Has An Succubus Or Incubus Ever Tried To Seduce You? – Tana Hoy

When you dream of sex, you may think that it’s all just in your mind. But did you know that your erotic dreams could be actual sexual encounters with a Succubus or Incubus!

Succubus and Incubus

Incubus trying to seduce a woman

This is something I have encountered with clients many time, and I have helped several people protect themselves from these naughty astral beings! This can be an emotionally serious situation to be in, and if you are being visitied by them, so you don’t want to ignore it.

To protect yourself from them, you need to have a special, protective psychic shield palced around you. If think or fear you may be someone they have their eye on, then you can contact me and I can help you with this!

You can contact me by clicking here and fillling out this form, and soemeone will get back with you immediately!

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The Succubus And Incubus

Succubi and incubi are lusty astral beings that lure you into having sex with them, and eventually, into sexual perversion. Succubi are beings that assume a female form, while incubi are those that take on a male form. These spirits usually appear in the night while you sleep. Although they can also manifest in a physical form too!

When they assume a physical shape, is will beone that you find to be irresistibly attractive. At other times, they may just remain in spirit form, but with enough power to give you great sexual satisfaction.

They also have a way of manipulating your mind, in which case, you will sense a strange and overwhelming surge in your sexual desires, urges that go beyond natural hormonal reactions.

Have You Unknowingly Been Seduced By One?

Unless it’s part of your fantasies, then it’s not very likely. More often than not, succubi and incubi seduce people into agreeing to have sex. They are so good at arousing a human’s sexual desires that they do not have to force themselves on their targets.

In most cases, when you are able to resist, they just leave. They may come back and try again, using new tactics of seduction, but they usually never try to force themselves on you.

Why They Try To Seduce Humans

There are many different reasons why these astral beings engage people to have sex with them. One of the reasons is because they can be naturally envious of humans. They also want to suck the heightened energy from people which is present during intercourse. Some other reasons are because they want to fill individuals with negative energy, disguised as physical pleasure; and they also like to corrupt the human mind into perversion.

The thing is, while sex and sex dreams give unadulterated pleasure, they can also make individuals feel miserable, dirty, fearful, and guilty. Demons enjoy it when humans feel these negative emotions.

How To Know If You’re Being Seduced By A Succubus Or Incubus

So, how can you tell whether you’re having an ordinary erotic dream or you’re having a sexual encounter with one of these astral beings?

• Usually, if you’re seduced by one of these beings, you will have a sense of being awake and aware of what’s going on, except your mind and your senses will be quite sluggish.

• You may feel “someone” touching you, seducing you, and arousing your sexual desires. Depending on your reactions, the touch may result to more aggressive groping of sensitive areas on your body.

• You may also sense the weight of “someone” on top of you. At this point, the encounter may become more intense, and you may even feel a kind of forcefulness that tries to put you into submission. You may find yourself unable to move, as though you’re pinned down.

When you become fully awake, you will sense that the encounter was “too real” to have been a dream. You may feel tired and fatigued, but at the same time feel a sense of marvel from your experience.

The same being may return to have sex with you several times. Eventually, you may find yourself wanting to have more and more of it, something like an addiction, and you may even begin to daydream about it.

Inside, you may feel guilty, especially if you already have a human partner, which can result in a downward spiral in your happiness. Some people even find themselves feeling dissatisfied with having sex with a human.

But the time will come when the Succubus or Incubus will no longer see you as a worthy conquest, and it will move on to find another person to take energy from.

How To Protect Yourself

As I said, succubi and incubi usually come when you have a strong, and usually repressed, sexual desire. You may deny these feelings consciously, but if your subconscious has a longing, you may find yourself being seduced by them.

As I mentioned earlier, this is something I have encountered with more clients than I care to believe is possible, and I’ve helped several people get rid of them! You don’t want to ignore it if you are being visitied by them.

You can protect yourself from a succubus/ incubus attacks, by having a special, protective psychic shield palced around you. If think you are being bothered by them, then you will want to contact me so that I can help you with this!

You can contact me by clicking here and fillling out this form, and soemeone will get back with you immediately!

I hope you found this article not only helpful, but interesting too!

50 Responses

  1. jade renz says:

    i feel the same things happening

    • lonney says:

      I would like to talk to you about some things that have been happening to me physically while i am awake as well as in my dreams.

      Its not something i trust anyone to talk about with however i have talked about it with one person i trust right now.

      Its been happpening to me for years now and i know where it started

  2. hadassah hughes says:

    I feel being touched by an incubus every night….i feel like i can’t help wanting more….what can i do?

  3. Lucia says:

    I get cuddled at night n feel a pressure on my chest but I have never been harmed and it has been with me for years now

    • Tana Hoy says:

      Sounds like an angel is holding you, but not 100% sure. It would be interesting to have a reading together to know it’s name, and exactly who it is. Thanks for sharing that with me,

  4. Jesse Steele says:

    I’m pretty sure that I am being interact with me but I don’t feel suduced

  5. Melissa olcott says:

    I am having the same experiences also and I am unable to get rid of this entity no matter how hard I try.

  6. Zonke says:

    i felt half asleep half awake the had sex or dream i was confused what happened thank you for this article but i have grown in Christ and it much easier to tattle this things down through the power of the Holly GHOST

  7. Julie says:

    Amen to that. I’ve recently been experiencing these episodes. I opened a door for this entity to come in. I have never experienced such things. This has been happening for the last week. I’m been in Christ for two years now & he’s the only one that will pull you & help you on this. I should have known better than opening doors but I did & I regret it. When your going through these episodes they will leave in the name of JESUS CHRIST!!!!

  8. Joshua Weber says:

    I have had a recent dream where a demon like creature grabbed my arm and was trying to pull me through my wall, I resisted twice, but by the third time I barely broke from its grip, I woke up feeling exhausted and drained… What do you think it might be?

  9. Tana Hoy says:

    Hi Nancy, this could be a serious situation. There would be no way for me to know what it wants without talking with you first. I need to be connected to your energy to find out what it wants from you. Please contact my office at 614-444-6334 and schedule a time together when you are ready for my help. I wish you all the best.

  10. Varian says:

    I have an incubus that comes and goes. He’s actually not that bad. Sometimes we’ll talk before engaging in anything or he’ll warp my dream like state into a fun adventure that ends with sex. Is this a rare case? I never feel bad or guilty after words, just tired.

  11. hasham says:

    i am having the same feeling.I was laying on my bed and someone touched my hands and i felt a load on my chest.

  12. DBR. Roc says:

    I’m having and had several experiences with what I believe to be a succubus. Its never harmed me,per,say. Just felt guilty and ashamed. Its use to just lay beside me in bed like it was cuddling against my back, however the experiences became more intense and sexual. It will not go away no matter what prayers I’ve prayed or x ive fasted.

  13. Tyron Rice says:

    Hello I’m Tyron im 22 years old the first time i encountered with a succubus was 2012 at the age of 19 i just want this sex demon gone I’m not afriad of it I’m just tired

  14. Anon says:

    I think I may be the succbi, what do I do then?

  15. Tilah says:

    The same kinda thing happened to me i felt awake in my sleep I was being held down I couldn’t move it felt like I was having an orgasm I started to get scared in my dream I could not see who was holding me down but I could feel pressure . I woke up frightened but curious at the same time so I googled what happened and this came up.
    thanks ❤️

    • Tana Hoy says:

      You’re very welcome. If you have a Succubus, I can remove it. Please contact my office if you have one. It needs to be removed!

  16. oliver says:

    1. You may also sense the weight of “someone” on top of you. At this point, the encounter may become more intense, and you may even feel a kind of forcefulness that tries to put you into submission. You may find yourself unable to move, as though you’re pinned down.

    2. I get cuddled at night n feel a pressure on my chest but I have never been harmed and it has been with me for years now

    idk what to think but i know that it is a woman and i can feel her skin in my dreams/i have never seen her face only small parts of her body and i always feel kinda safe and it dosnt feel that sexual tbh its more cuddly, this has been happening for a long time and i have never thought of it as a succubus i always thought it was a regular dream or my subconsious thats hungering 4 a girlfriend or smtn, but iv had 2 dreams that were agressive and in both of them i were unable to move untill i was dragged down from my bed and then i was free only to see some kind of black being infront of my door, i launched a punch and then ill wake upp feeling totally drained/the black being was only there in the first dream.

  17. Danielle Rivera says:

    I’ve been contacted by a spirit name Tommie he swears he’s not an incubus how ever he is constantly playing with my chest sometimes I will feel pressure as if he’s entering inside me in my mouth as well

  18. Chris says:

    What’s happening to me I have never seen or read anything thats come close to the extent of my experience. To give u an idea just one thing it did . My wife just divorced me and this sucubuss appeared to me every night for 30 days seeking into my bed and hugging me kissing me it was most real thing I ever seen I even told who I thought was my wife that I had a dream the other night that we were still apart and u came to me at night and I woke up and it was a dream . I thought my real life was a dream. There much more .

  19. Som says:

    In my dream a woman in white was trying to seduce me . She was so beautiful and ethereal but somehow I resisted and woke up. Her whole body was drenched and she tried very hard to seduce me.

  20. ann says:

    ohh my gosh i thougth that was just nothing..so creepy..i havnt dream any sexual entercourse but when i woke up i felt very strange something pleasure on me and are times i suddendy wake up when I felt he enter on me

  21. Cierra says:

    I keep having dreams of being seduced by females and males not from this realm one time I saw it’s true form as a beautiful woman with black wings. Who do I go seek for protection? It’s happened more than once. And the odd part is I don’t feel frightened, I feel calm for the most part,

  22. Crystal says:

    I have bruises that look like thumb prints on my arms, thighs and calves…along with the dreams!

  23. Amani says:

    Hi im 18 years old very intunive and i be feelig like some one is touching me and i dont fear the a spirit nor do i want it touching it cuddles me it dont have sex with me if i dont want sex nor does it force but one day it came while i was sleep and i said stop and it stop but it still around idk if its. A angel or a incubus but at first i thought it was a guy that i know but its not

  24. Elena says:

    I had few of the same experiences within the last 6 years. The occurrence usually takes place when I take a nap during the day. When I’m in paralysis sleep between the state of awake with my eyes closed in the process of waking up. I’m aware that I’m in my bed in my room unable to move when all the sudden i feel something lay in bed next to me either from behind or in front of me ( I sleep sideways). It feels like a man who I can never see. This man usually starts by either spooning me or immediately sexually penetrating me or fingering me. The first time it happen I wanted it to stop, but then after that one time I like it and being aroused I usually go along with it. This feels so real, aside from the intense touching my vagina, I can feel this thing imprint of the bed move from front of me to my backside feeling the imprint of my bed. The recent sex dream felt like I was having intercourse with a fat man and I was trying to push him away, so then it moved from one side of my bed to the other to start spooning me. Is this vivid dream or is it an incubus?

  25. Ashley says:

    I believe I have a succubus but the weird thing is that the succubus doesn’t harm me and it has been with me as long as I can remember. I sometimes can see everything in the “dream” (their world) and she is just there laying by my side and as I get off the bed I wake up in the real world. Then one night she looked very mad and I have a couple scars from it. Idk if it is an angel or a succubus.

  26. Vanessa says:

    I was wondering if what I am experiencing is related to demons and spirits .

    When I was young, maybe it was the result of me discovering porn as a child. I didn’t know what it was back then, until I was older

    So I believe I’ve grown up naturally horny

    In the past, once in a while on every few years, I have this dream where I assume is when me and my soulmate is allowed to meet.
    There would be a sensation of joining which when I wake up is a really pleasant feeling of “sex”.

    However, as now I am a 19 year old virgin
    I’ve never had a boyfriend before
    And I yearn to have one
    Not to mention I like reading eroticia

    So in the past year or so, I’ve started imagining having sex in my sleep.
    Following the videos in porn and scenes in Erotica, I touched myself, and replicated the warmth of a hand into a caress, imagine things like kisses and eventually penetration.

    At a point when I started activity having dreams with characters in my dreams
    One day was the turning point where that session of imagination the feeling of penetration and pleasure was really intense
    Nothing like I’ve felt before
    My womb area was warm and tingling!

    And then I started having these more realistic sexual sensations which I assume is having sex in my sleep

    But then I start doubting myself
    What if it’s very wrong

    And now I have dream people warning me
    I’m not sure if its brought on by my fears, but they have made me realize its not okay to continuously let this go on

    And what if it’s having sex with something evil
    And if it’s harmful to me in a long term
    Sometimes I got pregnant and gave birth in those dreams as well

    I wanted to talk to someone about this
    I’m not sure if its right or wrong

    • Ashan says:

      So I have done crazy amounts of research on this, I am currently sixteen and this has been happening to me since I was twelve and when I resisted it was aggressive and when I complied it was gentle. But I really wanted to get on ur situation so when I was researching they said that a group of scholars had a theory that these sex demons were males but they would turn into a female to get the sperm of the male and to impregnate the females they were seducing but it was never proved. The sex demons went through that process to make more of them because they couldn’t reproduce on their own and I think that’s what happened to you

  27. Lisa ball says:

    Can incubus come through using an Ouija Board

  28. Lisa ball says:

    I have had some experiences of an incubus for most of my adult life. I’m 35 now and have experienced this for 16 years of my life. I keep feeling something putting its hands on my face and kissing me. I’ve actually seen a spirit of a bald man kneeling on my bed right beside me looking at me. I spoke to him and asked him what he wanted with me and said I would like to help him and to tell me how. But he did not speak back to me. Why was this? I didn’t know what he was. A demon, alien, angel or ghost. He hasn’t appeared to me again. It was just the once. Can you tell me what you think he wanted with me and why he’s not shown himself to me again. I wasn’t scared. Is he still around me do you know and can you tell me his name. Can you make contact with him?

  29. Chelsie says:

    Hey! I have also been having similar experiences and was wondering if I could get sum help to remove the one bothering me. I get it rubbing my back, legs and crawling under bed sheets with me

  30. Myross says:

    Are they really real?

    I am not sure about my experience but I often dream about having sex with someone I don’t know and whenever I wake up, I felt my genital area sore and then my whole day, I was really tired.

    I’m not sure about this and I’m afraid.

  31. ravyn says:

    I want to say I think I am possessed by a succubus, well let me explain, when I was around 9-12 I’d have these “dreams” of floating I’d be in my own house and everything was normal except I knew I’d be asleep I’d float downstairs, out in the sky, and sometimes when I would have a bad dream (this occurred once during a bad dream about the movie scream so no real correlation) but when I woke up from the dream I was floating above my bed a good amount because I felt the fall down back into my bed. I used to draw this demon ever since I was young she was very beautiful had lingerie on had wings and had a broken horn. I drew her on everything every time I’d draw. I wasn’t a very pretty child in fact there isn’t a lot of pictures from when I was younger but I used to be made fun of badly because of my appearance. When I got older I realized I had attracted many many different people. People who used to hate me, people I’ve never met, people from wakes in life that would have set us to never speak again. I have this little voice that will speak she’ll say things like “you’re a goddess no one can mess with you you’re unstoppable” or “omg that guy looks so delicious i need to get him i can get his attention its my new challenge” or we’ll be both very tired if we don’t sleep with someone she’s become a “split personality” or better yet a second complete person inside me, when we switch personalities I’m more confident, more attractive, my eyes change shape and color (I have hazel eyes normal is brown then it’ll be a strong green) I know this is everywhere but I’m trying to put it all out here to maybe seek advice on what my 6th sense and possession is, but she’ll hunger for man, women, anything. she looks around and we can see different aura’s from different people, the “easier” targets will have a stronger aura, the harder targets have darker aura’s but she never fails to get what she wants, everyone I’ve slept with say’s they’ve never been so tired after, no one can last long, and often told it was the best they’ve ever had, get hooked, want more, want me, they go psycho for it I think I’ve met and live inside with a succubus and the drawings I make are actually her and she gives me special powers, like the ability to see into the future to an extent, I call it power of probability. here’s a few examples, I was thirsty I walk down the street there’s an unopened can, I want a burrito, there’s an burrito in my path, I didn’t want school to happen for some odd reason the power generator went out and sent everyone home for the day for repairs. I wanted 100 dollars I walk and I find someone’s check for that amount. Animals seem to communicate with me there’s just a lot of weird crazy stuff that happens and I just want to know I’m not going crazy with everything that isn’t normal

  32. david says:

    i always had these feelling of someone following me wherever i go, it stop when i stop and move when i move…..when am alone,i have the fealling of someone watching me…..and even when em asleep, em always been pined down, and sometime feel touch by someone whe no one is around……am realy scared of what might happened somedays

  33. bjørn says:

    Ravyn I think it’s very interesting what you tell about what you call the power of probability

  34. Chris says:

    Hmm this happened to me in 2013. I awoke at 8:13am was still tired… So I rolled over on my back. Next thing I know, am in some pitch black spiritual place? However I can’t move kinda.. At first. I look over my right shoulder it’s still 8:13 am but it felt more like hours!!! I then look over my left shoulder and a demon I call them as I am a christian n baptized supposedly when 2 years old. Lays dead next to me! It wouldnt let me see anything but it’s silver long white hair. And human arrowhead sharp teeth. N it looked at me.. And idk how but I got the will power to speak in his name. Jesus Christ is my savoir and HE compels you to leave my house!! By the power of Jesus you are not welcome here!! I felt so powerful uttering those words! And then the demon smiled at me and said in WORDS!! (WILL SEE) and vanished and I woke up covered in sweat head to toe! And not even a minute went by, still 8:13am. I have not dreamed bad dreams sence or has it contacted me sence. But my sexual desires are stronger then ever! Is this a subbucus or something far worse and should I worry?

  35. John says:

    Ive been practicing lucid dreaming many years. I dream lucid every night because it is possible. In my dreams I can explore all of my unconscious and conscious as much as I want to.

    When I want to see new things in my unconscious mind I just let go and let it spin free.

    Last night, a beautiful, snow-white woman sat on my hips, when I laid on back in my bed. Black eyes and sharp teeth’s. she was trying to communicate with me trough thought, without words.

    I sat up, closer to her face, and gave her a kiss. It felt like I was showing her my inner darkness, all my secrets, and all my pain – all in an explotion of light, love and compassion. I felt that I was so strong because of my dark past and because of my new life – and she never saw it coming. I gave her love, real love.

    After 3-4 seconds she sat up straight and screamed like a thousand people at the same time. The whole dream crashed and I woke up without a drop of sweat, calm.

    /John from sweden

  36. YoungSimbaPawSex says:

    I’m unsure if it’s a succubus. I woke up this morning (and I slept in and missed my math class because I felt absolutely drained) with sleep paralysis.

    In my paralysis, I was envisioning a beautiful woman, completely naked, right next to me, and she had her fingers in my mouth as if she was chocking me.

    I’m a bisexual male in my 20s, and IDK. I wasn’t sexually attracted to her, but I definitely wanted to spend time in her company because she was beautiful.

    Once my paralysis ended, I ate a bunch of food to restore my energy, because I was feeling absolutely drained, and a little bit fatigued.

    It took a long time to fall back asleep, and I missed my math class in the morning because I was too drained to even think about going.

    I really believe that it was just a hallucination from paralysis, but anyone I tell this to says it’s a succubus demon.

    I most likely would need to write a protection and cleansing spell if I see her again, to cast her away.

    I definitely don’t want a succubus demon trying to have her way with me.

  37. James Eissler says:

    I’m 22 years old and since I’ve hit puberty I’ve been obsessed with sex. I was placed in a group home and right before my 18th birthday I believe I encountered my first succubus. I was laying down and from what I thought… I was asleep… but I woke up but my body felt paralyzed… I couldn’t move… then I felt it crawl in bed with me and wrap its arms around me then slowly grabbed my crotch .. I tried screaming rape I tried moving but I couldn’t and eventually I either passed out or my memory was erased because I don’t know what happened next. I woke up and I was traumatized because it felt too real to be a dream 2014….. 2018 almost 5 years later, October 31st at 4 am I felt it again…. I woke up and I drank some fluids and laid back down and grabbed my phone, all of a sudden I found myself paralyzed with my hand reached out towards my closet door, I couldn’t move, speak, or even breath but my mind and eyes were still awake… I heard my blinds in my living room start to shake and then I heard clicking noise… like it was clicking its nails on the wall or clicking it’s teeth. … I fought and fought and screamed… you fucking cunt go away … even tho I couldn’t move … and then it releases me…. can someone please help because it doesn’t seem friendly and I feel like it might be the cause to all my failed relationships

  38. Tracie says:

    When I lost my virginty, I had an attack. I felt two hands slide up my thighs but stopped. Ever since my breakup with my 3rd ex, two years ago I’ve been visited by a man name Erik whom though I have sex dreams with, there is more of romance and desire i never had. I’m very overweight, I am seen as a monster cause of my weight. My 3 exes, were terrible towards me and treated me badly. The third one made my emotional and mental side very effected. When I had dreams with Erik, he show me what a real relationship is despite sex. But when I had a romance dream involving sex I cry in my sleep as it goes from happy to nightmare as people laugh and make fun of my body. I am a bit empathic, I can feel spirits but I’m unsure if its just a fantasy or more.

  39. Little R. says:

    just wanna share my experience. I was never aware of this entity until this day where I notice that i’ve been having sexual dreams more often and feels very real. Then I think back when I was a kid having sexual dreams and same very real feelings. Even though i was innocent back then. I now think that a succubus had been visiting me ever since i was a kid. The scariest part is that I always know the name “Lilith”

  40. Amy says:

    I think he came last night. Was it a hallucination or real? I felt him. His body, parts and all. Part of me was aroused. He whispered sexual things in my hear. Then he called me by my old married name and i yelled thats not my name and threw him off of me and woke up. So strange. Please help.

  41. Dustin says:

    Hi I went to work last week and got a woman to pray for me I was told she was a witch she had a 5 point star hanging outside but she appeared to be a Christian I don’t know how she could say The name Jesus christ while being a Witch after that a few days later I’ve been thinking about succbuss every sec fantasizing about one with me even read how to summon one the thing is I’ve never been into this stuff I’ve been a Christian but I fallin and no return it feels that way I had a dream in my dream I saw what appeared to be A Succbuss in original form but beside her was a Taller version of a succbuss she called herself Lillith and said your mine now so what do I do I don’t know who Lillith is she was beside the Succbuss she said the succbuss is from her that she controls them or whatever it creeped me out but I loved it what do I do p.s. I’m a vigirn to I don’t get it

  42. Winter Reggy says:

    I love having sex or the thought of it. What ever happened to me just now was unreal. I woke up early and felt that I needed to masturbate so I did while watching porn. I returned to my bed watching anime and sort of dozed off. I l layed on my side and suddenly I had a dream that I was the person in my anime I was watching like Im so serious right now. This sounds so dumb but I was walking around the cartoon world knowingI was this cartoon with anime girls all around me. I was aware it was a dream so I just explored my fantasies. The sun started to come out and gotten brighter as time passes so I was waking up, but wanted to go back to the dream so I tried not to think to hard. Out of nowhere I feel as though I penetrated something someone and she was sitting on my chest big breasts and everything. Wholy god she was beautiful. Something about it that did not feel right though cause I could feel the weight on my stomach and couldnt move. I got one good look of her and woke up confused. If I was seduced by a succubus god help me please. I swear this has happened to me just now so I googled it to be surprised it has happened to others. What is this? I just need to get laid by some college girl at this point. I was penetrated by by a demon wholy fuck. This doesnt seem real at all but it did. Someone seriously help!

  43. Rel Bugs says:

    I have narcolepsy and have experienced sleep paralysis for years and my dreams get so real I can feel pain and pleasure. I am visited by the succubus whenever I’m sexually deprived. Just had an very realistic encounter just now. The succubus is attractive but face is distorted sometimes. She however was extremely aggressive and all over me but it’s clear she have demonic features and intensions. I can even feel it. She tried giving me hickies on my neck, and after me resisting for a while, she started playing with sexual body parts that looked like something out of a horror movie. It was like She was being told or controlled by another being lying on other side of me what to do and that being was trying to persuade me to give in. I been resisting lately because I know it’s definitely a demon. I however am not as afraid anymore because I use to be haunted by a demon much more scary and wasn’t even trying to hide itself to me. My sleep paralysis dreams are so real, the average person would probably go crazy. Not saying I’m not lol. When I wake I’m still shook up but after like 5 mins I begin feeling like it was nothing big just my sleep paralysis again. I got so bad one time that I woke up and can move and watch a spider disappear while running away from me. Your description of that succubus is however scary and on point. I’m a science guy so I fight with what I experienced and what I believe. Ur description however got me nervous…

  44. Frank says:

    Since I began taking muscle relaxers my dreams have been very vivid. Recently I had a dream of a powerful attractive woman. I seemed to be trapped in a domed environment she was in charge of. I began to challenge her and then I heard the buzzing of flies. I noticed an above ground coffin vault (not a crypt) that had a coffin inside. I opened the coffin and it was empty, I then pointed at the woman and she screamed and realized she was dead and turned into a gelatious mass still holding basic human form. It was then I woke up and was amazed, not really frightened. I’m not sure if she was a succubus or the spirit of an actual dead human woman. But it did seem like she didn’t know she was dead until I pointed it out to her. Saint Michael, please defend us all from this spiritual warfare perpetrated when we are at our most vunerable.

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