Are Spirits In The Spirit World Immortal? – by Tana Hoy

Spirit Guides have always held a special place in my heart. After all, communicating with the spirit world was one of the first psychic abilities I was able to hone and master, making me into the psychic that I am today.

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Spirit Guides On the Other Side

In fact, I consider my Ascended Master Guide, Macar, as one of my best friends and advisers.

I want to talk about something that has been on my mind for quite a long time. It’s something that has bothered me since I was a child, when I had a fairy friend who suddenly disappeared without any explanation. I’ve always wondered, can spirits die?

What Are Spirits?

Spirits are the inhabitants of the spiritual world. They take many different forms, ranging from the smallest fairies to the most immense mountain spirits.

Most spirits are actually very similar to humans. They think and have emotions, much like you and me. The only difference lies in the fact that they don’t have physical bodies.

Of course, there are also a lot of spiritual beings that belong to a higher hierarchy. They are the awakened spirits, and they include the ancient spirits of the Earth, as well as the Kings of Salamanders that live in the center of volcanoes. Spirit Guides also belong to this higher hierarchy.

Do Spirits Live Forever?

The fact that spirits belong to the spiritual world does not necessarily mean that they are immortal. Depending on how evolved they are, their existence depends on their general well-being.

This is especially true among spirit beings such as fairies and dwarves. Since they live in the lower hierarchies of the spirit world, they are also prone to the same things that affect us here in the physical world. As a result, they can also get sick, and they can even face mortality.

However, there are also some spiritual beings like Spirit Guides and Mountain Spirits that have already achieved a true awakening, in terms of their spiritual existence. This makes them immune to the effects of aging, or life and death.

As a result, spiritual beings like your Spirit Guides, and large, celestial beings like the Solar Logos, are bound to stand the test of time. They have already reached a certain level of spiritual awakening to achieve immortality.

How Do You Adapt From The Loss Of A Spirit Friend?

Communicating with your Spirit Guide is very important when it comes to dealing with the loss of a spirit friend. A Spirit Guide can tell you exactly what happened to your spirit friend, and also help you deal with the process of emotional recovery.

My Ascended Master Guide Macar was the one who helped me deal with the loss of my fairy friend. As I discovered, my fairy friend was in an accident involving the construction of an apartment being built. Tragically, she was one of the casualties in the construction.

You may be wondering where the souls of spiritual beings go after they die. In a lot of ways, they are very similar to humans in this aspect too. Depending on their spiritual readiness, they will either be reincarnated, or they will reunite with the Universe.

If they have already achieved their life purpose, they will reunite with the Universe’s soul. Otherwise, they will be reincarnated.

When you look at it from this perspective, you will realize that you and I are part of something truly greater. Something that involves life not only from the physical realm, but also from the spiritual plane as well.

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    Thank you for the information, also thank you for sharing great topic.

  2. D.Micheal Kunz says:

    Very interesting concept on the life and death of spirits. This is most definitely true for the ones that reside on the this plane. A good example would be the merman and other spirits that try to survive in our oceans. I am sure that man will be in for a big surprise from the ocean spirits soon due to all the hardship that man has caused the spirit world under the ocean surface…

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    Do you have to be reincarnated?

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