Is Your Spiritual Wellness Affected By Stagnant Psychic Energy? – by Tana Hoy

Imagine entering a room filled with stale air, or wading in a pool of stagnant water. The experience, even when imagined, is far from pleasant, and can even be quite repulsive.

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Stagnant Psychic Energy

But did you know that this can happen on the psychic level, too? When negative energy is stored inside you without any outlet, positive energy can’t circulate properly. The stagnant energy remains within you, which is the spiritual equivalent of psychic pollution and poisoning, which can affect your spiritual wellness.

Negative energy that gets stuck within your system includes regrets, guilt, anger, blame, thoughts of revenge, self-condemnation, inability to forgive, fear, and even desires such as possessiveness, and obsession. Actually, any unresolved issues in your life that you can’t get rid of, let go of, or leave behind, are the primary causes of your stagnant energy.

How Stagnant Energy Forms

Stagnant energy starts when you harbor negative thoughts and emotions. Just like pipes, fans, or air conditioning, your chakras, or body’s energy system, can get a buildup of psychic dirt and grime, and eventually get clogged. Sooner or later, the following happens:

Negative energy continues to build up in your body

When your chakras get blocked, energy can’t flow through you properly, and more negative energy gets stuck within your system. This results in more clogging and negative energy buildup, causing you to become a vessel for more and more stagnant energy.

You produce negative energies

Just like a pool of stagnant water, you can become the breeding ground for more negativity and you emit negative energy into your surroundings, affecting your friends, your family, and the universe.

Your spiritual health, as well as your relationships get affected

When psychic energy buildup inhibits the flow of spiritual energy in your system, your life starts to “malfunction.” You become less effective in your work, your social life, and even become detached from the world. You may lose your temper for no apparent reason, and have a generally grey outlook on life.

Eventually, it’s not only your thoughts and emotions that get affected, but your physical body as well, as you begin to feel tired, and other illnesses start cropping up.

Stagnant Energy Accumulates And Strengthens

Unless energy flows freely inside you, the stagnant energy in your system soon builds up, and accumulates. You can have a build-up of bad energy when you deny that you’re angry, jealous, depressed, or even obsessed. Refusing to acknowledge that there is psychic grime within you won’t make it go away. It will instead just continue to accumulate.

When you embrace your problems and worries by continuously dwelling on them, refuse to let go of an old misdeed, or continue to beat yourself up because of a past mistake, then you’re harboring negative energies within your system.

When you cause pain in other people by using unkind words, or you wish other people bad fortune, or simply harbor resentment towards someone, then you’re gathering negativity within yourself.

How To Get Rid Of This Stagnant Energy Within You

In order to live a happy and healthy life, you need to let the energy within you flow freely. This means that you need to get rid of whatever it is that’s clogging your spiritual insides.

This process requires meditation, so you need to set aside some time when you won’t be disturbed.

• In a quiet room, get a piece of paper and a pen.

• Ask your spirit guides to help you see the issues that are blocking your energy systems.

• Allow yourself to relax. When you feel relaxed, begin to write the things that bother you. This can include resentments from your childhood, times when you were humiliated or laughed at, people that you believe have rejected you, unrequited love, things that you desire or covet, promises you failed to keep, or any regrets that you have, guilt that you feel, and so on.

• Don’t censor or edit, don’t read what you’ve written, don’t bother with handwriting or spelling or grammar. Simply write and empty your mind of everything. By doing this step, you are “scrubbing” your body of grime, and getting rid of the soot that has clung to you for a long time.

• After you’ve exhausted your thoughts and emotions, ask them to help you to let them go. Then close your eyes and thank your spirit guides.

• Now, proceed to a safe place and burn your list.

• Watch the paper turn to ash as the flame eats through it. In your mind, visualize all the negative energies being “burned” as well.

• When the paper is burned through, gather the ashes in a container, then go out and scatter the ashes in the wind, freeing yourself of all the negative energy.

• Once again, thank your spirit guides for their guidance, and ask them to direct you onto the right path toward your life’s purpose.

If, for whatever reason, you find that some of your issues remain unresolved, then you need to see a psychic or a psychic medium. They can look into your past life, and detect whether the causes you are experiencing are from a promise you made in a previous life, or a psychic bond that needs to be severed.

A good psychic can also look into your energy systems to determine where the blockage is located, and help you balance your chakras.

Remember, stagnant energy is very unhealthy: spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically. Having a phone psychic reading can help you get rid of these negative energies and help you achieve spiritual wellness once again.

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