impose their wills on you if you’re not asking for their help. They will nudge you gently, but they can be more “present” in your life if you ask them, or give them permission.


• When you seek the assistance of your guides, remember that they are not in some faraway place. They’re there with you, and they can hear you.

• There’s no need to beg, try too hard, or stress yourself when you communicate with them. They will help you if what you’re asking for is in line with your soul’s purpose. So talk to them as you would a friend!

• Let them know what you need, but don’t set limits. For example, don’t tell them exactly how you want something done. They have a better view of how to make things happen, and all they’re waiting for is for you to ask.

• Don’t expect them to do things for you. Guiding is their job, so they will lead you in the right direction to achieve what you need to achieve. The “doing” part is your responsibility.

• Know what you want. You can’t ask for something if you don’t know what it is! Also, a strong intent works better than a half-hearted request.

Common Psychic Blocks People Experience

Sometimes, however, all you get is a blank, even after you’ve asked your guides for help. There are several possible reasons why people don’t get the answers they seek:

• Sometimes, silence is the answer. Your guides may not be giving you any responses because, perhaps, you don’t need them. The answer may already be before you and you just don’t recognize it.

• The answer you’re receiving is not the one that you expect or want. You may refuse to acknowledge your guide’s guidance because you’re hoping for an answer that’s more convenient for you, or one that’s easier to follow.

• You may need to wait. Perhaps, it’s not the right time for you to receive the answer to your question.

• Your request may be out of line with your soul’s purpose, or it’s not something that you need for you to grow spiritually.

• You’re expecting your guides to do everything for you, neglecting your own part in making things happen.

• You’re not seeing the subtle messages that you’re receiving.

How To Know If The Guidance You’re Receiving Is From Your Guides

If you’re afraid that the messages you’re getting may just be your own imagination, or even from negative entities, then here are some signs to help you determine the differences. For example:

• Your guides will not dictate what you have to do. They will give you guidance and point you in the right direction, but the decision will always be yours to make.

• They won’t give conditions, such as, “If you do this, then I will do that.”

• Guides know your weaknesses and will help you overcome them, but they also believe in your abilities. They won’t put you down, but neither will they put you on a pedestal and stroke your ego.

• Guides are non-judgmental. They won’t ever point an accusing finger at you, or place blame on you. Instead, they’re there to help you lift you up if you fall down.

Spirit guides are uplifting spirits. They have positive energies, and their messages are given to you in a positive light. To listen to their guidance, all you need is to open yourself up and allow the communication to happen between you and your guides. You can always rely on them to be there for you, because they’re your perpetual companions!

If you would like help, guidance, or training on working more closely with your spirit guides, visit here to book a session where I can give you all their names, tell you what each of them are here to help you with, and show you how to connect with them on a daily basis!

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