How to STOP struggling with the same problems over and over again!

n my last few emails, I talked about Psychic Healing, and only one of the ways it can be used to help heal your life. As a matter, of fact, Psychic Healing Work is a powerful way to heal and release emotional blocks, spiritual blocks, and even physical blocks, related to practically anything!

I will be talking more about the many ways it can help you in upcoming emails,because I have decided after meeting with my Master Guide Macar, Saint Germain, and Hanuman, that I am going to start offering Psychic Healing Work as another service now for people who need it.

I’ve only offered mostly readings in the past, along with some Chakra Balancings, and other Special Work when energy shifts hit the earth, but Psychic Healing Work (PSW) is something I am going to offer all the time now.

So many people need healed, and I am on a mission to help heal as many people as I can. You can read the last two emails I sent out about Psychic Healing Work (PSW) by:

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Today I am going to discuss another psychic service I have decided to offer. It’s called Psychic Counseling. There are times when you don’t necessarily need a Psychic Reading, but you have a problem that you need help with. A problem that has been a “theme” in your life.

These themes can be things such as attracting the wrong kinds of men/women in relationships, meeting emotionally unavailable people, resentments towards family members, friends, or even co workers, that you can’t seem to let go of. The can also include strained relationships with a spouse, sibling, or family member, etc.

Sometimes you just need some guidance, not only to tell you the outcome of what will happen, along with what to expect, but to also to help you find some tools to deal with the emotional feelings you have around the issue. So that you will to be able to let it go, or live with it in a more peaceful emotional manner.

As many of you may already know, I had a Healing Center across the border in Tijuana Mexico for over 2 years. It was a very successful Healing Center, and I had the opportunity to heal many people.

In my Healing Center, I offered Psychic Readings, Psychic Healing, and Holistic Psychic Counseling. I found that when a client had an emotional, spiritual, or physical imbalance, that the root cause of it often came from Past Life Karma, Blocked Chakras, along with issues from this life, such as unresolved emotional trauma and hurt, among other things.

Emotional healing, from a Mind, Body, and Spirit perspective, deals with all three levels of a person. So Holistic Psychic Counseling helps to release, resolve, and heal, any unresolved issues from past lives, and this life, along with energy imbalances, chakra problems, and leftover Past Life Karma (PLK).

Discover if Holistic Psychic Counseling can benefit you? Click here and fill out the form on my Psychic Reading page, and we’ll send you a questionnaire to fill out to see if Holistic Psychic Counseling would be a good fit for your situation.

The Difference Between Holistic Psychic Counseling and Traditional Counseling

So what’s the difference between Holistic Psychic Counseling and Traditional Counseling. Well, let me tell you…there are MANY differences.

Traditional Counseling

Anyone who has been to a therapist knows that once you enter those doors, you are in for the long haul. Each week the counselor asks you when you’d like to come back again, in a week, two weeks?

And it goes on and on and on!

Traditional counseling is set up for the long term. Traditional counseling approaches your problems from the view point that it takes a long time to dig deep into someone’s past, figure out where the pain and sadness came from (father, mother, bad parenting, abuse, not enough love, emotionally unavailable parent(s), addictions in the family, addictions you might have, etc, etc) and then look at each of those issues, and deal with each one separately!

Shew! I feel exhausted just typing about traditional counseling! But not as exhausted as it feels sometimes after a traditional counseling session.

In Traditional counseling, you are treated with a “text book” style of problem solving. In other words, the counselor is helping you solve your problems based on how they were trained and taught from books. And there are no conscious intuitive processes used during the session. Traditional counselors are not trained in using their psychic or intuitive abilities to help their clients.

Traditional counseling is set up to create dependency on the therapist, by suggesting a weekly, or bi-weekly meetings with the counselor,. This is done with the understanding that it is going to be a long term relationship to resolve your problems. Many people are in traditional therapy for 2 to 6 years, or more!  Crazy, isn’t it?

The reason people go for the long-term is because they don’t know other options exist. It’s not their fault! And many people don’t want to go to traditional counselors, because they feel like to do so makes them seem like they might be a little crazy!

I’m not saying traditional counseling is bad, or not effective, because I know it is. But I am only explaining the differences between a traditional approach and a holistic approach to counseling, as a way to helping people overcome what holds them back in life.

Holistic Psychic Counseling 

In Holistic Psychic Counseling (HPC), I approach my clients from a Mind, Body, and Spirit perspective. This comes from the understanding that each person is unique, and the same problem cannot be given a cookie cutter solution to all people with the same problem. Holistic Psychic Counseling understands and respects the uniqueness and individuality of each person, and approaches discovering solutions from that perspective.

Holistic Psychic Counseling realizes that many times, problems from this life can be a result of unresolved issues from past lives. So by understanding the Past Life Root Cause (PLRC) of a person’s problem, I can help “take you back” to that past life, give you the tools to release it, and Viola! Like magic, problems seem to disappear. Try talking to a traditional counselor about past lives and he may want to have you committed! They might even think you have another screw loose in your head!

Holistic Psychic Counseling deals with your Energy System that is part of your Energy Body. Since your Energy Body is a very real thing, it is where your Aura, Chakras, Meridians, Hara Line, and many other interact Energy Systems are located. Each of these different Energy Systems that are part of your Energy Body, or Soul Body, affecting your emotional state when they are blocked, unbalanced, or shut down. This is the Spirit perspective of Holistic Psychic Counseling.

Holistic Psychic Counseling utilizes psychic and intuitive insights into a person’s soul, helping me to see deeper “unspoken” or “unknown” roots of the problem at hand. Because often times you do not know what is causing your issues, so I can use my psychic ability to uncover the root cause and know how to help you release it.

Holistic Psychic Counseling is set up for the short term, It is not set up to create a feeling of dependency. Due to it’s Mind, Body, Spirit approach, problems often get resolved within a few sessions (1 to 8), and the client is then free from it forever! The reason being is that energy blocks are VERY real, and if these blocks are not addressed, problems never really go away.

So as you can see, there are MAJOR differences between the two.

Do you need help overcoming a rough spot in your life? Call 614-444-6334 or click here and fill out the form on my Psychic Reading page, and we’ll send you a questionnaire to fill out to see if Holistic Psychic Counseling would be a good fit for your situation.

A Quick Review and Recap

Traditional Counseling – Set up for long term session (1 to 6 years, or more)

Holistic Psychic Counseling – Set up for short term (1 to 8 sessions)

Traditional Counseling – Creates dependency between the client and counselor (Subconsciously destroys self-confidence and a feeling of believing in oneself and abilities)

Holistic Psychic Counseling – Set up for short term  (Empowers the clients self-confidence, and gives them a feeling that they can overcome their problems due to experiencing the proof of quick, actual results)

Traditional Counseling – Does not deal with a holistic Body, Mind, and Spirit approach (If it does, it rarely deals with Past Life Karma, your Aura, Soul Body, or Chakras. Some counselors do talk about chakras, but have a very limited understanding of them)

Holistic Psychic Counseling – Approaches each individual from a holistic Body, Mind, and Spirit approach. Understands the importance of a person’s Past Life Karma (PLK), Soul Body. their Aura, Chakras, and Past Lives)

Traditional Counseling – Sessions can sometimes be emotionally painful and exhausting

Holistic Psychic Counseling – Sessions feel uplifting, energizing, empowering, and often effortless!

Traditional Counseling – Sessions can sometimes be emotionally painful and exhausting

Holistic Psychic Counseling – Sessions feel uplifting, energizing, empowering, and often effortless!

Traditional Counseling – Has an “I might be a little crazy” factor attached to it

Holistic Psychic Counseling –  Does not make a person feel like “I might be a little crazy”. Makes them feel the opposite.

So as you can see, there are major differences between the two. And people are often amazed after a Holistic Psychic Counseling Session how much better they feel. Even after working to release the deep emotional problems that have been with them for years, or even lifetimes!

What Next?

I wanted to let you know about this new psychic service, and if you have been struggling with a problem, issue, or something that has been holding you back in your life, I would suggest that you try a Holistic Psychic Counseling Session.

If you are interested in finding out more about this Psychic Service, and would like to know if it might help you, you can email me from this email, click here and fill out the form on my Psychic Reading page, or call my office at 614-444-6334 for more information.

We will then send you a questionnaire to fill out, and after you fill it out, I will personally call you to discuss if I feel Holistic Psychic Counseling would be helpful for your particular problem, how many sessions it will take to resolve the issue completely, and to answer any other questions you might have.

If you’ve ever done traditional counseling, once you experience Holistic Psychic Counseling, you will experience the amazing healing power Holistic Psychic Counseling after your first session!

Click here and fill out this form, and we will send you a questionnaire right away

I hope this emails comes as a call to your heart, like an answer from your Guardian Angels.

I look forward to speaking with you very soon.

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

P.S. Please email me and let me know if this was helpful. I’ll definitely email you back.

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