Spirit Guides – How To Summon An invisible Powerful Spirit Bodyguard

A spirit guide is a non-physical being that nudges and guides you throughout your earthly life, to help you grow and evolve. Your spirit guides are assigned to you even before you’re born, and it is highly likely that you have several guides around you right now!

spirit guides

 What Do Spirit Guides Look Like?

Spirit guides are essentially energy that can either possess male or female qualities. Some guides can have physical incarnations, and even take the form of someone you know. It is also possible that you may have one guide or more.

Guides can be any age, any gender, any race, or from any culture. They may wear clothes that are similar in appearance to medieval garb, or some ancient civilization. Guides can even look like they’re from another planet. Some guides can appear as rays of light, or as balls of energy.

There are also certain guides that make their presence known by emitting a feeling of love, calm, or peace.

 The Different Types Of Spirit Guides

Many spirit guides stay with you throughout your whole life, while some might just come and go when you need them. The goal of a spirit guide is to help you achieve your purpose in life.

Protector Spirit Guides

The job of protector spirit guides is to keep you safe. Some protector guides may even be spirit guide animals.

Protectors stand guard between the spirit world, and our world, so they are also called gatekeepers. They keep away spirits that are harmful to you, and only allow in those which are from the highest good.

Protector spirit guides will also send you signs in the physical world, to let you to know whom you should stay with, and whom you should keep away from.

 Joy Guides

Joy Guides make you laugh, and they help you experience the fun things in life. Anything that makes you smile and feel good, may come from your Joy Guide.

 Teacher Guides

Teacher guides help you learn. They can even provide guidance during your earthly life, as well as when you transition to the spiritual world.

Similar to school teachers, Teacher Guides can provide you with tools to help your spirit grow, but you have to want to use these tools. If you are having difficulty understanding something, simply call on your Teacher Guide for assistance.

How To Call On Your Spirit Guide To Act Like A Bodyguard

If you need immediate protection, you can ask your Protector Guide to act like your personal bodyguard.

If you find yourself walking in a dark alley, call on your Protector Guide, and focus intently on them appearing by your side, as burly protectors who are there to keep you safe.

Visualize them as huge beings of light circling around you, and shielding you from harm, as you walk where you need to go. Picture them continually shielding you from harm, even while you sleep.

Ask And You Shall Receive

Contacting spirit guides is easy. All you have to do is ask your spirit guides for safety and protection. They are more than willing to keep you secure, because your happiness is their happiness, and your evolution is their evolution too.







3 Responses

  1. sonia says:

    Tana i was curious if you know anything about sleep paralysis accompanied with visions or dreams of shadow people. I had an experience years ago. .. scariest thing ever and would love a little insight on what that whole experience was really about.

  2. Roscoe martin says:

    I’ve had the same thing it’s horrifying,I’m confused and I saw visions and shadows,absolutely scary,but it lasted about 30 seconds,I didn’t sleep at all that night but eventually got over it.
    Any idea about what it is?

  3. Sixx Pearson says:

    @sonia & @roscoe I suffered from “sleep paralysis” for more than 10 years! I felt like they (sometimes several at once sometimes just 1) were trying to either suck out my soul or trying to take over my body. I was physically fighting for my life I felt and I believe That I was. I was 3 years old maybe 4 when I encountered a werewolf type being watching my parents- he looked at me as I stood frozen and realized that I could see him. It was 10 years before I started having the sleep paralysis-but even when I was awakened in the night not having it I would see a dark form and I was terrified for years! One night, around 24-25 years old I sat up in bed because I felt one in the room, it was a big dark creature w/wings perched on my dresser. All I could think to do or squeak out of my mouth was the song Jesus loves me. I’ve never had sleep paralysis again. And if I do wake up because of one being in the room I firmly tell it to get out. I am not afraid anymore. My daughter suffers with it now – but she’s not afraid she says. She is a strong girl. If you can manage to tell them to leave and that you are no longer afraid of them or sing Jesus loves me – they should leave you. I pray you don’t suffer or live in fear any longer ??

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