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Hello and I hope you’re having a blessed day,

In my last email, I explained the materialization power of something of something the ancient Chinese have known about for years. The Power Of Jingshen Liu, and I also released my latest Psychic Predictions!  If you haven’t read it yet, you will find it very interesting, helpful and informative. You can click here to read it.

I am going to give you (for free) one of the biggest kept secrets among psychics.

There is nothing to sign up for or buy. I just want to give you something that will help you on a daily basis.

Sometimes you need a quick answer, and this psychic technique will answer any  “yes” or “no” question very quickly, very easily, and extremely accurately!

Regular playing cards originate from the Tarot deck. So regular playing cards have a long history of mystical and psychic connections. Reading playing cards has been used by the gypsies of Romania for centuries, and now I am going to teach you how to use them to get quick “yes” or :no” answers when you need them.

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To do this, you need to use just two playing cards. An Ace of Spades, and an Ace of Hearts.

First, think of a question you need a “yes” or “no” answer to. And as you are thinking of it, shuffle to the two cards, face down, in your hands. Keep placing one card on top of the other as you keep thinking about your question.

Keep doing this until you feel you are done.

Now, place both cards face down, side by side, on the surface in from of you. Then look at the cards, and pick up the one you feel drawn to choose.

Now turn it over, and if it is the Ace of Spades, your answer is “yes”. If it is the Ace of Hearts, the answer is “no”.

Make sure to go with the first card you feel drawn to, and don’t overthink it!

You will find the answer you receive is always the right one!

I recommend keeping these two cards in your purse or wallet, so you have them with you all the time. You can also buy a mini decks of cards, making the cards easier to carry around in your wallet or purse.

Please send me an email after you try this, and let me know your results!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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5 Responses

  1. Lupita says:

    Hi Tana,

    The current political circus the US is under is causing me a degree of stress, all self imposed, I admit. You indicated that Trump (who scares me to no end as he is using similar 1930 scare tactics used in Germany) wouldn’t win even if he gets the republican nomination. Is there anything, other than vote, that we can do to help all those politicians to open their hearts to their fellow man, woman and child and the earth and the rest of its inhabitants including animals?

    I am very anti-Monsanto so in that way Hillary is concerning to me but no where near the concerns I have with the “politicians” from Republican Party. Not judging or trying to change anyone’s opinion if they prefer Republicans…just stating MY OPINION!

    Also, will Obama be able to successful nominate a Supreme Court justice?


  2. Candy says:

    This is SO AWESOME!
    I’m going to try this Tana!!!
    Thank you! ????

  3. lucky says:

    Ace of Spades, your answer is “yes”. If it is the Ace of Hearts, the answer is “no”.
    Strange, I thought it would be just oposite (heart= yes)

  4. Irma says:

    I’m going to try this. I just need to go buy some cards. ? Thank you.

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