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We all have spirit guides around us. Usually they have been with us since birth, often times they were our spirit guides in previous lives too.

A spiritual guide, unlike a guardian angel, has at one time lived in a physical human form, but has spiritually progressed to the point that they no longer need to be born in a human form because they have learned all the lessons that are possible to learn here on the earth.

Spirit guides

So on their final lifetime here on the earth, they enter the spirit world and then become a spirit guide. It is at that point that they start working with those of us still here on the earth who are rebron here again and again, until we learn all possible earthly lessons. The purpose of a spirit guide is to help us progress along our own spiritual paths while we are here on the earth plane.

Your guides will not impose their wills on you, so once you learn about your own spirit guides through the help of a trusted psychic medium, it is up to you to work on developing a relationship with your guides.

Why You Have Certain Spirit Guide Around You

When your spiritual guides where living in a human body, their lives where similar to yours. Since one of the Universal Laws states “like attracts like”, they are matched up with people who are living similar lives, and having similar experiences to the ones they had when they lived on the earth in their human existences. Since their lives on earth were similar to what you are currently going through, they already have the knowledge and experience to help you with along your spiritual path.

Your Spirit Band

A group of guides are called a spirit band. A spirit band surrounds each and every one of us, whether we are aware of them or not. With the help of a trusted psychic, it is possible to start learning about your spirit band. Remember, a psychic without mediumship ability (the ability to talk to the spirit world) does not have the ability to see and communicate with the spirit world, and therefore cannot tell you about your spirit guides.

I have clients who are aware of twenty or more guides around them, and they always tell me how much their lives have changed after they have been told the names of their guides, who their guides are, and were taught how to start communicating with them on a daily basis.

Common Questions About Spirit Guides

Here are two of the most common questions clients asjk me about their spirit guides, so I hope you find this information helpful for you too.

Can two people share the same Spirit Guide?

People ask me if it is possible to have the same guide as someone else’s. Usually this is not the case. Just like there are many people living on the earth, there are many spirit guides in the spirit world. So it is unlikely that we will have the same guide as someone else. It is possible under unusual circumstances, but highly unlikely.

Can two Spirit Guides have the same name?

I am also asked if two different people can have a guide with the same name. Like those of us living on the earth, spirit guides have names too. Many of us here on the earth have some of the same names, yet we are different people. So it is possible to for two people to have a guide with the same name.

How can I learn the names of my spirit guides?

The best way to learn the names of your guides is through a psychic who has the ability to communicate with them. Since I was born with the natural ability to physically see them, and to hear them when they talk. So during a psychic reading, I always tell my clients the names of their guides.

How many guides does one person have?

That depends on the person, but the average person has 20 to 30 guides with them throughout their life. When I give a psychic reading to a client, I have found that it is common for more and more guides to come through during each reading.

Why do I need to know their names?

Because a name is the strongest energy vibration link that connects you to the energy of your guides! The more names of your guides you know about, the more powerful protection you will receive from them! So you can see that knowing their names is very important!

If you would like to know the names of your guides, and start receiving their help and protection, visit here how to contact me for a reading.

I hope you have found this helpful and informative, because knowing how to contact spirit guides is valuable information to possess. Once you learn more about contacting spirit guides you will be surprised at how they can help you in your daily life!

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