Can Psychics Predict Their Own Futures? (You’ll be surprised!!)

I have received a few emails from clients who wanted to share their personal experiences after having their psychic reading with me.

It’s always nice when I receive emails like these because it makes me realize how much I have been able to use my gift to helps others. And I feel blessed to be able to help others that way.

Dear Tana,

When I first made my appointment with you I was skeptical, because I’ve never had a reading before! But once you started talking, you started telling me things about myself no one could have possible known!

You told me about the new job I would get – before I even knew i was going to get it! You also told me about a health condition to look out for, so I had a physical like you suggested! That physical saved my life! I could go on and on about how great you are, but I really just wanted to say thank you very much! I look forward to our next reading next month!

Sandra C. Houston, TX

Dear Tana,

You were 100% right about the guy I was dating! He was cheating, just like you warned me about him! I was actually thinking of getting engaged to him, and my reading with you saved me from a lot of heartache!

If it hadn’t had my reading, I never would have known any different! And just like you said, I did meet someone else, and we are now engaged to be married! Thank you for saving me from all of that heartache! You’re the best psychic ever!

Tanya R. Detroit, MI

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It’s Hard Being Psychic Sometimes!

Being a psychic isn’t always a bed of roses! I often get feelings about things that are hard for me to figure out what they mean! People often think that because I am psychic, that I automatically know things about my own future.

Sometimes I can see things for my own life before they happen, but being a psychic, and trying to read for my self, it is often difficult. Because it is hard to be subjective about the things I see in my own life! My guides tell me it is not wise for a psychic to try and read their own future! They explained to me that the reason it is not wise, is because it is hard to be subjective when reading for oneself!

Just as an attorney should not represent himself in court, or a doctor should never try and diagnose himself, a psychic should never try and read for himself (or herself). I know many psychics who tell me they read for themselves all the time, but I wonder how subjective they are actually able to be!

What I Do When I Need A Reading

So you may wonder what I do when I need a reading? I call on my guides to surround me, and they materialize right in front of me. I then actually talk with them, just like I would any group of people standing around me. Remember, I was born with the ability to see guides and angels as clear as a physical person standing in front of me. And when we are talking, I often forget they are from the Spirit World!

I call these my Spirit Meetings! During my Spirit Meetings, I consult with my guides and ask them the next step I should take, They guide me on what to do next, or what steps to take, and they also place the right people into my life when needed.

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For example, when my mother had Stage 4 Leukemia, and I didn’t want her to do Chemo, they guided me to whom to contact, and where she should go for help! The doctors told my mother she would be dead in 1 year without Chemo, and would live 2 years if she had Chemo. I didn’t feel those were very good options.

So I met with my guides and told them my feelings about Chemo. They told me not to worry, and even told me a documentary to watch. I watched it, and like magic, the right people instantly appeared after watching it! I then knew exactly where to send my 78 year old mother!

Within two weeks at this center, they had cured her Type 2 Diabetes, gotten rid of her high blood pressure, AND gotten her off 16 medication and supplements. Right after she came home from this center, a new miracle drug out of Europe was approved here in the USA. It was specifically for treating her type of Leukemia!

Talk about the power of angels creating synchronicity!

Within 4 months of the doctors telling her she would die in 2 years – even with Chemo, she was 100% cancer free!

I could go on and on with stories like these! And because I communicate with my guides and angels daily, those types of syncronicities are regular occurrences in my life!

Talking to your angels is not only limited to a psychic, because anyone can talk to their guides and angels! So say hello to them right now, and watch for the signs of their presence in your life!

The best part about being born with my psychic abilities is that I get to talk to angels, guides, Ascended Masters, fairies, and elves on a daily basis! And I love that part of my gift!

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But when to comes to learning life’s lessons, just like you, I have a spiritual path to follow, and I also have my karmic lessons to learn too! That’s why I always say that I’m just a regular person who was born with an unusual gift for the purpose of helping others.

I hope this helped you get to know just a little bit more about me!

In light and peace,
Tana Hoy


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  1. Josi M says:

    I am worried about my mom has been through 2 surgeries, is diabetic and has blurred vision now which she is taking treatment for…she is 59 years old will be 60years old this year..i want to know if she she will be healed and will live to see her twin daughters graduate..

  2. Louise Amos says:

    I love you posts

  3. YenKie says:

    Wow Tana,

    I’ve always enjoyed reading your emails and newsletters. But this must be one of my favorites.

    I love how you point out so honestly how things work for you in terms of getting a reading for yourself.

    Great to hear about your mum.

  4. grace newman says:

    How to develop remote viewing?
    Thank you talk soon
    Grace in Ohio and going to sc

  5. Deborah Gdovin-Rivera says:

    I too am clairvoyant. Need to know much as about my gift.
    Need developing but going off the charts now.

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