How Your Astral Body Affects Your Spiritual Wellness – by Tana Hoy

Your Astral Body is the reflection of your body’s emotional state. Formed entirely out of energy, this body is known for being the most dynamic, as its surface is ever changing. Its colors continually move and change, depending on the person’s particular mood.

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Your astral body

In fact, any clairvoyant will probably tell you that no two people have the exact same patterns in their Astral Body.

However, there are times when the Astral Body ceases to move at all, and it is during these times that I suggest you take a step back and make sure that it starts moving again, lest you risk being ill emotionally, or risk having unbalanced energies altogether.

What Is The Astral Body?

The Astral Body is the layer of your aura that corresponds directly to your current emotional state. This is the auric layer that clairvoyants have found to be the most active, changing its colors continually according to your present spiritual well-being.

This is also the layer of the aura that is considered most beautiful by artists depicting the appearance of a person’s energy bodies, since its surface features thousands of colors merging and swirling together.

How Does The Astral Body Lose Its Colors

There are times in your life when you feel down or depressed. Just like painters and the paintings they create, the colors in the Astral Body are very reflective of your moods. If you are feeling very positive, your Astral Body will start showing and pulsating vibrant colors. On the other hand, if you are immersed in negative energy, your Astral body’s colors will start to pale.

Eventually, with enough negative energy around you, your Astral Body becomes so weighed down that it starts losing its colors altogether. I have seen this happen, and the people whom I have seen this aura with have either been extremely ill or depressed. There are even some who seem very miserable; lifeless, even.

How To Keep The Astral Body Healthy

Keeping your Astral Body healthy is a matter of discipline. For one, it entails you to perform a regular cleansing of your aura every few days. This makes sure that your energy is not weighed down by negativity, which in turn keeps your Astral Body vibrant.

You can easily do this simply by meditating or by immersing yourself in environments which foster positive energy, such as places where nature is close by. Taking a walk along the park is one practical way to do this, and so is walking along the shoreline of a beach.

Communing with your Spirit Guides regularly also helps your Astral Body keep healthy and very vibrant as well, as the energy being emanated by Spirit Guides are naturally cleansing in nature.  With these in mind, your Astral Body will surely be as healthy as it can be!

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