Spiritual Wellness – The Key To Your Greatest Happiness – by Tana Hoy

There’s a direct connection between your spiritual wellness (mind) and your physical wellness (body) because any negative thoughts and emotions that you may be suppressing often show up in the form of illnesses and pains. Stress at home, at work, in relationships, and in finances, are some of the primary causes of health complaints.

spiritual wellness

Experiencing Happiness

There is a direct link between your psyche and your physical body, and because of this mind-body connection, your insomnia, headaches, backaches, sore throats, high blood pressure, and the like, may have deeper causes than you realize.

Uncovering the deep seated reasons for your physical problems may be difficult to do, primarily because people often bury memories, thoughts, emotions, and anger, due to them being emotionally painful.

The Most Common Causes Of Emotional Pain

Here are some of the most common sources of pain:

o Stress

You may feel stress because you feel the need to achieve a goal, like having more money, or saving a marriage. It may come from fear, such as fear of being ridiculed if you make a mistake, or fear of losing your job if you don’t push yourself to the limits.

o Negative Thoughts And Emotions

Thoughts like wanting to get even with someone who offended you, or feelings like despair when you’re really down on your luck, can have a deep effect on your mind and body. Anger, envy, jealousy, rage, and other negative thoughts and emotions prevent smooth energy flow in your body, and they cloud your mind.

o Self-Doubt, Low Self-Esteem, Pride, And Ego

When you start thinking that you’re not good enough, or that you’re less than, you cause your entire system to feel deflated. On the other hand, believing that you have a reputation to defend, or that you can’t be less than what people expect you to be, can also be damaging. While having confidence in yourself is healthy, not giving yourself room for mistakes can put a toll on your mind and body.

o Not Living In “The Now”

“I should have this, I should be doing that, things should be like this, the situation should be like that…”

This type of attitude prevents you from living in the now. While it’s not bad to desire a better living condition (I intend to have a better life), focusing on dissatisfactions (I should be paid more) can cause you to have a less-than-peaceful state of mind.

o Negative Outside Influences

Negative outside influences such as constant noise from a neighbor can be a source of chaos in your mind. However, outside influences only affect you it you allow them to.

Also, constantly being around negative situations such as spending time with people that exude negative energy can also have effects on your inner state of mind.

How To Experience Your Greatest Happiness – A Powerful Technique

Once you’ve pinpointed the sources of what’s ailing you, you can proceed with “spring cleaning” your life. Here are some positive ways to do your internal spring cleaning:

o Shift Your Thoughts From Negative To Positive

Everyone has mental and emotional baggage that weigh them down, but in order to gain peace of mind, and allow positive energy to flow in your spiritual and physical body, you need to get rid of your baggage.

Here is a cleansing technique you can use to rid yourself of unwanted emotional baggage:

• Sooth your mind by calming yourself and relaxing.
• Once you’re relaxed, tell yourself that you’re taking the first step to healing, and that you intend to get your mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical life in order.
• Reaffirm that you will face all pain with courage and determination.
• Ask your spirit guides for help and guidance.
• Visualize all the negative energies inside you, thinking of them as gray mist that is trapped inside you(in your mind, in your heart, in your veins, under your skin, in your muscles, in your cells).
• Get a pen or pencil, and on a piece of paper, write in bold letters: I INTEND TO BE FREE.
• Now, start listing down all the angst that you think and feel. Be as honest and as candid as possible.
• Release all your negative thoughts and emotions on that piece of paper, writing down all the memories that hurt you, all the anger that burns you, all the pain that makes you suffer. Be honest and open.
• When you’ve written down all the negatives that are making you miserable, clutch the paper tightly in your hand, and close your eyes once more.
• Now visualize in your mind’s eye that all your negative thoughts and emotions are now on that crumpled piece of paper, and your mind and body are free.
• MENTALLY CLAIM that you’re free.
• Then burn that piece of paper, and then gather the ashes.
• Now take the ashes outside, and let the wind blow the ashes away. As the wind scatters the ashes, tell the universe that you’re now ready for a fresh start.
• Thank the universe and your spirit guides.
• Then listen to some healing music to continue soothing your mind.

When you free yourself from negative energies, and allow positive ones to flow in your mind and body, you can have a more peaceful and healthier life.

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