What is the Spiritual Law of Reflection and How Does It Affect Your Life?

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Spiritual laws are known to be immutable, meaning they are unchanging. These law apply to everyone, regardless of time and space.

There are numerous spiritual laws in place to guide your existence as a soul experiencing life through your human body. One of the most interesting spiritual laws to me is the spiritual law of reflection.

In this article, I’ll discuss what the spiritual law of reflection is, and how it can affect your life in many valuable ways.

But first, though, let me explain what a spiritual law is.


The Laws of the Spirit are Firm and Unchanging Laws


Spiritual Laws are also referred to as Laws of Nature, or Universal Laws. However, confusion about these laws sometimes arises because there are spiritual gurus who declare there are only 7 Spiritual Laws, while others state there are more than 30.

I don’t feel like it’s important to know which number of laws is more exact. What’s more important is for you to understand what the nature of spiritual laws are, and why they can have a strong impact on your life.

Spiritual laws are known to be immutable, meaning they are unchanging.

That means no matter what people do, or whatever events happen, or whatever period in history it is, such laws will never change.

Spiritual laws are also known to act as guidelines, which need to be understood and observed by all, in order for the whole world to live harmoniously. Obviously, the whole of humanity hasn’t reached that stage of development yet.

So what’s holding human development back? I believe it’s because not everyone understands, much less knows about the spiritual laws, especially the Spiritual Law of Reflection.


Understanding the Spiritual Law of Reflection


Visualize a mirror. This mirror is unlike any other, because it shows a reflection of everyone’s cherished values, tightly held beliefs, and even their biases.

This mirror does not lie. It reflects back to you, and to every individual who they really are.

This mirror can be found within you, and within each person who has ever lived. In the same way your mirror is unique to you, each person’s mirror is also unique to them.

The reflections each person sees in their own mirror can be categorized into four kinds of manifested energy:

  1. A reflection of characteristics you highly admire, as seen in others;
  2. A reflection of characteristics you want to avoid, as seen in others;
  3. A reflection of characteristics you strongly fight against, or react negatively to, also as seen in others; and,
  4. A reflection of characteristics you see in yourself, and fully dislike.


A Reflection of Characteristics That You Highly Admire


Unlike a regular mirror, if you had a mirror to see the Spiritual Law of Reflection in practice, you'd see your cherished values, tightly held beliefs, and even your biases.

If you had a mirror to see the Spiritual Law of Reflection in practice, you’d see your cherished values, tightly held beliefs, and even your biases.

When you meet people for the first time, you form opinions about them. You may do this on a conscious level, which means you are aware that you are sizing up others, or you may do so on a subconscious level, which means you are not really aware that you are forming opinions about someone you just met.

Characteristics that you like in others are characteristics that already exist in you.

For example, if you meet someone who is well groomed, you would feel pleased inside because you, yourself, are neat and practice good hygiene.

Typically, the people you are drawn to were key players in your past lives, because you have already met in another lifetime, and had the same characteristics in common.

This is why you instantly take a liking to some people and feel at home with them, even at first sight. Your energies are the same with those people who are “mirroring” or reflecting your characteristics back to you, so you resonate with each other.


A Reflection of Characteristics That You Want to Avoid


It’s important to understand that the same characteristics you dislike are actually also within you.

Many times, you will get to know people who have certain traits or attitudes, which you deeply want to avoid.

For example, a neighbor is a tireless gossip. You feel uncomfortable in his or her presence and want to stay as far away as possible from them. You dislike the fact that your neighbors keep gossiping about others.

But when this happens, it’s important to understand that the same characteristics you dislike are actually also within you.

At a deeper level, you are aware that you have those “negative” characteristics, but you have pushed them down inside of you.

Seeing these characteristics in your neighbor will alarm you, because you may secretly feel afraid you could end up being just like your gossipy neighbor.


A Reflection of Characteristics You Fight Against

tanahoy.com judgmental woman

Sometimes, you can become judgmental about the behavior of others, because you are worried you have the same characteristics deep within you.

When you interact with someone and have an intense dislike for them, it is a signal that the other person has characteristics buried within them similar to yours. So your strong reaction is a subconscious sensing of the characteristics you are actually afraid of, within yourself.

For example, a person might meet someone who is extremely flirtatious. To them, that characteristic is what makes them feel uncomfortable. But the reason they feel this way may be because they have a tendency to also flirt with abandon in this life – or even in their previous lives.

When you meet someone who is extremely flirtatious your stomach may recoil. This may be because your physical senses are operating under the spiritual law of reflection, alerting you to be careful, as your “inner flirt” could easily take over your life.


A Reflection of Characteristics You Fully Dislike


While the three reflections above are about reflections of the characteristics in others, the last manifestation of the spiritual law of reflection is about the characteristics you openly see in yourself, and fully dislike.

This is the easiest manifestation to understand regarding the spiritual law of reflection.

If you are the kind of person who keeps on procrastinating, or postponing whatever it is that needs to be done, when you encounter someone who also procrastinates, the chances are  good that you two won’t get along.

You will be repulsed seeing the same characteristics in others that exist within yourself,

Understanding what the spiritual law of reflection is, and how it operates in your life, is one of the first steps you need to develop in order to live a meaningful and fulfilling life.

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5 Responses

  1. Sam B says:

    The main problem I have with the law of reflection is that it enforces the mindset of duality.

    The actions and behaviours of ourselves and others are based on perceptions FROM ourselves and others. This is where judgementality comes into play.

    In most cases, it comes to form of fear of repeating, acting or thinking similar behaviours as those around us, however I don’t believe this is the same with some of the more extreme cases.

    There is a fine line between perception and morality which can be easily confused, such as people who are afraid or concerned by those of an extreme negative or even sociopathic nature. This does not necessarily mean that they are fearful of them because they might see themselves in a similar position but differ in moral perception. Everyone is capable of both extremes of positive and negative nature but…

    1. Its the path an individual chooses,
    2. It refers more to moral perception.

    When a person commits an action, positive or negative, the majority of the time, the action or intention will overrule each other, the middle ground is never seen.

    For example, a man robs a bank to feed his family. The man is either persecuted for the committed crime or understood for his intention. The grey area is understood but not properly recognized. This is mostly due to having to make a choice on the outcome. Punish him, or sympathise with him.

    This is duality at its finest. For me, I’ve had to regress to a stage of neutrality because its very frustrating to know what the point and meaning of positive and negative is.

    What is positive? What is negative? We see “good” and “bad” in their respective terms but what really is it? People want to avoid pain or being hurt. What is “hurt”, what is “pain?” An experience? A feeling? To me, it is nothing more than a concept of perception of events and actions.

    What is the purpose of positivity and negativity?

    Things you may like or dislike… Something you may “like” is an expression or opinion. An opinion is a concept. A concept is a thought. The law of reflection is a concept of seeing yourself and tge positive and negative aspects.

    Many light seekers and lightworkers want to be good people. To do this, they strive towards positivity. Positivity cannot exist without negativity and why do cosmic forces like positive and negative karma enforce this rule? Unless it does not really know the difference but karma is in fact a mere reflection.

    I’m not saying negative is in any form good but that’s EXACTLY it!

    This may be a bold statement but I feel something of this scale might be even beyond the ascended masters. I’m not questioning them, but I’m not sure if even they know the true reason for the reason, but who am I to say? I’m just stuck in a mindset of questioning everything, asking “why” to every answer. Finding the reason for the reason for the reason till I find a definitive answer that cannot be questioned. Something like that, I believe can only be answered by the ultimate creator.

    From my understanding, ascended masters guide towards the way of light and enlightenment, but what is the purpose of this? An ideal state of absolute knowledge and understanding? And if so, what is the purpose of this? Going back to what I just said, is it all just choice of belief and action/behaviours? Perhaps this is the ascended masters understanding of existence? Then again, this loops back to duality of positive and negative with enlightenment being a way of positivity. If so, why align with specific ideals? What is the fundamental purpose? Perhaps there is no fundamental reason for existence at all?

    All I’m saying is what’s the purpose of positivity and negativity. I just don’t know.

    These laws were created assumably to keep a cosmic order, but “order” and “chaos” are also concepts.

    I want to do all I can in the name of light but I don’t know the fundamental reason why. I received a angelic numerical message of 222, meaning to have faith but faith is still a concept of ideals and beliefs – thought.

    If I’m just been rambling all this time, just ask “why” to every answer and you can see.

    I think I’ve said something similar before and this also relates to what I said on the IC post on Alien W-Is.

  2. Candy says:

    Very observant you are. You grew some sunflowers with that
    But wait- !!!!
    Why? Because I pose this question to you.
    Your question about ascended masters.
    I believe not only do we keep being reborn and learning our lessons to learn and overcome and understand until we become not only enlightened but ascended into a higher consciousness.
    We walk the spiritual path. If you imagine the spiritual path as an unending ladder that spirals upward, any belief system only takes us up one rung. If we choose to remain in the role of master on a particular rung, then we become stuck.
    When we have mastered one rung, that is the signal for the universe to bump us up to the next rung, where we are a student again. It’s a continual ascension. Why? Because we are all here to learn. Until it is perfected and everyone is complete light. We are all one we are all connected to source, to light- we are the light! God is LIGHT-

  3. Candy says:

    I found this really cool information that helped me to understand more here:
    “When we ascend, it tears a hole in the frequency prison that surrounds the earth. This is the veil of darkness mentioned in the scriptures. Light, which cannot penetrate this electromagnetic prison directly, can be channeled through our hearts. Light channeled through a human heart is a more comfortable way for humans to experience change.

  4. Candy says:

    With the law of reflection one thing that I do not understand is:
    What is you’re a very positive bright person and you’re around somebody who’s very negative and you can’t stand it-
    You need to get away because it doesn’t make you feel good, how can this be inside of you if you need to get away from it because it’s far to harsh for you? To the point of even gagging.
    It’s not in me, that’s why I must get away from it, it’s gross and rattles my nerves?!?

  5. Sam B says:

    I thought I was just rambling but somehow it made sense! Thank you for that reply Candy, and thank you for the lovely flowers as well. I didn’t expect that. With me its always hit and miss – at least that’s what I’ve always expected my answers would be.. I’ll try and answer them as best I know, so here’s some more of my rambling to try and answer them.

    Reply 1. It still leads us on a perpetual cycle of learning and doesn’t bode a definitive answer, only more answers that lead to more questions (a reason for the reason for the reason). However from what I can understand what you said (at least my interpretation) is the only way to find a definitive answer is by becoming one with Source through our development.

    Everyone wants to know what the answer is to the “meaning of life,” but “life” is what you want it to be. I’m asking what the purpose of existence is as an entirety. At enlightenment level, it gives you understanding, knowledge and insight but not a definitive reason for this purpose. I wouldn’t know though. Only an enlightened being could truly say.

    Reply 3. Duality and the law of reflection is like a magnet. If you are on the positive end, and you see something you view as negative, you are then repelled by it. Usually magnets attract opposites but because of the mindset is by some degree negative in itself by seeing that person in a bad way, you’re repelled. Accuracy here might be slightly off though.

    Either that or what I said earlier. Its not about being afraid of what may be within you but moral differences between a positive and a negative person. Light and darkness has been at war since the dawn of time. They – especially their extremes – are unable to understand each other or get along. In this case it would be a reverse magnet where opposites repel. This may be the same with my first statement

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