Spiritual Love and Connections: Are They Real?


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A spiritual love’s foundation is more powerful than romantic love.

We all aspire to have that deeper connection with someone we love to make our relationship with them last.

It is for this reason that most couples make an effort to build their relationship based on spiritual love, as this is a foundation more powerful than romantic love itself.

You may have heard about the concept of spiritual love from stories you’ve read or from people close to you. So is this concept for real?

How do you know you’re creating a romantic connection built around spiritual love? And if it’s real, can you use this kind of connection to also strengthen your bond with your friends?

In today’s article, we will dig deeper into this spiritual connection and how this kind of love can affect the way you relate to people who matter most in your life.


What is Spiritual Love?


A relationship based upon a spiritual connection puts awareness and consciousness above all else.

This means when you are in a spiritual kind of romantic relationship, you and your partner are both consciously making an effort to be aware together, and heighten your awareness of your individual needs.

Simply put, you are casting all selflessness aside by becoming more conscious of your partner’s needs.

There’s spiritual love in this kind of connection, as you and your partner have made a conscious effort to enhance your bond together.

An enhanced connection like this stems from having a more evolved spirit, and becoming more aware of what should be more important in a relationship. This heightened awareness is more about prioritizing inner security and healthy communication between you and your partner.


How Do You Know If You Have Spiritual Love Connection?


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You will know that what you have is spiritual connection when you encourage each other for individual and mutual growth.

You will know this is so when you feel it is important for the both of you to encourage each other, in both individual and mutual growth. This means you both seek improvement in yourselves, which in turn, develops your relationship further.

You also know that there is a spiritual connection between you when building a deeper and stronger bond has become your top priority, as you believe this is the formula for a lasting relationship.


Spiritual Verse Physical Love

Having said that, spiritual love is, of course, is very different from physical love. Physical love involves attraction purely on a physical level, which can sometimes be fueled by lust or selfish desire.

Spiritual love is much more than that.

While it does not exclude sex in the equation, the expression of physical love is founded on a much deeper level. This type of union between two people is based on a conscious desire to be with each other.


Spiritual Love Connection: What Does It Feel Like?


We’ve been talking about having a deeper connection, but what does it actually mean, particularly in a romantic relationship context?

When you’re spiritually connected with your partner, your goal is to grow with the person you are with, and that growth is the effect of having made it your priority to be aware and conscious of your partner’s wants and needs.

This concept is opposed to what we’ve become accustomed to in a relationship because most people have made their our goal to work on having a partner who mirrors them, or who can heal their wounds.

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When you have spiritual connection with your partner, you feel a sense of security.

When there is a spiritual connection that bonds you and your partner, the feeling you enjoy with each other is more complete.

There is no emptiness to be filled.

Because you and your partner have both made it your mission to complete each other’s emotional, intellectual, and sexual wants and needs.

You know you have a spiritual connection with your partner if:

  • You are not motivated by lust or passion: Both you and your partner are aware that being consumed only by lust and passion isn’t healthy for your individual and mutual growth. You are both conscious that sex isn’t the only thing that makes the relationship work.
  • You are comfortable with each other: You both feel free to express how you feel without being judged. There is no need to hold back or feel restless when you are around one another.
  • You feel a sense of security: You feel safe around your partner. You are aware that there is no need to be anxious or afraid when they are around.
  • You respect each other’s space: You are conscious of the importance of listening to your partner and understanding what they are trying to say. You value what your partner believes, feels, and thinks.  
  • Your conversations with your partner are deeper: You increase not only your knowledge but also your awareness when you talk with your partner. You get to know more about yourself and your partner.
  • You look at your relationship as an opportunity for personal growth: Being with your partner allows you to grow as a person. You become more aware that your partnership with them is a chance to give and receive unconditional love.


Whether it is a relationship of the romantic kind or not, believe that building a spiritual connection with someone you love is the best kind of relationship you will ever have. Pursue that kind of spiritual love and connection, and you will overcome just about anything life throws your way.

If you need more guidance on love and visualizing the relationship you’ve always dreamed of – I can help you.

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