Is Your Spiritual Energy Affecting The Weather? – by Tana Hoy

Spiritual energy is a powerful force that once masterfully manipulated, can cause a lot of near-miraculous things to happen. Events in the Christian Bible for example, refer to many events that involve a person channeling powerful energy to heal another person. spiritual energy

This was exactly what happened in the Lazarus account, when Jesus Christ brought him back to life in the the physical world.

Spiritual energy can be channeled in the form of thought forms. Thought forms are very powerful and have the capability to influence their surroundings.

Spiritual energy, sent as thought forms, have long been used as a means to affect nature. Shamans of old, for example, used these energy forces to affect the weather.

What Are Thought Forms?

Let’s start with thought forms. Thought forms are balls of spiritual energy that you can use for psychic energy manipulation. They are formed by concentrating a massive amount of spirit energy into a ball, that is around one foot in diameter.

Activating your hand chakras, and focusing the energy flow to the space between your two hands, forms an energy ball.

Once the energy is compacted, you can send thoughts directly into the core of the energy ball. These thoughts serve as a way to program the ball of energy that you formed. An energy ball programed with your thought becomes a thought form.

Why Ancient Civilizations Believed That Man Can Affect The Weather

Ancient civilizations believed that man and the universe are forever connected, and since man is part of the energy of the Earth, man also has the capability to affect the planet’s psychic force.

This was why there were ancient peoples who dedicated their whole lives into the pursuit of energy mastery.

They were spiritually awakened enough to manipulate massive amounts of psychic force, including the weather.

How To Affect The Weather Using Thought Forms

Weather is one thing that will forever be part of the natural energy flow of the planet. The state of the weather depends on the particular psychic state of the Earth, at a given time and place. However, just as the ancient civilizations believed, people like you and me have the capability to affect it.

Take, for example, the forming of rain clouds. You can actually use thought forms to either make the rain clouds darker if you want it to rain, or you can make them dissipate, if you so prefer to have more pleasant weather.

The process is quite simple. All you need is to be in a large open space where you can form an energy ball, without any distractions. Open fields or parks work great for this. Once you are sure that you will not be disturbed, start forming an energy ball.

When it is ready, send thoughts of the exact weather condition that you would like to have. Do this for around 10 minutes. Once you are done, project the thought form straight into the sky. If done properly, the energy in the thought form will be potent enough to affect the formation of clouds in the sky.

I’ve told some of my friends about this, and they have tried it out themselves. Almost all of them were delighted to tell me that it worked.

Try it out for yourself! Then comment below and let me know your results!

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  1. Robert Duah says:

    I have literally experienced this
    Earlier this year at a outside race festival with thousands of people
    It was beautiful
    With alll of the energy from people
    It made it easier to manipulate it
    I met this guy there and we talked for hours and on the last show/song he said watch as the music goes up , everyone’s energy will rise and it will begin to rain hard
    Literally 3 seconds later everything happened back to back to back
    Then he said watch as the music goes down
    Everyone’s energy will drop and it will completely stop raining

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