Spiritual Guides And How To Work With Them – by Tana Hoy

A spiritual guide is around every living person. A spiritual guide, also known as a spirit guide, is a being who may have lived a physical, human life but has returned in spirit to guide you through life and help you make the right decision at crucial times. You may not be able to see these beings, but you can definitely feel their presence in every walk of your life, because they surround you,  and support you. Your Spirit Guide May Prove to Be Your Guiding Light Through Some Trying Times

Everyone is blessed with over 20 to 30 spirit guides. Your primary spirit guide has been with you since the day you were born, and the rest join you during your formative years, and throughout the rest of your life.

Spirit Guides

A Master Spiritual Guide

Spirit Guides and Their Purpose in Your Life

Before you take a physical form on the earth as a human being, you, along with your Master Guides,  will determine the kind of experiences you will have, the people you will meet, the obstacles you will face ,and more.

You will basically pre-determine and chart out a course for your physical self to follow. Your Master Guides will then assign a set of spirit guides to you, whose goal is to guide you along your pre-defined path. Some spirit guides will stay with you for long periods of time, sometimes even through your entire life, while others will come and go as and when you need or call on them.

Your spirit guides are experienced beings, fully capable of handling and overcoming all the challenges that you will face as you go through life.

Your guides are made up of energy. When you need assistance from your spirit guides, they will help you by tuning their energy into yours, and help you to fulfil your mission.

How Do They Help Us

Spirit guides are attuned to everything that is going on in your life. When you call them to intervene, there are several ways they make their presence known:

  • Feelings of Intuition – Ever had a ‘gut feeling’ or a feeling of intuition about a certain situation or person? Ever had an impending feeling of dread, that something bad was about to happen? This is probably your spirit guide trying to bring your attention to something.
  • Sending a sign – Trying to decide about whether or not you should move out of your apartment,  and the same ad of that great place three blocks away, is the first thing to catch your eye in four different newspapers?  Don’t ignore the signs. Your spirit guides may be trying to communicate with you that you should take a look at this new place!
  • Voices in Your Head – Don’t worry, you’re not going crazy. Everyone has voices in their heads. What you call
    spirit guides

    Spirit Guides

    your conscience is most likely your spirit guides trying to send you a message. These voices may seem to appear out of nowhere, but can also be the source of valuable information and ideas you didn’t know you had.

  •  Orchestration – Once a friend was walking out of her home, and then she turned back because she forgot her keys. When she returned, she realised that a car had lost control and slammed into a tree, right where she would have been standing, had she not gone inside to get her keys. This is an example of her spirit guides moving her out of the way of danger.
  • Sending A Person To You – Ever wondered what happened to that old college sweetheart you lost touch with over the years? Then out of the blue, you meet them the next day on the street? What you think is a coincidence, isn’t really one at all! A lot of the times, your spirit guides meet up with other people’s spirit guides to create a meeting between the two of you.

The Different Types of Spiritual Guides

A spiritual guide may be guiding only you, or they might have the task of guiding other people as well. There are different types of spirit guides. They are:

  • Gatekeeper Guides – A gatekeeper guide, or doorkeeper guide, is with you throughout your life and will help you achieve your personal goals. They also monitor the other guides that want to work with you.
  • Master / Teacher Guides – These guides appear at times when you need guidance regarding spiritual development and growth. These guides may appear as Asian, maybe an Indian guru, or a Buddhist monk.
  • Doctor Guides – If you are working as a health care professional, your doctor guide is most active. A doctor guide helps you when questions of health arise. They send you information about the areas of your body that require attention.
  • Protector / Native American Guides – Your American Guide is your protector guide and will spring into action whenever you are in danger. They are also strong healers, sending healing energy to you when needed.
  • Joy Guides –Joy guides are responsible for bringing happiness into your life, and lifting your mood when it is low. These special guides are little children who are in the Spirit World, and they come around to make you smile, and to remind yos not to take life so seriously.
  • Animal Guides – Spirit guides in animal form are called power animals. They help you navigate through life’s challenges and changes. You can turn to them for advice on any topic.

How to Contact Your Spiritual Guide

  1. Create a calm and peaceful environment. Close the blinds in your room, and light a candle if you like. You can also keep a sacred object, picture, or even crystals by your side. Also, make sure to wear comfortable clothes.
  2. Be specific about the type of spirit guide you want to contact. It is also important to be clear as to why you are calling on your spirit guide. When your purpose is clear, it will help them to focus their energies on the area you need help with.
  3. Relax. Close your eyes and take three deep breaths. Continue to do this until a sense of calm washes over you.
  4. Start silently chanting “AUM” to help you become more centred and calm. This will help to take you into a state of deep mediation.
  5. Eventually, you will be unaware of your physical self,and will you become more attuned to your spiritual self.
  6. Now, you can call on your spirit guide and ask them your questions. Be specific, as you ask them for guidance, a message, or a sign.
  7. Pay close attentiion to your feelings and emotions, because your Guides will use your feelings and emotions to communicate their messages to you.
  8. Once you feel you have received your answers, thank them for guiding and assisting you.
  9. When you are ready, slowly open your eyes, and become aware of your surroundings. Take your time to do this.

Communicating With Your Spirit Guides 

spiritual guides

Spiritual Guides

Like most things spiritual in nature, communicating with your Guides takes practice. Here are some things you can do to

stay more attuned to your spirit guides.

  • Be on the lookout for signs.
  • Always go with your gut feeling.
  • Listen to your intuition.
  • Mediate often.
  • Pay attention to your dreams.
  • Keep a journal of questions to ask your spirit guides.

All you need when interacting with a spiritual guide, is to be honest, have a sincere desire to make a connection, keep an open mind, and above all, be patient. If you let them, your spiritual guide will surround you with their positive energy, protect you, and help you, even when life seems impossible to get through.

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