The Biggest Lie You’ve Ever Been Told and How to Quickly Undo Its Damaging Effects

Take a quick look at people who are successful, happy, and able to help others on the way to achieving their potential. What sets these people apart? What makes them capable of going beyond themselves to help others?

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The Big Lie

You can find the answer in this simple sentence: They have been able to get over the biggest lie they have ever been told.

The Biggest Lie in Your Life

Every person in this world starts out in life like a blank slate. This is not surprising, considering that everyone is born as a helpless infant. Little babies, by nature, do not possess sufficient knowledge to make their way into the world. They are also not physically strong enough to care for themselves.

So they are like blank slates that simply keep being written on as they grow up. Their life experiences are the writings on their slates. Eventually, each person has a slate that’s unique from everyone else’s slate. The slate is a person’s life. Your slate is your life – a life that you slowly experienced as each day goes by.

The Biggest Lies You’ve Ever Been Told

Here’s what you and many others all over the world have been taught while growing up. You have been taught that:

  1. You only live once.
  2. You cannot predict what will happen to you down the road.
  3. You need to roll along with life’s punches. There are many times when life will be unfair, but you need to keep going, even when times are hard. Do what you can to get ahead.
  4. What happens to you in this life can be “manipulated” or “configured” by your sheer will, or your determination to succeed. If you are not “determined to succeed,” you will end up being a loser in life.
  5. You are born, you live out your life, and you die. Period.

What’s the biggest takeaway from all that you have been taught as you grew up?

That after all is said and done life is meaningless! That after all your struggles in this world, you end up with nothing, and are unable to bring anything you have gained in this world to the world beyond.

That kind of thinking is depressing, isn’t it?

And yet, it’s what you’ve been exposed to all your life, unless you happen to have been blessed to receive guidance from the spirit world, and already understand that this world, and everything in it, isn’t what your life is really all about. There is something more, far beyond what you are experiencing, or going through now.

The biggest lie you have ever been told is that this world, this life, is the only one that matters or holds meaning.

And quite frankly, it isn’t.

The Truth

The truth is that there is another world beyond this physical plane; another life beyond this human life.

That other world is the spirit world. That other life is your life as a spirit.

You see, this world that we all live in, is only temporary. It’s an illusion. This is not your real existence. This life is something similar to a stage where the actors act out their assigned roles, which becomes their lives.

Who assigned these roles to you? Who chose the life you are living or “acting out” now?

You did. You were the one who selected the parents who would give birth to you. You even chose everything that would happen to you, and you chose all the people you would interact with, in this life, good or bad.

You did all of this as a spirit – before you were reborn into this lifetime.

A Spirit Contract

Before you reincarnated into a human body for the first time, and before you chose to be reincarnated once again, you were a spirit in the spirit world.

You chose to come and live in this world, which makes you a spirit having a human experience.

All of what’s happened, and what’s happening in your life now, and all of the people you have met and will still meet – these have all been selected by you, and in cooperation with, all the other spirits who have also chosen to be reborn into a physical body, and experience life as a human once again.

You, along with all the other spirits, made a Spirit Contract with each other, to live together as humans for a time on earth.

You did this because of the lessons you wanted and needed to learn.

Some spirits enter into these contracts to “fix” unresolved karma, because there are karmic lessons that need to be learned, in order to correct a karmic imbalance.

Getting Over the Hump

Have you ever thought that life is unfair? Have you ever wondered why some people seem to have it easy in life, while yours seems to be a never-ending uphill battle?

The main reason that you feel that way is because you still believe the lie that this life is all you have, and that you are powerless to change it for the better.

I could go on and on about how you can slowly put small changes into affect in your life, but that could be counter-productive, especially if you are in a great deal of inner torment now.

If you are in pain due to your life’s experiences, if you are in a painful relationship, or if you want to get over the humps in your life, the time to act is now!

Instead of worrying and living in fear, I recommend that you have a psychic reading. I will connect with the Ascended Masters and your Guardian Angels, and we will work together to help you understand what your Spirit Contract is all about, and how you can make best use of this life that you chose to live on earth.

Remember, the earlier in life that you understand what your karma is all about, the earlier you can begin to gain knowledge of the important lessons you set out to learn. Armed with this knowledge, you can immediately begin to undo the damaging effects of the biggest lie you’ve ever been told in your life.



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