How To Host A “Supernatural” Spirit Party! – by Tana Hoy

If you like parties, then you may have already attended quite a number of them, including Halloween parties, Christmas parties, family reunions, and the like. But I’m almost certain that there’s one kind of party that you haven’t attended yet – a Spirit Get-Together Party! It’s quite different from your usual bash, but it’s certainly a blast. In fact, you can host one of your very own!


How To Host A Spirit Party!

Hosting A Party For Your Supernatural Spirit Friends

It’s an amazing experience, having different beings from the spiritual realm gather together in one fun event – with you as the host!

Depending on what kind of celebration you have in mind, you can have a soiree solely for fae folk, such as fairies, pixies, elves, gnomes, and brownies; or you can have a gathering for spirit guides and angels. You may also have a reunion for the spirits of your departed loved ones, including ancestors you’ve never met. Or you can have one big bash for all the different kinds of spirit!

Planning Your Spirit Shindig

Of course, before you have your party, you need to make some careful planning. Here’s a guide that will help you plan your spirit party:

Decide The Location

Once you’ve decided on which supernatural beings you’d like to invite, you can start the planning. Of course, you need a place, but where? Since spiritual beings aren’t subject to the human limitations of space, the size of the room doesn’t really matter – that is, unless you’re going to invite other humans, too! In that case, you need to have a place that can accommodate the humans in your party, plus space for the food, drinks, and decorations.

Outdoors is an excellent choice, especially if you’re having nature spirits join you.

Choose The Time

There is no strict rule on when to hold your party, since spirits are not limited by human time. But the best time will be is when you’re joyful, happy, and full of positive energy.

Food And Drinks To Have

Not all Spirit folk actually eat – that is, they don’t eat food in the same way that we do, but instead they use the essence, or energy that comes from food. Although fairy folk wll actually eat the food, so don’t be surprised if you see crumbs, or missing chunks from their favorite foods.

What kind of party treats you need to prepare depends on the spirits that will be joining you. For example:

• Fairy folk like nectar, but they also enjoy honey, fruits of all kinds, and sweet bakery items like brownies and cookies! You can also serve some sugarcane, cream, butter, cheese, cookies, and rich cakes.

• Gnomes like root vegetables, such as potatoes, turnips, purple yams, and others. Although they like them uncooked, they don’t mind if you serve them cooked in things like potato salad or fries.

• Angels appreciate bread, biscuits, crackers, and bakery products, but they prefer pastries such as cream horns, danishes, water crackers, and scones. They also like herbal teas!

• Spirit guides and the souls of deceased humans like cooked foods of different kinds, including pasta, stew, barbeque, and the like. Loved ones on the other side enjoy the same dishes they loved when were living. They also like the same kinds of drinks!

It’s okay to prepare the fare in small amounts. For example, you can prepare a saucer of honey, one apple, a bunch of grapes, a slice of cake, small cubes of cheese, and a bowl of mixed nuts. The stronger the essence of the food, the less you need to serve.

As for drinks, water is fine, but you may also choose to love fresh fruit juices, milk, and wine. Fairy folk and gnomes, in particular, like wines and alcoholic beverages of all kinds!

How To Entertain Your Spirit Guests

It’s quite easy to entertain your spirit friends. They will mingle with each other without having to be introduced, and no one is ever a wallflower. Their positive energy fills the room, and the sense of happiness will be everywhere!

They also sing, although their songs are more “felt” than heard – fays have tinkling songs, like little chimes; angels have ethereal voices; gnomes’ and dwarves’ voices are deep; while elves sound debonair, and reminiscent of romantic balladeers.

The singing of deceased loved ones will sound much like themselves when they were alive. So there are some who aren’t able to carry a decent tune, but their positive energy will more than make up for it!

Decorations To Use

The decorations that you want to put up actually depend on your personal taste. You can do it as elegantly or as flamboyantly as you want, you can go for natural (with flowers and bouquets) or for artistic (with hand-made decors) – the choice is yours.

However, you need to make sure that when you set up the place, you are relaxed and happy. This is because, along with physical decor, you are actually decorating the room with your energy. It is this energy that your guests will first notice and sense.

Sending Out Invitations

Once you have everything planned and ready to go, then you can start “sending out” invitations to your guests. This is quite uncomplicated, since you can just “send out” your invite through your thoughts.

However, because you don’t want to have “gatecrashers” coming to your party (such as poltergeists or dark entities), you may want to go for a more “localized” approach. For example, you can talk to your spirit guides, and ask them to send out the invitations for you. It’s not their job, but they certainly won’t mind passing the message along!

You can also talk to the fairies in your garden, or leave a message with the tree in your backyard, and it will relay your message to your invitees. Butterflies and birds are excellent messengers, too.

Being The Perfect Spirit Host

The nice thing about having spirits come over is that you can enjoy the party with them. Since you don’t have to refill the buffet table, or make sure that none of your guests are feeling left out, you can mingle freely with your human visitors.

Having a party with the spirit world in attendance is not the same as when you’re at a crowded human party. To mingle with your guests, all you have to do initially, is sit quietly in deep meditation, and use your inner consciousness to mingle with them.

This is how you can communicate with them, connect with them, and sense them. Encourage all your guests to also do the same! You can catch up on old times with your deceased loved ones, or have a discussion with your spirit guides.

As the party progresses, you may be able to see and hear some of your guests with your physical senses, and actually be able to start interacting with them. Why not dance with a fairy or two, or sing with an elf?

Allow your psychic abilities to guide you, and you will surely have a blast at this party like no other you have ever been to!

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