How To Access The Higher Spiritual Realms For Help And Answers

If you have sought the help of spiritual forces during a crisis, you’re not the only one who does so. Using their spiritual gifts, millions of people across the world communicate with spiritual forces for spiritual health and protection.

higher spiritual realms

The Higher Spiritual Realms

Those forces may be either divine or non-divine in nature, and they are all paranormal (beyond scientific explanation and ordinary human experiences), but only the divine forces belong to the higher spiritual realms.

The Three Different Realms

The forces occupying the higher spiritual realms include angels, spirit guides, and souls that have attained transcendence. From a spiritual perspective, transcendence is a state of being in which a soul has attained union with divinity, thus gaining beneficial knowledge of both spiritual health and wisdom.

The forces from the higher spiritual realms provide spiritual wellness to those of us who live on earth, the material world.

The Middle Realms

Below the higher spiritual realms are the middle realms, which are occupied with spiritual beings that are neither divine nor non-divine.

The middle spiritual realm forces are composed of spiritual communities, which may or may not be capable of independent, sensible thought, nor the will to carry out or manifest them.

Nature spirits corresponding to earth, fire, water, and air, occupy the middle spiritual realms. Nature spirits can be helpful to humans because they can remove obstacles in people’s lives.

The Lower Spiritual Realms spiritual gifts

The non-divine forces occupy the lower spiritual realms. These forces are malevolent, manipulative, and prone to mimicking the forces from the higher spiritual realms.

The primary objectives of lower spiritual realm forces are to disrupt the lives of humans, and make them feel depressed, resentful, and hopeless.

How to Invoke Help From the Higher Spiritual Realms

Devout prayer, meditation, séances, and ritual-induced visions that lead to spiritual healing, can call the forces from the higher spiritual realms come to your aid.

If your psychic abilities aren’t yet developed, seek out the guidance of those with developed spiritual gifts in order to find solutions to your problems in life and gain spiritual healing. By seeking the help of gifted psychics, you will be able to avoid the pitfalls of interacting with spiritual forces that wish to do you harm.

Do you believe that communicating with the forces from the higher spiritual realms can provide solutions to your problems in life? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this! So please tell me what you think!

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  1. Rachel says:

    I’m a bit late, seeing as this was published in 2014. But i’m in a personal crisis. About a year ago I had this incredible spiritual awakening. I was exuberantly happy, I felt connected with bettering myself and could almost physically feel my mind entering different levels of awareness/being/spirituality. It lasted for a few months, but out of nowhere I lost it. And I felt, and continue to feel, so alone and hopeless with no direction. At first I thought maybe I just lost my chance, maybe I was given this as a gift for a short while and that is that. But I’ve progressively gotten more depressed, more aimless, and I’m beginning to wonder if maybe there are outside forces disallowing me from finding that peace again. I’m afraid to access the higher realm, I guess fear of the unknown and seeing as the first time I didn’t try to access it it just sort of – found me. But I want to feel happy again, i want to feel myself. And I believe the higher realm can help me with that.

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