Hearing Spirit Voices…Are Your Spirit Guides Calling You?


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Have you experienced hearing strange voices from unseen being? It could be your spirit guide trying to contact you.

You woke up startled. Someone was speaking to you, and you heard it distinctly. Like a voice inside your head, but you know it’s not just you talking to yourself.

Most people would brush this off and say that it was just a dream or a case of an overactive imagination. While others would scare themselves by thinking that ghosts or other nighttime creatures are haunting them.

But, what if some positive Being is trying to reach out and make itself known to you? What if it’s your Spirit Guides, and they are trying to tell you something important?

You were not reborn into this lifetime alone. A team of Spirit Guides, specially assigned to help you and guide you in this lifetime, will assist you at various stages of your life.

Those strange whispers in the night, or the sensation someone is watching you, might be your Spirit Guides making themselves known to you.


What Are Spirit Guides?


Many people believe in Spirit Guides watching over them and guiding them, and they see their guides as angelic beings.

There are cultures, such as the Native American and Chinese cultures, that believe their scared Spirit Guides are their loved ones who have passed away or their ancestors from long ago.

Spirit Guides are humans who have been reborn countless times who have spiritually advanced beyond the need to reincarnate on earth.

They have mastered all their earthly lessons, so there is nothing left for them to learn by being reborn on the earth plane.

From the moment of your birth, you have at least one Spirit Guide by your side, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This Spirit Guide is your main guide and will be your primary spirit companion until the end. Other Spirit Guides will come to you at certain stages in your life when you are in need of them.

The reason why you only have a few guides, in the beginning, is because when you were younger, you do need not as much counsel and guidance from your Spirit Guides since you don’t have to make important life-changing decisions.

But when you’re an adult, you need more guides to help you through life’s more complex situations and tasks you will face.

You’re may have as many as 30 to 60 Spirit Guides throughout your life, and some people have even more!

Why do you need so many? It depends on the lessons you need to learn, or the goals you need to accomplish in this lifetime. And of course, there are different types of Spirit Guides too, and you’ll get to know more about them shortly.


Accepting Your Spirit Guides Into Your Life


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Each person can have as many as 30 to 60 spirit guides or more all through his life. They have a different purpose in your life and each has different specialization.


Having your own Spirit Guide is truly empowering and comforting, but your Spirit Guides can’t help you unless you ask them first. If you are ready to accept the help of your Spirit Guides, all you need to do is…

Acknowledge your Spirit Guides. Open yourself to your Spirit Guides presence around you. This is the moment that they’ve been waiting for – a chance to connect with you and help you. Envision that you are connecting your soul to your Spirit Guide. Quiet your mind and actively choose to listen to your Spirit Guides.

Ask for your Spirit Guide’s name. Show that you believe in your Spirit Guide by asking for his or her name. It can be a direct question, or it can be in the form of a sort of prayer. What’s important is that your guide’s name should be revealed to you. This is a powerful ritual that allows you to communicate effectively and establish a closer relationship with your guide.

Strengthen your connection with your Spirit Guides. The best way to strengthen your connection with your Spirit Guides is to trust them.

Ask them for guidance, insight, enlightenment, and solutions. Once you’ve asked your Spirit Guides for help, it’s time to stop worrying.

You have to learn to believe in your Spirit Guides, and you can help them by visualizing the outcomes you desire.

Your answers will come, although it may often be in an unexpected manner. Be sure to express your gratitude for everything they do for you!


What Type Of Spirit Guide Do You Have?


So, now that you’ve welcomed your Spirit Guides into your life, how will you know which Spirit Guides are with you now?

There are various kinds of Spirit Guides and each guide has a unique purpose or for being assigned to you in this lifetime.

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Reach out to your Spirit Guides to whatever help you need in this lifetime. They are always willing to help no matter how small or big your problem is.

By using the list below, you will be able to learn the different types of Spirit Guides. You can use this newfound knowledge to determine the type of Spirit Guides that are with you now, and those that may come to work with you later in life.

Gatekeeper Guide – Like your own personal spirit bodyguards, a Gatekeeper Guide manages the spirits who want to help you and keeps the unpleasant ones out of your vibration. Your gatekeeper guide is always with you. This Spirit Guide provides physical and psychic protection to everyone, especially to psychic mediums who communicate with the Spirit World.

Joy Guide – A Joy Guide is a playful Spirit Guide who brings laughter and happiness. This Spirit Guide was once a little child who died and now dwells in the Spirit World. Your Joy Guide reminds you to lighten up and enjoy even the simple things in life.

Native American GuideThis guide is a Native American or other indigenous people in the Spirit World. This protector guide is deeply in touch with nature. This Spirit Guide will enable you to appreciate the world your live in, respect your elders, and care for those in need. The Native American Spirit Guide is also a healer and loves to work with Psychic Mediums.

Doctor Guide – As its name suggests, the Doctor Guide works on your physical body to help you maintain your health.

Teacher Guide – This Spirit Guide will give you assistance in the various areas of learning. Your Teacher Guide will guide you along the path you decide to take in life. When it comes to the books you need to read, or the physical teachers you need to work with on this earth, your Teacher Guide will be the best Spirit Guide to ask.

Philosopher Guide – Philosopher guides use their wisdom and sound judgment to help you expand your thinking, and also understand things on a higher level. You can consult this Spirit Guide if you need assistance on your spiritual path, along with the life lessons you need to learn in this life.

Ascended Master Guide – Ascended Master Guides are the ultimate teachers and the gateways to the divine. Buddha, Krishna, and Jesus are said to be Ascended Master Guides because they teach people to achieve greater harmony and wholeness in life.

These awakened Spirit Guides have become enlightened during their time on earth and have gone beyond the cycle of reincarnation. Only about 1 in 10,000 people will have an Ascended Master Guide as their Spirit Guide.

When you have an Ascended Master Guide working with you, it means you’re a highly advanced old soul and are nearing your last lifetimes on earth.


There are other types of Spirit Guides, but these are the most common ones. Spirit Guides may differ from culture to culture, but one thing remains the same – they are completely devoted to your growth and will help you achieve your life purpose and the goal that you have come to accomplish in this lifetime.

You don’t need to worry about the counsel of your Spirit Guides as they have no personal agenda. Big or small, you can call upon your guides to help you with anything you are faced in life.

Whether it’s as simple as finding your car keys, or as monumental as finding your life’s purpose, one of the best things about your Spirit Guides is they are always happy to help you.

If you’d like to learn more about your Spirit Guides, you can schedule a Spirit Guide Reading where you will learn the names of all your guides, hear their important messages they have for you, and learn pro psychic tips that will enable you to start working with them whenever you need their help.

You can schedule this powerful reading by clicking here and filling out the form on my Psychic Reading page.


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  1. Danielle Gonzales says:

    I have been whispered my name in my sleep.. I’ve been researching what it could be.. An ancestor, passed loved one, spirit guide, who knows. I can’t even tell if it’s a female or male voice .. It feels if it’s a presence of a lady. I wake up and my heart pounds but I’m not afraid . its the question of who’s there. I’ve been longing to speak with my ancenstors because I believe I have Native American descendants. I wonder what they could offer me in advise or really anything. I consider myself someone who has had extreme dreams and has seen and heard things . so I guess ill try to ask if its my spirit guide or his or her name and see how it goes… Just feel like telling someone.. Even a random person ..I’m not into psychic reading being done on me….but however I do feel like someone or people or god is sending me messages that I can’t necessarily see, hear, or realize. Only my dreams I can remember and that someone whispers my name ..and not everyday..just every once in a while..sometimes after I listen to native American healer music on you tube and fall asleep thinking of how the drums and nature sounds makes me feel.. I must sound crazy lol. But I think all of it has to do with everything. I also have a chakra tree necklace . I never knew what it was until this year when I got it as a gift.. And currently I live in the forest so I just feel so connected to nature here . if someone reads this and has more knowledge than me on this ..or maybe a comment.. Then id really be surprised. I never comment on any websites such as blogs or forums usually…

  2. Tammy says:

    I’m going thru the most difficult time of my life, I keep seeing 11:11, 2:22, 4:44, finding feathers, I framed them, I don’t sleep, but when I do my dreams are very vivid & I wake up to something saying hello, I know it’s my guardian angel, I instantly feel it..

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